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USB is the name of the connection type between computers and accessories, which was first introduced in 1996. Today many types and models of the connecting wires and USB-storage systems are being produced by different companies.

Meaning and history

USB logo

The USB logo is one of those, the whole world is familiar with, so there is no need in changing something on a regular basis. It is simple, strict, yet instantly recognizable. Usually executed in black and white, the product sometimes uses blue color for the lettering, which is not even always on the emblem.

The USB visual identity is composed of a laconic and abstract icon, composed of three lines coming out of solid black dot and going up, parallel to each other. Each of the lines has different lengths and one of three geometric figures on its ends — circle, triangle, or square, which are colored black.

This is a symbol of connection and wiring, showing different possibilities of the product and its universality.

When used with a wordmark, the emblem can be enclosed in a circle, with the let-tering in the bottom part, and the graphical part — above it. The USB inscription can be seen in a medium bold sans-serif typeface with a lot of space between the symbols, or in a completely different style — in a bold italicized font, with thick letters placed close to each other, yet not glued.