Most Famous Logos in Black

Most Famous Logos in Black

Many companies incorporate the use of color into their customer engagement strategy. Brand recognition is inextricably linked to the logo, but in the case of well-known companies, a person often only needs to see colors without outlines or names to recognize a familiar brand.

It’s also worth remembering that color influences the decision to purchase a product. According to various studies when shopping, color influences the consumer’s decision by 60-80%.

A company’s palette is not just a selection of colors. It is the recommended proportions in which they will be used. They form the saturation of the brand and convey its mood. They directly influence a person’s emotional state, the choice itself.

The black color in the logo identifies the power of the brand. If you use black simply, and convincingly, it will project confidence, importance, and experience. It’s a classic color. And classics can’t be bad.

Apart from that, Black evokes feelings of prestige, power, authoritarianism, and certainty. Companies with black color logos look like an undefeated champion, a tireless leader. Below we look at the logos of brands that have chosen black as their primary color.


Blackberry Logo

Formerly a manufacturer of trendy smartphones and today a software developer, BlackBerry introduced its iconic logo in 2013 and is still using it. The brand’s emblem is simple and clear, and besides, it coolly represents the company’s name, and is hard to confuse it with anything else. The BlackBerry logo consists of two parts — a modern italicized wordmark in a stylized sans-serif typeface and a minimalistic emblem, which looks like a berry, made of seven button-like elements. For the brand, its logotype is a symbol of uniqueness.


Chanel logo

Another iconic brand with a black logo is Chanel. The logo is two letters “C” intertwined and turned in different directions, complemented by the full name of the fashion house written in capital letters in a sans serif font. The famous logo was first placed on Chanel No. 5 perfume in 1925. In fact, there are several versions of the creation of this logo, but whichever one is correct, we can say one thing for sure: the Chanel logo is one of the most legendary and recognizable emblems in the world, and the black color plays not the least role here.


Hublot logo

Hublot is one of the fastest-growing brands on the watch market today, with a history that began relatively recently compared to its competitors, in 1980. And this “youth and progressiveness” of Hublot can be seen not only in their watches but also in their logo. The badge is composed of a medium-weight uppercase wordmark in a clean distinctive sans-serif typeface, and an enlarged emblem, depicting a stylized capital “H”, made of two bold vertical lines, crossed by a thinner wavy one. The black-and-white color palette here can be used in both traditional and reverse ways.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix Logo

In 2016, 20-year-old Dutchman Martin Garrix became the best DJ in the world according to the authoritative DJ MAG magazine. Since then, the DJ’s name has become known even to those who are not fans of electronic music, and the musician’s logo is now recognizable all over the world. The black insignia on a plain white background is composed of two inscription levels, separated by a thick horizontal line. The “T” in the upper level is drawn like a plus sign and is supported by the “X” in the bottom line. These two elements also make up a shortened version of the DJ’s logo.

The New York Times


The attitude to black color in the visual identity of The New York Times can be judged at least by the fact that it was one of the last newspapers to adopt color photography. Only on October 16, 1997, the first color photograph in the history of The New York Times appeared on the front page. What to say about the logo. Of course, it’s black lettering on a transparent background. And the font used for the wordmark is recognizable by everyone at first sight. It is a sleek bold gothic-style typeface, which is similar to Engravers’ Old English BT.


Roblox Logo

In 2017, Roblox introduced a new logo, with massive geometric capital letters folding into the name of the popular game. The letters were rendered in a bright red color, and the first square “O” was slightly tilted to the right. However, a few months later, the company decided to move away from the red color and redrew the logo in black and white. It remains that way to this day. In black, the lettering on the badge started looking more modern and powerful, showing all the strongest points of the brand and accenting on timelessness.


Zara logо

Unlike many of the world’s biggest brands, Zara‘s latest redesign is not about simplification, but rather about complexity. But, although the shapes of capital letters became more elegant, and curves were added to the lines, and the spacing between characters was completely rethought, the black and white color scheme of the logo remained unchanged. After all, black symbolizes strength authority, sophistication, and elegance. It is the color of prestige and luxury, and therefore black is the most popular color for the logos of fashion houses.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu logo

The brand was created in 1993 thanks to Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of the founder of the Prada fashion house. The brand name Miu Miu is Miuccia’s nickname, as she was called by her parents and friends from childhood. However, despite all the cuteness of the name, there is nothing cute and childish about the brand’s logo. The badge of the Italian fashion house is composed of stylized black lettering in lowercase, written against a transparent background with no graphical or colored additions. The interesting stencils in the characters add air to the composition and slightly lighten up the bold black lines.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton logo

The black intertwined letters “L” and “V” on the luxury fashion house logo represent the initials of the founder of the legendary brand, Louis Vuitton. It is not only a memory of the talented designer, but also a symbol of resilience and prestige. Even though, for the famous products of the brand, the monogram is usually executed in a brownish palette, the logo stays untouched in its black color, and the is also says a lot about the Louis Vuitton stability and class. Lately, you can even see the iconic insignia written in white on a solid black background; which looks more dramatic and progressive.


