Gucci Logo

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Gucci Logo
Gucci is a famous fashion-house, which was established in Italy in 1921. Named after its founder, Guccio Gucci, the luxury label is known for its high-end outfits and accessories for men, women and even kids. The brand has almost 600 stores across the globe and also partners with the biggest luxury retailer worldwide.

Gucci logo

Meaning and history

Gucci Logo history
One of the main names of the fashion industry, luxury brand Gucci is a symbol of elegance and chic, recognizable all over the globe. The visual identity of the high-end fashion house is modest and sophisticated. The logo, composed of a wordmark and an iconic emblem, which are used both together and separately, became synonymous with the exquisite design and high-quality fabrics.
The color palette of the logo is a simple black and white combination, but the brand has an additional logo, which is also very well known by all fashion experts and fans of the brand — a rectangle, horizontally divided into three equal parts, two of them are green, and the middle one is red. This bright symbol is placed on many of the fashion items of the label, along with some rags and advertising.
As for the official logo — it has never been actually changed. There were a few early versions, different from it, but they all were only secondary ones. The main logotype is the inscription in all capitals, accompanied by the brand’s monogram, two intertwined letters “G”, looking at each other. It is simple, fine and sophisticated.
The fashion house uses this symbol not only for print advertising or tags, but it also embossed it on its leather products, makes prints with this sign and metal buckles for shoes and bags. The emblem is probably even more recognizable than the logotype itself.
As for another logo, which has been in use by the fashion house, it was a bold script lettering with only “G” capitalized. It was used both in monochrome and gold and white color combinations and reflected the tender and feminine side of the brand’s character, while the current official logo is a representation of strength, power, and expertise in fields of fashion and design.


Gucci Symbol
This iconic symbol boasts a simplistic yet mark-hitting design, which symbolizes elegance, integrity, excellence, and luxury.


Gucci Emblem
The Gucci logo represents Guccio Gucci – the legendary fashion designer and founder – through two interlocking Gs, which leave no doubt about his contribution to the world’s fashion industry. Also, the logo includes the Gucci wordmark.


Colors of the Gucci Logo
The black color expresses elegance and dominance – the two musts for reaching a success in the fashion industry.


Font of the Gucci Logo
The logotype in all capitals is executed in an elegant serif typeface with fine smooth lines and sharp ends of the letters, showing the label as progressive, luxury and influential. The typeface is very similar to the Goldenbook Bold font, designed by Mark Simonson Studio.
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