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Horch is the name of a former German car manufacturing company, which was opened in 1904 and closed in 1932. Named after its founder, the company merged with Wanderer and Audi in 1932.

Meaning and history

Horch Logo history

1899 – 1932

Horch Logo-1899

The visual identity of the German carmaker of the 1900s — 1930s looks elegant and sleek. It has a very special art-deco mood, which makes the logo unique and memorable. Executed in monochrome, the emblem turned into silver when placed on the brand’s cars, and in the metallic shade, it looked stricter, yet even more modern and sophisticated.

The Horch logo is composed of a bold letter “H” with a pattern of thin straight lines, which added structure and volume. In the letter, there was a thick black arch with the same white striped pattern. The monochrome palette of the emblem made the logo timeless and powerful, reflecting the professionalism of the company and its value of style and quality.

Above the black arch, the wordmark was placed, repeating the architectural shape of the emblem. It was executed in all capitals of sans-serif typeface with letters “H”, “R” and “H” enlarged, making the logo playful and recognizable.

When placed on the cars, the emblem was enclosed in a thin circular frame, featuring silver color. It made the badge crispy and fresh due to a lot of space inside the circle and around the emblem.

1932 – 1940

Horch Logo