Audi logo

In 2016, the iconic voluminous silver logo of the German automaker was replaced by a flat minimalist emblem in a simple true color. Recall that the famous four rings of Audi are a symbol of assistance and consolidation. It was created in 1932 and signifies the merger of four companies – Audi, Horch, Wanderer, and DKW – into one. In black, the Audi logo looks much more stylish than before and shows the company’s ability to evolve and modernize everything from logo design to interior design.

Under Armour

Under Armour logo

Under Armour’s logo is a striking symbol featuring two elongated, symmetrical, upward-pointing curves that meet in the center to create a distinctive, abstract “U” and “A” shape, reflecting the company’s initials. Beneath the emblem is the brand name in bold, modern typography, embodying the athletic and innovative spirit of the company. The design conveys strength and agility, qualities that resonate with athletes and sports enthusiasts who seek high-performance athletic wear. The black color accentuates the logo’s boldness and timeless appeal, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to excellence.


Coach logo

The Coach logo elegantly depicts a vintage horse-drawn carriage driven by a coachman, representing heritage and craftsmanship. Above the company name, the emblem evokes a sense of timeless luxury and sophistication. The bold yet graceful serif font used for “COACH” underneath the emblem conveys a sense of modernity, while the “New York” inscription beneath it grounds the brand in its urban, cosmopolitan roots. The black coloring enhances the logo’s refined and upscale vibe, perfectly aligning with Coach’s high-end image.



AC/DC’s logo is iconic in the world of rock music, with bold, angular letters separated by a lightning bolt. The sharp, electrifying font reflects the band’s high-energy music style and their powerful stage presence. The bolt itself adds a sense of speed and intensity, symbolizing the raw power of rock ‘n’ roll. The black color gives the logo a striking and timeless look, perfectly matching the band’s rebellious and enduring spirit.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Logo

The Dolce & Gabbana logo is a sophisticated representation of high fashion. The bold “D&G” initials convey an air of simplicity and modernity, while the full name of the brand beneath it solidifies its legacy in the luxury fashion world. The clean lines and balanced proportions give the logo a contemporary edge. Its black color underscores the brand’s commitment to elegance and style, making it instantly recognizable and reflective of the luxury and innovation synonymous with the brand.

Giorgio Armani

Logo Giorgio Armani

The Giorgio Armani logo features a stylized eagle formed by evenly spaced horizontal lines, creating a streamlined and modern symbol. The emblem, paired with the initials “GA,” sits above the brand name in an understated yet impactful serif font. The overall design signifies elegance, power, and timelessness, embodying Armani’s sophisticated fashion philosophy. The black color imbues the logo with an air of classic luxury, emphasizing the brand’s leadership in refined fashion.



The MINI logo includes a circular emblem surrounded by two outstretched wings, representing the brand’s British heritage and spirit of adventure. The wings convey speed and freedom, while the circle containing “MINI” embodies precision and unity. The modern sans-serif font reinforces the brand’s focus on innovative design and technology. The black color gives the logo a clean and classic look, reflecting MINI’s enduring appeal to those seeking compact cars with a unique, sporty personality.


Columbia logo

The Columbia logo features a geometric emblem resembling a woven diamond pattern, symbolizing the intricate craftsmanship and connection to outdoor exploration that define the brand. Its design resembles four diagonally arranged rows of rectangles, reflecting innovation and versatility. The name “Columbia” is written to the right in a traditional serif font, portraying a sense of reliability and quality. The black color imbues the logo with a timeless, classic appearance, highlighting the brand’s dedication to providing high-quality outdoor apparel and gear.


James bond Logo

The 007 logo is synonymous with the James Bond film franchise. The bold, italicized “007” numerals are accompanied by a stylized gun as part of the number “7,” symbolizing the character’s signature espionage persona. The gun merges seamlessly with the numeral to convey danger and sophistication. The sleek, black color reinforces the mysterious and suave nature of James Bond, making this logo an iconic representation of the world’s most famous secret agent.

