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Belkin International, Inc. is a US consumer electronics company specializing in connectivity devices. It was established in 1983.

Meaning and history

Belkin Logo history


Belkin Logo 1983

The original Belkin logo features the name of the brand in an all-caps sans. While, at first glance, it may appear totally austere and generic, in fact, this type has a couple of unusual details. If you take a closer look at the emblem at a larger size, you will notice that the “E” and the “L” have slightly unusual ends – they look as if someone by mistake has made them uneven.

Only a single end in each of these letters is unusual, while the other ends are regular, which only reinforces the “mistake” impression. However, in fact, this has been done on purpose to make the design unique and add a touch of unpredictability and innovation.


Belkin Logo

The new identity was developed by Wolff Olins. The word “Belkin” is now given in the all-lowercase glyphs. The letters look softer and more rounded, which is a popular way of conveying the message of being friendly.

The emblem, which has appeared to the left of the wordmark, also supports this message and represents the brand’s desire to manufacture people-inspired products. The emblem features five dots creating a human figure. The dots in the emblem “rhyme” with the dot above the “i” making the two parts of the Belkin logo seamlessly merge together.