Ubisoft Logo

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Ubisoft Logo
Ubisoft is a French brand of video-game producing company, which was founded in 1986 by Guillemot brothers. The company released five games in the first year after its establishment.

Meaning and history

Ubisoft Logo history

The Ubisoft logo is based on the brand’s visual identity design from 2003. It was a three-dimensional circular emblem in a purple palette. The redesign of 2017 simplified the logo and made it more modern and strong.
The Ubisoft logo is composed of a nameplate with an emblem above it. The wordmark in all-caps is executed in a bold smooth sans-serif typeface, with interesting detail in the letter “O”. It looks like it is going to open.
The Ubisoft emblem repeats the shape of the wordmark’s “O”, but adds a spiral inside. The swirl is a representation of the look into future, innovations, and progress.
Ubisoft Logo
The monochrome palette of the Ubisoft logo shows the brand as contemporary and powerful. It is a minimalist and extremely stylish logo, which is laconic but shows the company at its best.
All the earlier colorful versions of the Ubisoft visual identity were too naive and a little bit childish in comparison with this new iconic emblem, where every detail is in its place. The confident bold lines make it look elegant and brutal at the same time.