X Corp

X Corp Logo

The X Corp logo is simple yet striking, featuring a large, bold “X” that suggests strength and unity. The diagonal crossbars create a dynamic, symmetrical form that implies movement and modernity. The geometric precision and clean lines are further emphasized by the black color, creating a logo that represents innovation, efficiency, and forward-thinking. This minimalist approach resonates with the tech-driven nature of the company and its commitment to progress.

Black Flag

Black Flag Logo

The Black Flag logo is a hallmark of punk rock. It consists of four vertical black bars positioned slightly offset from one another, symbolizing rebellion and nonconformity. The bold “BLACK FLAG” text at the top and bottom frames the emblem and reinforces the brand’s no-nonsense, defiant attitude. The use of black enhances the simplicity and rawness of the design, perfectly reflecting the band’s gritty music style and influence on counterculture.


Logitech Logo

The Logitech logo presents the company’s name in a playful and rounded sans-serif font. The gentle curves and spacing convey the brand’s focus on user-centric design and cutting-edge technology. The black color underscores its clarity and professionalism while emphasizing Logitech’s modern approach to computer accessories. Overall, the logo embodies innovation, usability, and high-quality design.


Vertu Logo

Vertu’s logo comprises a sophisticated emblem resembling an angular, wing-like shape above the company name in bold, uppercase sans-serif letters. The emblem evokes luxury and exclusivity, highlighting the brand’s identity as a purveyor of high-end mobile phones. The use of black emphasizes elegance and precision, perfectly aligning with Vertu’s dedication to producing luxury devices that blend advanced technology with exceptional craftsmanship.


Belkin Logo

Belkin’s logo features a series of dots arranged in a playful, humanoid shape, symbolizing connection and approachability. The arrangement conveys a sense of innovation and the company’s focus on user-friendly technology. Beside it, “belkin” is written in a modern, rounded sans-serif font, giving the logo a sleek, contemporary feel. The black color imbues the design with a polished and professional appearance, reflecting Belkin’s dedication to developing high-quality, cutting-edge tech accessories.


Playboy Logo

The Playboy logo is iconic and instantly recognizable, featuring a stylized silhouette of a rabbit head with a bowtie. The playful and sophisticated bunny has become a global symbol of entertainment and lifestyle. The bold “PLAYBOY” text in a serif font complements the emblem, emphasizing the brand’s confident, fun-loving image. The black color adds an air of elegance, while also conveying the brand’s adventurous and timeless ethos.


Continental Logo

The Continental logo consists of the company name written in a traditional serif font, with a dynamic horse emblem at the end. The “C” is designed with a distinctive curved arrow, representing movement and progression. The horse, shown rearing up, embodies strength, agility, and a pioneering spirit. The black color accentuates the brand’s reliability and long-standing reputation in automotive manufacturing and tire production.


Reebok logo

The Reebok logo showcases the brand name in bold, geometric letters above a dynamic vector symbol that resembles a stylized Union Jack. This emblem hints at the brand’s British heritage while symbolizing movement and athleticism. The black color brings clarity and precision to the logo, reinforcing Reebok’s focus on performance, innovation, and athletic lifestyle.


Puma logo

The Puma logo features a leaping cat poised above the brand name, symbolizing agility, power, and speed. The bold, all-caps font used for “PUMA” below the emblem reinforces the brand’s dedication to athleticism and adventure. The black color enhances the logo’s timeless appeal, making it stand out as a powerful representation of the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality sportswear and footwear.


Nike Logo

Nike’s logo, known as the “Swoosh,” is a simple yet powerful symbol of movement and speed. It appears beneath the brand name in bold, italicized letters, emphasizing motion and athletic prowess. The Swoosh embodies Nike’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. The black color lends the logo a professional, clean look that resonates with athletes and consumers worldwide seeking products that align with performance and success.


