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The vivid shade of red and the bird design have been the recognizable elements of the Hartford Hawks logo since at least 1984.

Meaning and history

Hartford Hawks logo history

1984 – 2014

Hartford Hawks Logo-1984

When the team decided to develop a new logo in the 1980s, making a hawk its centerpiece seemed the most obvious choice. The creature was depicted with its wings spread. The name of the team was positioned below.

2015 – Now

Hartford Hawks Logo

In 2015, the emblem was updated. The letter “H,” which now dominates the Hartford Hawks logo, houses the head of the bird.

Hartford Hawks soccer

Hartford Hawks soccer logo

The men’s soccer program has made four NCAA Tournament appearances. They have earned the title of America East Tournament Champions four times and have become America East Regular Season Champions two times. The women’s team appeared in the 1992 College Cup. They have made 13 NCAA Tournament appearances, have been named America East Tournament Champions seven times and have gained the title of America East Regular Season Champions 13 times.