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Miu Miu is a fashion label created by Prada in 1993. The brand is focused on a younger audience and is also popular for its footwear collections. In 2015 Miu Miu started producing perfume.

Meaning and history

Miu Miu Logo

The brand was created by a legendary Miuccia Prada, whose childhood nickname was MiuMiu.

Being a more “girly” sub-brand or Prada, Miu Miu boasts a remarkable and brave visual identity design. It doesn’t repeat the style of the mother brand and is build on a unique and individual approach, which is even a little provocative for the world’s high-fashion industry.

The Miu Miu logo is text-based, but the typeface of its wordmark is one of a kind.

Bold smooth lines of the lowercase lettering are instantly recognizable due to its’ thickness and rounded angles. The letters “M” and “U” are opened, and “M” looks like two equal overlapping “n”s.

Miu Miu emblem

Despite its condensed and intense font, the wordmark doesn’t look overloaded, because of the white separation lines and enough space between the two parts of the nameplate.

Miu Miu uses a monochrome palette, which turns gold when placed on the brand’s accessories. This elegant color scheme adds elegance and luxury to the brand, making its futuristic and brave logo timeless.

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