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Gucci is the name of a luxury Italian fashion brand, which was established in 1921 in Florence and named after its founder, Guccio Gucci. By today the brand has become a legend, producing men and women clothing, accessories, leather goods, and jewelry, which are highly valued all over the globe.

What font is used for the Gucci logo?
The elegant and chic Gucci logotype, written in all capitals, is executed in a fine and sophisticated serif font, which is very close to Questal SC Medium and Granjon Roman typefaces with thin lines and sharp serifs. As for the iconic monogram, it uses bold clean letters of a modern Sans-serif typeface with full circular contours.

Gucci logo

Meaning and history

Gucci Logo history

Gucci is one of the brands which keep using their original logo, created in the first years of the label’s establishment, to show a strong link to its roots, legacy, and history, and to reflect the fundamental approach to quality, design, and beauty.

The official Gucci logo was introduced only at the beginning of the 1930s, and before that the brand used various versions of the logotype, changing them depending on the mood, occasion, and wrapping, no official logo existed in the first brand’s years.

Though the iconic emblem was created only in 1933, it stays with the company today, with almost no changes. The elegant black logotype in all capitals is accompanied by a strict and minimalist signifier, which is usually placed above under the wordmark, or simply on its own.


The iconic double G symbol of the luxury fashion house was created by Also Gucci, the son of the brand’s founder Guccio Gucci, in the 1930s. Two interlocked letters in a modern sans-serif typeface make up one of the most recognizable fashion logos in the world.

Gucci SymbolThroughout the years, the company used different variations of the intertwined monogram: the letters overlapped on their ends, or the contrary, on their arched parts, repeating the Chanel style. They were also various countries and shapes, depending on the models and collections it was used in.

Gucci Emblem

The Gucci Symbol is not only a part of its logo but an inevitable element of each company’s product line, which can be seen on buckles of the bags, belts, and shoes, on textile prints and embossed leather.

Font and color

The traditional and sophisticated Gucci logotype is executed in an elegant and smooth serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as Goldenbook Bold and Mynaruse Flare Medium. It looks timeless and confident, reflecting the brand’s style and fundamental principles.

Font of the Gucci Logo

As for the color palette of the Gucci visual identity, its official logo is executed in monochrome, which allows placing it on various backgrounds and patterns. Though the brand also has its additional palette, which is as iconic as its interlocked emblem and can be seen on almost all the leather accessories, bags, and shoes of the brand — the three-striped pattern, consisting of two dark green horizontals and a red one in the middle.

Colors of the Gucci Logo

The green and red combination stand for wealth, success, growth, and passion, and this is the feeling the brand tends to give to their customers, providing them with the latest trends in the brightest colors and the most elegant silhouettes.