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Lalamove (formerly EasyVan) is the name of a Hong Kong-based startup that specializes in helping people send and deliver packages of all sizes by combining logistics and delivery services. the company was established in 2013, and today it already operates in more than twenty cities in the Asian region.

Meaning and history

Lalamove, which was established in 2013 as EasyVan, is a very fast-growing company. In less than five years after its foundation, it expanded the operations to ten cities in the Southeastern Asia region, and by today, the service is already available in 21 destinations.

The company’s main purpose is to make the users track the delivery and feel themselves secure. It connects the driver, delivering the package, with the client who ordered it through the mobile app. You can track your parcel, just like in Uber or Bolt applications.

There are two types of applications the company offers: one for the driver and the other one for those waiting for their package to be delivered.

What is Lalamove?

Lalamove is a Hong-Kong based company, which offers package delivery solutions to clients in the Asian region. The application of the company connects people who are waiting for their parcels to be delivered to the driver delivering them. The app works on simplification of the shipping process, making both sides feel more secure and confident.

As for the visual identity of the company, it’s been very consistent and hasn’t been changed since the date of the application’s launch. The company sticks to its original concept and color palette, which is pretty understandable, as the initial logo has it all.

2013 – Today

Lalamove Logo

The logo, designed for Lalamove in 2013 is composed of two parts: the graphical emblem and the logotype, which can be placed whether in one or two levels, depending on the needs of the company. The primary version features a solid orange square banner with a white emblem set on the left from the inscription.

The Lalamove emblem is a stylized image of a hummingbird. The silhouette of the bird is drawn in white, with straight lines defining the feathers in its wing. The choice of the bird for the company is easy to explain. During migration, hummingbirds are able to cover a thousand kilometers in less than a day.

As for the logotype, it is set in all capitals of a slightly italicized stencil sans-serif typeface with distinct contours and straight cuts of the bars. The clean lines of the inscription perfectly balance the elegance of the emblem on the company’s logo.

The orange and white color palette of Lalamove’s visual identity stands for the energy and progressiveness of the company, shows its power and passion in what it does, and evokes a sense of friendliness and trustworthiness.