Logo Gucci

The Gucci logo is a renowned emblem consisting of the company’s name in a sleek serif font at the top, and the iconic interlocking double-G motif below it. Each G curves outward in opposite directions, forming an elegant circular pattern. The double-G, representing founder Guccio Gucci’s initials, embodies luxury, refinement, and timeless style, reflecting the brand’s dedication to superior craftsmanship and avant-garde design. This emblem epitomizes high fashion, combining Italian elegance with a modern, global appeal.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Logo

The Bad Bunny logo is distinctive and playful, featuring a simple yet recognizable illustration of a bunny’s head with a unique twist. Its ears are elongated, and the eyes are marked with crosses, suggesting the artist’s edgy, unconventional persona. Below the illustration, the artist’s name, “Bad Bunny,” is written in a bold, jagged font. This design captures the spirit of Bad Bunny’s rebellious and genre-blurring approach to music, emphasizing individuality and boundary-pushing creativity.


logo Converse

The Converse logo, in classic black and white, showcases a bold star and chevron symbol, encapsulating the brand’s spirit of movement and adventure. The chevron is dynamic and forward-pointing, symbolizing progress and action. Below the emblem, “Converse” is written in a sturdy sans-serif font. This logo reflects the brand’s heritage as a trailblazer in sports and street fashion, emphasizing athleticism, freedom, and creativity.


HP Logo

HP’s modern logo is a minimalist depiction of the letters “hp,” consisting of four parallel vertical lines that angle slightly forward. These lines represent the brand’s innovative and forward-looking ethos. The black color scheme conveys professionalism and reliability. This clean and contemporary design exemplifies HP’s commitment to technological excellence, adaptability, and enduring relevance in the global computing industry.


ChatGPT Logo

The ChatGPT logo features an intricate geometric knot-like design, symbolizing interconnectedness and complexity. The pattern is made of interwoven loops, representing the collaborative and inclusive nature of artificial intelligence. The overall aesthetic is sleek and modern, signifying the advanced technology and user-centric approach that ChatGPT embodies, while the black color scheme adds a touch of sophistication.


Gillette Logo

The Gillette logo uses a bold sans-serif font with a characteristic angled cut in the first “G,” symbolizing precision and efficiency. The letters are closely spaced, giving a sense of unity and compactness. This straightforward yet effective design reflects the brand’s focus on providing high-quality grooming products that are sharp, reliable, and technologically advanced. The black color underlines the brand’s timeless, professional appeal.


Aveda Logo

The Aveda logo features the brand name in bold, uppercase letters, with a distinctive triangular motif for the “A” letters. The triangles symbolize balance, with dots inside representing harmony and holistic health. This geometric design, rendered in black, reflects Aveda’s dedication to natural beauty and wellness, embodying the company’s vision of environmentally conscious, plant-based products. The logo’s balanced aesthetics underline Aveda’s mission of sustainable luxury.


Rode Logo

The Rode logo is a statement of simplicity and professionalism, using bold, black letters with a unique diagonal slash through the letter “Ø,” giving the brand a distinctive Scandinavian flair. This deliberate detail adds an edge to the brand’s name, signifying high-quality, innovative audio technology. Rode’s logo embodies precision and creativity, emphasizing its position as a leader in the microphone industry.


Asus Logo

The Asus logo incorporates a clean and futuristic design, often appearing in a minimalistic style with bold, angular lines. The stylized “A” suggests speed and innovation, while the logo’s forward-leaning design conveys momentum and forward-thinking vision. The black color emphasizes Asus’s focus on reliability and cutting-edge technology, representing their mission to empower the global digital generation with high-performance electronics.


Sony logo

The Sony logo is a timeless classic, featuring the brand name in a bold serif font. The font conveys stability, reliability, and adaptability, embodying Sony’s diverse and innovative approach to electronics, entertainment, and gaming. The clean, black design signifies professionalism and sophistication. This logo represents the company’s reputation as a global leader in technology and creative entertainment.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Logo

The Hugo Boss logo embodies sophistication with its minimalist design, featuring bold, capitalized letters in a sans-serif font. This black-and-white emblem exemplifies luxury and versatility, reflecting the brand’s focus on timeless elegance and contemporary fashion. The logo’s simplicity aligns with Hugo Boss’s approach to refined tailoring and modern apparel, highlighting its commitment to quality and style.


PlayStation logo

The PlayStation logo combines the letters “P” and “S” into a dynamic, three-dimensional symbol. The “P” stands vertically, while the “S” lies horizontally, forming a unique optical illusion that hints at the console’s interactive nature. This black logo conveys Sony’s bold creativity and technological prowess in gaming. Its striking, futuristic design represents the PlayStation brand’s innovative and immersive entertainment experience.


