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Giorgio Armani is a famous Italian fashion label, which was established in 1975 and named after its founder, the world’s renowned designer. The luxury house creates fashion collections, including high-end clothing, footwear, and accessories, along with beauty and interior products.

Meaning and history

Giorgio Armani logo

During the history of the legendary fashion house, it has had only two logo designs, which are still in use today.

The first visual identity of the Italian label is probably one of the most recognizable fashion logos across the globe. Its minimalist and powerful emblem accompanied by a wordmark is a symbol of quality and supremacy.

The emblem features a stylized geometric image of an eagle, with his wings up and his head turned to the right. The eagle is composed of horizontal black lines, which add a sense of style and creativity. The bird also symbolizes power and courage, representing the brand as an influential and progressive one.

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Another Giorgio Armani logo is an elegant monogram, composed of two letters, “G” and “A”, which are placed close to each other and forming a circle. The rounded lines of the letters and its elongated tails evoke a sense of elegance and style, perfectly reflecting the label’s essence and nature.

As for the color palette, the monochrome is the most common one for the brand, however, there are versions, where the monogram is colored in a light beige, a color of luxury and finesse.


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The logo is conspicuous by its minimalistic elegance, which has predetermined the brand’s success.


The logotype of the fashion house features all capital letters executed in a traditional serif typeface, which is very similar to An Education and Elegante Roman fonts, with delicate yet distinct serifs and a slightly curved line of the letter “R”.