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Iraqi Airways is the name of one of the main air carriers in Iraq, which was established in 1945 and is based in Baghdad Airport. The company, owned by the government of Iraq, has its flight to almost 50 destinations across the globe.

Meaning and history

Iraqi Airways logo

Being the main and the most well-known air carrier in Iraq, the company is very serious with everything related to its image — high-quality services, airplanes, and visual identity. Though the last hasn’t Bernard changed since the day of its adoption, in the first years of Iraqi Airways’ existence, it still brilliantly represents the brand and is instantly recognizable all over the world.

The logo of the airlines is composed of two parts, a graphical emblem and a logotype in two languages, which is placed under the emblem but is not always used.

The emblem is a sleek stylized bird placed on a solid oval. The bird is executed in smooth lines with the ends of its wings pointed, and if flying to the west. There are two options of the color palette for the emblem — it’s whether a green bird on a white background, it the reverse version.

Iraqi Airways emblem

Green and white are a very popular combination in the Islamic world. There is also the green color of the flag of Iraq, as it represents paradise, while white stands for future and generosity.

The plane-bird is placed above a two-leveled inscription, where the upper line is taken by the name of the air carrier in Arabic, and the Latin version is located under it. The wordmark is executed in a custom unique typeface, with thick lines of the connected lowercase letters, softened angles, and square shapes.

When placed on the airplanes of the company, the emblem is usually located on the green tail, and can be just drawn in white, or, which is rarer, in green, on the additional white circle placed on the dark green tail of the plane.

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