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Air China is the name of one of the most popular Chinese airlines, which was founded in 1988. The company carries over a hundred million passengers a year and is based in Beijing.

Meaning and history

Air China Logo history

1988 – 2007

Air China Logo-1988

The initial Air China badge was introduced in 1988 and stayed with the Asian air carrier for almost twenty years. It was actually pretty much the same as the logo we all can see today, but still with some differences. The iconic elegant red bird, drawn in the sun-shape, was executed in a bit muted shade of red and set on the left from the bold blue logotype. The inscription was set in a massive and solid sans-serif typeface, which gained lightness due to a slight inclination of its uppercase letters. The first level was underlined with the name of the company in Chinese, set in thin and elongated black lines, and looking like it was just handwritten with an ink pen.

2007 – Today

Logo Air China

Air China is a very reputable and powerful company not only in Asia but across the globe. It boasts a very modern and strong visual identity, which is composed of a wordmark and an emblem.

The Air China wordmark is split into two parts: the upper one features the company’s name in English and is written in all-caps using an italicized bold sans-serif typeface. The left corners of the letters “A” are rounded, which adds a sense of smooth and safe movement.

Below the English nameplate, there is an inscription in Chinese. It features handwritten styled hieroglyphs with fine elegant lines. The lettering balances the boldness on the upper part and adds lightness and sophistication.

Air China Logo

Air China emblem is the brightest element of the brand’s logo. It is composed of a graphical interpretation of a Phoenix bird in scarlet red. The bird has a U-shape and three curves representing the wings and tail of the Phoenix. The symbol is also considered to be a hidden word “VIP”.

The Air China logo is a representation of a powerful and confident company, which values progress and safety. The red and black color palette reflects passion and strength, evoking a sense of reliability and professionalism. The bird on the Air China emblem is a symbol of good luck, eternal moving, dynamics, and longevity.