ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese producer of PC memory and storage devices. It was founded by Simon Chen in 2001. A small firm with only 20 employees, it managed to achieve a year turnover level of US$ 1 billion within the first ten years of its life. Today the company is well known for producing advanced memory solutions for the work of customers’ digital equipment. It offers in the world market USB flash drives, Dynamic Random Access Memory modules, portable hard drives, memory cards and solid-state drives, as well as mobile accessories. In 2017 ADATA became the world’s second producer of DRAM modules; the market capitalization of the company reached the level of 680 million UD dollars and the number of its employees was 1400.

Meaning and history

ADATA logo

At the outset, the ADATA logo was just the wordmark with the company’s name in block letters. Lately, the brand received an emblem featuring a coloured hummingbird hovering in the air next to the wordmark on its left side. The colour palette of the bird is very noticeable and cheerful and includes red, purple, sky blue, green, pineapple yellow and tangerine orange. The bird’s tail is continued by a flow of tangerine orange five-point stars. The graphics of the wordmark are clear and elegant, resembling the commercial font Ordin, and its colour tone is azure blue.

Emblem ADATA

ADATA Corporation puts a lot of meaning into the hummingbird emblem. Such characteristic feature of the hummingbird as sprightliness, according to the company senior management, symbolizes ADATA’s flexibility with regard to the world market and consumer demands; its rapidness underlines dominant innovativeness and effectiveness of production in the industry; its exploring nature underlines that the company is determined to exploit all possibilities for progress; the colour palette of the birds’ feathers and the modern graphics of its image is referred to sensational and energetic features of ADATA’s brand. To ADATA customers its logo underlines that the company’s success is due to its integrity, honesty, ingenuity and innovation principles.

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