iOS Logo

iOS Logo
The mobile operating system iOS was designed by Apple with the purpose of using in its own mobile devices. The list of devices where it is currently employed includes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Although iOS is exceptionally popular, it is still used by fewer consumers than Android. Each year Apple updates the operating system.

Meaning and History logo

iOS Logo history

The original name of the operating system was iPhone OS. It was released in 2007 for the iPhone, but was then modified to suit other Apple devices. Currently there are over 2 million iOS applications, which have been downloaded over 125 billion times.
The basic version of the logo features an “iOS” inscription in a clear sans-serif font. All the letters are equal in height. The only color used is black. The following versions played with shading and lightning. The upper parts of the characters used a lighter shade of grey, while the lower parts were of a darker tint of grey.


iOS 6 Symbol
At first glance, the iOS 6 logo, which appeared in 2012, looked very similar to its predecessors. However, in fact there were differences. For one, there was more space between the characters. Also, you could notice a slight modification in the shape of shadowing and lighting. In addition to this, the color became more intense.


iOS 7-10 Emblem
With the release of iOS 7 in 2013 a new logo was introduced. Unlike previous versions, it had a very thin font, which was its distinctive feature. The same insignia can be seen at some parts of iOS 10.
In 2016 iOS 10 was introduced boasting an updated Messages App as well as redesigned Music and Maps apps. The interface featured the bold characters that were first used in iOS 4-6. Beta versions featured the logo that looked almost the same as the 4-6 generations. However, after the model was officially released, everyone could notice the new typeface: the company opted for the San Francisco font instead of Myriad. That wasn’t the first time Apple used this typeface: it also appeared in the iPhone 7 emblem, as well as the Apple Watch and Apple Music insignia.


Font of the iOS Logo
The typeface featured in the iOS emblems slightly varies from one model to another. What all the versions have in common, is the sleek and clean design, as well as the fact that there are no serifs.


Color of the iOS Logo
Almost all the models, irrespectively of the generation, feature shades of black. The iOS 10 version, however, boasts a fresh color scheme, combining blue, green, and yellow.