Honda logo

Honda logo

The Honda’s logo can be registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most conservative one. Actually, it remained unchanged in the entire history of the company. Although this situation is the result of many different reasons, which were determined not only by the brand’s ideology, the fact is that it is the most stable logo of the XX century.

What font is used on the Honda logo?
The bold and solid Honda logotype is executed in a strong serif typeface with thick lines and strict contours. It is a custom font, which is very similar to Colt Family fonts and Clarendon Bold. The main feature of the lettering is in the massive serifs, which still look elegant and add sharpness to the wordmark.

Meaning and history

Honda logo history

The brand was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946 for building engines for motorized bicycles, as well as complete motorcycles. The independent motor-making company appeared in 1948. In 1962, they started to produce cars. The first automobile, which was a small pick-up truck for commercial purposes, had a Honda’s logo on the hood. The second production car was a sports car with the body style of 2-door roadster.

Soichiro Honda, the brand founder, was a talented engineer. He quit school at 16 and didn’t continue his studies anymore. In spite of the absence of education, he learnt a lot in car workshops. He was about 20 when he managed to open his own auto-repair shop.

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Honda motorcycle logo history

Honda motorcycle logo history


Symbol Honda

It was long considered that in the first twenty years of existence Honda didn’t have any logo. However, even brief overview is enough to detect a stylized letter “H” on all products of the brand. It’s worth to be mentioned that this sign is obviously symbolic, though many people still don’t realize it. Apart from the reference to the first letter of the founder’s surname, the logo signifies cosiness and safety due to its shape of a classical armchair. The first motor bicycles made by Honda were meant to be associated with the comfortable seat (by the way, they were even called “stools”, because they were very comfy for drivers).


Emblem Honda

The Honda’s emblem, in its modern concept, was created rather late, in 1960s. Before that, the logo was introduced as a blurry image on the hood (covering practically the whole its surface).

The great practical knowledge made him not only a professional engineer, but also a famous inventor. It’s Soichiro Honda who was first to create and use a piston ring.

Yet, by the middle of 1960s, due to the development of the car industry and export marketing, the emblem got smaller and took the most traditional place at the top of the radiator grille. Such size changes were made several times and actually represented the most significant transformations of the logo.


Font Honda logo

The stylized design of the capital H had a certain influence on the print. It is distinguished by the absence of decorative details and minimalistic design bordering on austerity. At the same time, chromium coating of the innovated logo’s font makes it quite prestigious and valuable. The line width helps it stand out clearly on the background.

All in all, there is always a text in the logo. As a rule, it is lettering HONDA, which is placed under the graphic element.


Colour Honda logo

The Honda’s logo had different shapes depending on different periods of the company’s development. Nowadays it is a chromium coated symbol which can be seen on the cars, as well as on published and commercial materials. Red colour, which is typically associated with royalty, is the brand colour. It is used for the background and in some cases for the text element going together with the graphic logo.