AC/DC Logo

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acdc logo
Founded in 1973 in Australia, the AC/DC classic hard rock band has made a bang in the history of rock-and-roll music, both in terms of sound and record sales.

Logo history

ACDC Logo history

The logo was introduced along with the release of the international version of the album “Let There Be Rock” in 1977. That happened thanks to cooperation between Bob Defrin of Atlantic Records VP and Gerard Huerta, a famous graphic designer. The result was a lightning bolt, which is still flashing and thundering around the globe in the hearts of millions of fans.

Shape and colors

colors acdc logo
The AC/DC logo uses a Gothic font style, which the designers derived from Gutenberg’s Bible. Huerta insightfully brought the lettering to complement the biblical mood, which pervaded the “Let There Be Rock” album and, particularly, the title. The logo has been around for nearly 40 years and has firmly integrated into the band’s image and concept. The blunt combination of black and white creates an electrifying chemistry of ardor, energy, courage, and perfection. This is actually what the band’s name stands for: “alternate current/direct current.”