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Simple as it is, the rabbit Playboy logo has proved very effective in terms of conveying the magazine’s core values. No wonder it has not actually changed ever since its creation.

Meaning and history

The rabbit with a bow tie was drawn by the magazine’s art director Art Paul. He was said to have created it in as little as 10 minutes. It was published in the second issue of the magazine just as an endnote. At first, Hugh Hefner probably did not understand the true value of this iconic image, but shortly after he started to realize its possible potential and rabbit became the company’s mascot.

Playboy logo

Look for the symbol

Playboy symbol

For many years, there has been a running joke in the Playboy magazine. There is the bunny logo hidden somewhere on the cover, and readers are supposed to find it.

Why was the rabbit emblem chosen?

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Hugh Hefner, the magazine’s founder, mentioned that in the US the bunny in itself has sexual meaning, while the image created by Art Paul emphasized it and added a touch of humor.


Playboy Font

The wordmark features a bold all-cap serif typeface. It is hardly possible to notice any unique features in it.


Color Playboy Logo

The black color communicates such ideas as luxury, professionalism, class. And of course, it definitely has sexual connotations.

playboy bunny logo