The Nissan logo, with its sleek and modern aesthetic, is centered around a stylized representation of the brand name within a partially open circle. This circular design signifies Nissan’s global reach and adaptability, while the bold, uppercase letters convey strength and precision. The black color enhances its professional and timeless appeal, symbolizing the brand’s dedication to innovative automotive engineering and forward-thinking design.


MAC Cosmetics Logo

The MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics) logo is a unique blend of artistry and elegance. It uses distinct, stylized lettering with exaggerated curves and angles, capturing the brand’s focus on creativity and individuality. The logo’s simple, black color palette reflects MAC’s sophisticated yet inclusive approach to cosmetics, appealing to professionals and consumers alike. It conveys a sense of high-fashion while highlighting the brand’s artistic spirit.


Volvo Logo

The Volvo logo features the brand name in a bold, capitalized serif font within a circular symbol, known as the “iron mark.” The arrow extending diagonally from the circle symbolizes progress, movement, and strength, reflecting Volvo’s heritage in producing durable vehicles. The black and white color scheme reinforces reliability and quality, signifying the brand’s commitment to safety, engineering excellence, and modern design.


Batman Logo

The Batman logo, also called the Bat-Symbol, is an instantly recognizable emblem of the caped crusader. This particular version is a simple, bold silhouette of a bat with outstretched wings, signifying vigilance and fearlessness. The black color symbolizes mystery, stealth, and determination, aligning perfectly with the vigilante persona of Batman. This iconic logo stands as a symbol of justice in the DC universe.


Bose logo

The Bose logo uses a distinct, slanted font with bold lettering to represent the brand’s dedication to audio technology. The italicized style implies movement and innovation, while the black color denotes quality, precision, and high performance. This logo exemplifies Bose’s focus on delivering cutting-edge sound solutions, reinforcing its global reputation as a leader in the audio equipment industry.

Air Jordan Jumpman

Air Jordan Jumpman logo

The Air Jordan Jumpman logo is a silhouette of an athlete leaping with a basketball in hand, inspired by Michael Jordan’s iconic “Jumpman” pose. The black figure, frozen mid-air, exudes energy and excellence, embodying the spirit of competition and success. This dynamic emblem symbolizes the Air Jordan brand’s commitment to high performance, innovation, and a legacy of greatness in the sportswear industry.


Apple Logo

The Apple logo, a simple yet iconic silhouette of an apple with a bite taken out of the right side and a leaf on top, symbolizes creativity, innovation, and approachability. The black color emphasizes its elegance and timeless appeal. This minimalist design is recognized globally as a symbol of high-quality technology, representing Apple’s dedication to creating user-friendly and cutting-edge devices.


Tecate Logo

The Tecate logo combines a bold eagle with the letter “T” at its heart, symbolizing strength and freedom. Beneath the eagle, “Tecate” is written in a dynamic, stylized font that conveys energy and boldness. The black color scheme enhances its distinctive appearance, aligning with Tecate’s image as a prominent Mexican beer brand known for its rich flavor and adventurous spirit.


Ubisoft Logo

The Ubisoft logo is a swirling circular pattern that represents the creative and imaginative worlds the gaming company builds. The spiral structure suggests motion, creativity, and depth, while the black color signifies mystery and sophistication. Below the swirl, “Ubisoft” is written in a modern, bold font, reflecting the brand’s dedication to delivering immersive gaming experiences.


USB logo

The USB logo is a universal symbol consisting of an arrow, circle, and square branching out from a central line. This design resembles a trident, symbolizing connectivity and versatility. The black color reflects USB’s foundational role in modern data transfer, while the shapes represent the diverse ways the technology links different devices and media.


Honda Logo

The Honda logo features a stylized “H” within a rectangular frame, symbolizing the brand’s focus on quality, reliability, and innovation. The bold, black emblem reflects strength and practicality, aligning with Honda’s reputation for engineering excellence in automobiles and motorcycles. It is a simple yet powerful representation of the company’s values.


Adidas Logo

The Adidas logo, known as the “three stripes,” features three diagonal bars ascending in size, symbolizing progress and peak performance. This dynamic, minimalist design in black conveys athleticism and movement. The logo signifies Adidas’s commitment to providing high-quality sportswear that meets the demands of athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike.


iOS Logo

The iOS logo consists of the letters “iOS” in a clean, modern font, emphasizing Apple’s mobile operating system’s simplicity and sophistication. The black color highlights professionalism and reliability, aligning with iOS’s reputation for offering a seamless, user-friendly experience across Apple’s ecosystem of mobile devices.

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