Logitech Logo

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Logitech Logo
Logitech is a Swiss brand of computer accessories manufacturer, established in 1981. The company is one of the world’s leaders in production and design of computer peripherals and software.

Meaning and history

Logitech Logo history

The brand’s name is derived from the French word for software, “logiciel”. Logitech is the biggest peripheral producer in the world and its logo is highly recognizable.
The brand changed its visual identity in 2015, replacing the famous “Eye” by Timothy Wilkinson, with the modern logotype.
The previous versions of the Logitech logo were based on one artwork. They all had a tricolor emblem with an eye as a central element. The new logo is composed of a minimalist wordmark without any graphical elements.
The monochrome color palette of the Logitech logo is elegant and strong, showing the high quality of everything the brand does, including its designs.
Logo Logitech
All the lowercase letters in a modern font, inspired by the famous Futura, looks progressive and futuristic, reflecting the brand’s look on a younger audience.
The unique letter “G” of the logo resembles a smile under the round upper part.
The Logitech logo is simple yet full of passion and confidence. It shows how the brand sees its future, which is very optimistic.