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BlackBerry is an iconic brand of mobile phone manufacturer. It was founded in 1999, with the launch of pager BlackBerry 850. The brand uses Android operational system and is owned by the Chinese TLC company.

Meaning and history

Blackberry Logo history

The company has chosen the “Apple path” in creating the brand’s name. BlackBerry has nothing in common with the industry the company work in, just a word, just a brand.
There is a legend though, that the name came out when someone said the buttons on the phone resembled the blackberry seeds.
The BlackBerry logo is memorable and recognizable. It is a wordmark in a bold custom typeface and a famous BlackBerry emblem.

The Emblem

Emblem Blackberry
The BlackBerry emblem is composed of seven D-shaped figures, located on three columns 2-3-2. Figures in the first and the third columns form two letters “B” in negative space. B for Black and B for Berry.
Another symbol of the emblem is blackberry berry itself – the D-figures resemble the fruit’s texture.

The Wordmark

Logo Blackberry
The wordmark is executed in custom grotesque typeface, which is close to Nimbus Sans Bold. It is italicized, which adds elegance and sophistication to the nameplate.
The two letters “B” of the wordmark with their cut off bottom angles make the lettering unique.
BlackBerry logo
The monochrome palette of the logo seems to be more than a logical choice. It accents the lines of the typeface and makes the emblem stand out like a piece of modern artwork.