Car Logos with Horse

No matter what your company specializes on, your logo is the “face” of your brand – it should reflect your strong sides and unique features. When it comes to car logos, the choice of logo is crucial – all in all, this is what identifies your product at the first glance. For this reason, some car manufacturers decided not to restrict with usual letters and signs – they started using logos with horses.

Car Logos with Horse

The horse is a complex symbol with lots of meanings, but in most cultures, it symbolizes wisdom, power, dynamism, and agility. Aren’t these features typical of world’s most valuable cars? Let’s trace the history of car logos with horses.


Porsche logo

This brand was established in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, and Porsche headquarters were in Stuttgart. The company’s logo is based on the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Württemberg of former Weimar Germany, but since the cars were produced in Stuttgart, its coat of arms with a black stallion on yellow background was also placed in the middle of the emblem The logo as we know it today appeared in 1952 and was initially placed in the centre of the steering wheel. It was sketched by Xaver Reimspieß who claims it symbolizes the origins of the company. Since then, the logo wasn’t changed much.


Ferrari logo

Enzo Ferrari has decided to put a black horse on his car logos after meeting Francesco Baracca’s (a famous airman of WW1) mother who said that the horse painted on her son’s fighter plane fuselage will bring him luck. The yellow background is chosen to symbolize Modena, Ferrari’s motherland. Since 1947, the letters S and F were simply replaced by the word ‘Ferrari’, though the Italian flag above was preserved.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang logo

The idea of depicting a horse by Phillip Thomas Clark who joined Ford in the 1960’s and spent over 100 days making sketches of a running stallion. However, the wooden sculpture of the famous running pony was made by Charles Keresztes’ in 1963 (it was based on Clark’s sketches). Mustang logo was altered several times, and in 2010, the horse got a more aggressive and muscular look.


Baojun logo

Here, the reason for placing a horse on the emblem is simple. Bajoun is translated from Chinese “寳駿; pinyin: Bǎojùn” as “Treasured Horse”. The logo just represents the company’s name.

When it comes to making up a logo for your car brand, the horse is always a great solution. This is exactly what symbolizes strength, speed, reliability, and loyalty. And the fact that such logos haven’t been significantly altered from the moment of their creation proves that.