Memphis Redbirds Logo

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Memphis Redbirds Logo
Since 1998, when the Memphis Redbirds joined the Pacific Coast League, they have had at least three logos. Two of them create a distinctive visual link with the St. Louis Cardinals, which seems perfectly natural as the Redbirds are the Cardinal’s Triple-A affiliate.

Meaning and History logo

Memphis Redbirds Logo history

The Memphis Redbirds logo unveiled in 1998 depicts a baseball player holding a bat in his hand and ready to strike a blow. The text “Memphis Redbirds Baseball” in white is placed inside a dark blue ellipse at the background.

The 2015 symbol

Memphis Redbirds symbol
The 2015 logo copied the style of the St. Louis Cardinals one, yet added a unique touch. Not only the text was different, but the number of birds, too: the designer provided a friend for the lonely Cardinals’ bird.

The 2017 emblem

Memphis Redbirds emblem
Two years later, the team made one more step towards a unique brand identity. Again, the emblem depicts the club’s mascot, Rockey the Redbird, which looks very much like the creature from the parent team’s logo. But now, there’s only the bird’s head. The part of the design that can be seen below has been inspired by the musical history of Memphis and reflects the neon-lit Beale Street.


Memphis Redbirds baseball logo
The four-color palette of the Memphis Redbirds logo was borrowed from the parent team’s logo and features red, dark blue, yellow, and white.