Gucci Logo

Gucci Logo
Gucci (The House of Gucci) is an Italian company, which produces leather goods and clothes. The company was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, a renowned fashion designer.

Meaning and history

Gucci Logo history

The Gucci logo has been around since 1933, so it is among the most long-standing ones in the history of logo making. Undoubtedly, it was designed to perpetuate the founder’s name, the company’s infinite devotion to their business, and endless quest for new horizons.


Gucci Symbol
This iconic symbol boasts a simplistic yet mark-hitting design, which symbolizes elegance, integrity, excellence, and luxury.


Gucci Emblem
The Gucci logo represents Guccio Gucci – the legendary fashion designer and founder – through two interlocking Gs, which leave no doubt about his contribution to the world’s fashion industry. Also, the logo includes the Gucci wordmark.


Colors of the Gucci Logo
The black color expresses elegance and dominance – the two musts for reaching a success in the fashion industry.


Font of the Gucci Logo
The wordmark is written in the Serif font, which is similar to Granjon Roman.

Authentic logo

authentic gucci logoIf you want to know whether a Gucci bag is genuine, you need to check the font, spacing and positioning of the wordmark and the emblem on the following items: the dustbag, the information booklet, the Firenze card, the “Made in Italy” tag, the code tag, and the bag’s exterior (on some models). Look for the authentic Gucci logo on each of these items.

Who Made

The company’s logo was designed by Aldo Gucci, one of Guccio’s sons, who joined the fashion house in 1933.