DKW Logo


DKW is the name of the German car manufacturing company, which was established in 1916 and became one of the companies, which formed the famous Auto Union in 1932. DKW specializes in the design and production of sedans and motorcycles.

Meaning and history

DKW Logo history

1916 – 1932

DKW Logo-1916
The DKW badge created in 1916 stayed with the brand for more than a decade and has never actually been replaced. The iconic badge remained untouched till the end of the brand’s history. It was a thin green triangle pointing down placed on a white background and enclosed into a black thick frame, with the upper line arched from the center, and the bottom — sharpened. The white “DKW” lettering was set on the bottom of the badge, on a green background, and executed in a bold and modern sans-serif typeface.

1921 – 1932

DKW Logo-1921
In 1921 the logo was refined and modernized. Though the concept and color palette remained untouched, some gloss and gradients were added to the emblem, and the black framing switched to silver gray. Another changed was inside the crest — the grass green triangle gained a thin black outline.

1932 – 1949

DKW Logo-1932
In 1932 the logo used by the brand featured a famous four rings concept when the four major German brands merged to form Auto Union. It was a blue and white logo, where the emblem of each marque was placed inside a separate ring. This, there was the Audi ring, DKW ring, Horch, and Wanderer rings.

1949 – 1966

DKW Logo
In 1949 the brand starts using its stylish green and silver badge again. It was the same emblem as in 1921, but with the black triangular outline replaced with a silver-gray one. The DKW crest was placed above the silver Auto Union badge, with four silver rings and a horizontal banner with the lettering coming through the middle of the composition.

What is DKW?
DKW is the name of a historical car brand from Germany, which has many interpretations of its name. It can be deciphered in several ways, starting from “SteamPoweredCar” (DampfKraftWagen), and finishing with “TheLittleWonder” (DadKleineWunder). The brand manufactured small cats and motorcycles and ceased all operations in 1966.