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The French video game company Ubisoft Entertainment SA has gone through at least six distinctive logotypes. It’s a lot, considering that the history of the brand started only in 1986. In most cases, the design was changed completely, so that was a series of revolutions rather than an evolution.

Meaning and history

Ubisoft Logo history


Ubisoft Logo 1986

The five sons of the Guillemot family founded a company and named it Ubi Soft Entertainment S.A. The original Ubisoft logo combined huge lettering “UBI” in purple and blue with a little inscription “Soft” in a cursive script inspired by handwriting.


Ubisoft Logo 1989

In the following version, both the words were given in the same font. It was much simpler than its predecessor, with serifs. The lettering “Entertainment Software” in italics was added below. There were no other colors other than black and white.


Ubisoft Logo 1993

Once again, both the palette and shape of the logo were completely changed. Each of the letters, the “U,” “B,” and “I,” were now given inside small squares colored green, yellow, and blue respectively. In the background, there was a large red square, which also housed the word “Soft.” The lettering was black. The glyphs on the top were lowercase italics, while the word “Soft” featured elongated uppercase glyphs.


Ubisoft Logo 1994

The so-called rainbow arch logo was introduced simultaneously with the release of the Rayman game. Here, the name of the brand featured the same type and was positioned horizontally within a single line. The font was a rather elegant sans with strokes of various thicknesses.


Ubisoft Logo 2003

The era of the swirl logo started. The new design reflected the change of the brand’s name to Ubisoft. It was supposed to symbolize a company that had grown more mature and was now oriented at an older audience. It partly reflected an important event in its history, the acquisition of the Tom Clancy license.


Ubisoft Logo

The mystic blue gradient disappeared from the Ubisoft logo leaving a plainer black-and-white swirl. The brand called it “minimalist, modern, and monochromatic.” The flat image is in line with current design tendencies respecting simplicity and 2D designs. What’s even more important, this simplicity also means endless possibilities of customization. The company explained that in each title’s boot sequence, the emblem was colored and animated to reflect the design of the game.
The “eye” and the “O” glyph leave an impression of hand-drawn shapes. This is supposed to symbolize a human touch, as well as the “enthusiasm, curiosity, and the grain de folie (‘touch of madness’ in French) that Ubisoft is known for.”


While the type may look generic, it has a unique touch due to the “hand-drawn” letter “O.”


Although the main Ubisoft logo is monochromatic, various colors are added to it, when it is used in the company’s products.