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The number of updates of the Gulf Air logo since the 1950s has reached at least eight.

Meaning and history

Gulf Air logo


Gulf Air Logo 1950

The original version featured the old name of the airline, “Gulf Aviation,” in a slab serif type. It was white against the red background.


Gulf Air Logo 1970

The serifs were gone, the red box was replaced by a green one.


Gulf Air logo 1973

The upper parts of glyphs in the words “Gulf Air” were green, while the lower halves were red. The Arabic version was purple.


Gulf Air Logo 1978

The logo grew gold.


Gulf Air Logo 1993

A bird with its wings open appeared above the lettering, which was now given in a more elaborate and lighter type.


Gulf Air Logo 2001

There has been some playing around with the shape of the bird, the type, and the color of the wordmark.


Gulf Air Logo 2010
The redesign of 2010 was all about the wordmark. The color palette of the inscription got elevated and brightened, while the lines got thicker and the symbols themselves — wider and taller. As for the emblem, the eagle was still there, in the same style and shades.


Gulf Air logo
In 2018 the badge was redesigned again. The eagle was moved to the left from the lettering and redrawn. The bird now was depicted from another angle, and both of its sores wings are Joe see on the logo. As for the colors, this detail remained untouched.

Another change was done to the text part of the logotype. The upper Arabic line now used the same gold shade, while the bottom was made in a three-dimensional style, in two shades of muted blue color.

Font and color

The exquisite and elegant custom typeface of the Gulf Air logotype was designed exclusively for the brand but has something in common with such fonts as Aviano Flare Bold and Tinta Coated Bold, but with the contours and lines modified and slightly elongated.

The dark blue and gold color palette of the Gulf Air logo is a reflection of quality, excellence, and precision. The company with the badge in these shades looks like a reputable and professional one.