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Bad Bunny is a rap singer from Puerto Rico, who became popular in 2016 after the release of Diles single. The rapper is famous for his music style experiments and mixes, he also earned a few music awards, including the Latin Grammy.

Meaning and history

Bad Bunny Logo

The choice of his stage name, was made by Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio because of his childhood memories. When the singer was a kid, he was made to wear bunny ears when he misbehaved. It is a funny and touching story, which shows how much his roots and background mean for the artist.

The visual identity of Bad Bunny is ironic and bright, it is composed of an emblem and a wordmark in a confident and bold typeface, which is Againts. The sharp lines look modern and stylish in black color.

Who is Bad Bunny?
Bad Bunny is the artistic name of a Puerto Rican rap musician, who started his career in 2016. The real name of the singer is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, he was born in 1994 and started writing his tracks at the age of 14. Today Bad Bunny collaborated with the world’s most famous musicians and has already released four solo albums.

The Bad Bunny emblem is a minimalist image of the bunny, where the ears are enlarged and the eyes are replaced with crosses.

Bad Bunny logo

It is a contemporary and strong visual identity, which reflects the rapper’s character and unique heritage, which he is very proud of.

The Bad Bunny logo looks sleek on all the fashion items as well as the icons of the mobile apps and album covers. It is a recognizable identity, which celebrates the singer’s personality and artistic approach.


The Bad Bunny symbol is a contoured image of the bunny’s head, with the face executed in a very minimalist manner: the eyes replaced by two black crosses, the solid black arched nose, and a complete absence of a mouth. The lines of the animal’s ears are a bit bolder than the ones used for contouring the face, and this is also a representation of the essence — music.

Simple lines and elements on the Bad Bunny symbol work great for creating a young, fresh and progressive image, characterizing the style of the musician and his uniqueness.

Font and color

The modern and bold Bad Bunny logo is composed of graphical and text parts, which are more often used separately. The logotype is set in two lines, written in the uppercase of a cool bold sans-serif typeface with smooth lines. The custom handwritten font of the brush inscription looks pretty similar to such typeface as Cry Wolf Italic and Knucklebones Italic but in bolder lines and a bit narrower letters.

As for the color palette, the musician uses a classy black and white combination, which allows the logo to looks equally strong and bright in the background of any type. Black is a color of masculinity, strength, and confidence, and this is how Bad Bunny successfully positions himself.