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Vertu is a British brand of high-end mobile phones, which was established in 1998 by Nokia, a famous Finnish company. In 2012 Vertu was sold to private equity group EQT VI. Since 2017, the brand is owned by Baferton, a Cyprus-based Turkish company.

Meaning and history

Vertu logo

Being a luxury brand, Vertu celebrates sophistication and confidence in its logo. Everything in it reflects the high-end segment of the brand.

The monochrome palette is elegant and powerful. The custom typeface with a stretched middle arm of “E” looks classic and modern at the same time. The closest font to the Vertu typeface is Engravers Gothic by ParaType.

Logo Vertu

A famous Vertu “V” icon, resembling of a flying bird, symbolizes the brand’s freedom and confidence. It is a very strong detail, light but masculine. The “V” is an example of timeless recognizable brand signifier.

The Vertu logo fully represents the brand’s values trilogy: craftsmanship, performance and services.