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Reebok logo

Due to the latest modification, which took place in 2013, the Reebok logo became absolutely minimalistic. It has attracted a lot of criticism as being too simple and generic. However, many designers point out that, although it is far from being unique, it works perfectly on apparel and, generally, gets the job done.

Meaning and history Reebok Logo

history Reebok Logo

The original Reebok logo, which was adopted in 1895, consisted of the company name and the British flag. The reason for choosing this design was quite simple: the manufacturer tried to emphasize its British origins.

old reebok logo

Symbol Reebok

Symbole Reebok

The British flag logo was used for almost a century. It was only in 1986 that the company decided to replace it by the so-called vector logo. It featured an abstract Union Jack streak across a race track. This move can be explained by the fact that Reebok wanted to establish itself as a global brand and also as a performance brand.

The Delta emblem Reebok

emblem Reebok

In 2013 Reebok launched a repositioning process establishing itself as a fitness brand rather than a company connected with specific sports. One of the core parts of the new strategy was the introduction of the Delta logo. In its official statement, the company claimed that the Delta triangle was chosen as a symbol of change and transformation. Each part of the triangle stood for one aspect of a person’s transformation: physical, mental, and social.

reebok crossfit logo

Font of the Reebok Logo

Font Reebok Logo

The minimalistic sans-serif typeface featured in the earliest Reebok logo was replaced by a customized Motter Tektura wordmark in the 1970-s. Yet, eventually Reebok opted for a completely different custom type. The sans-serif font looks clean and minimalistic, although it is not as recognizable as the previous one.

Color of the Reebok Logo

Color Reebok Logo

The original blue-and-red color scheme, which was based on the colors of the British flag, was transferred to the 1986 version of the Reebok insignia. Subsequently the company made the combination simpler, leaving only black wordmark on the white background. The 2013 redesign brings back the red color.

reebok new logo

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