DKW Logo


DKW is the name of the German car manufacturing company, which was established in 1916 and became one of the companies, which formed the famous Auto Union in 1932. DKW specializes in the design and production of sedans and motorcycles.

Meaning and history

DKW Logo history

The history of the DKW visual identity can be divided into two parts — the first one, when the company has just been established and had its logo designed, and the second one — when it merged with Auto Union, and their logo was added to the composition. Anyway, the iconic original shape and style of the DKW badge remained the same, only the main color was changed — from black to intense green.

The geometric and sharp shield-like badge of DKW had a thick solid outline, which in the beginning was black, and after the merger became silver. The main part of the emblem featured a sharp triangle pointing down, which also became green with a silver outline. The “DKW” lettering in white was placed on the upper part of the triangle, right under the shield’s top arch.

DKW Logo

The surface of the badge was made glossy in order to make it look three-dimensional and modern. After forming the Auto Union, the DKW logo has been placed above four silver rings, horizontally glued to each other (the today’s Audi emblem) with a silver textured plate, where the wordmark in sans-serif was located.