Sony Logo

Sony Logo
The Sony logo went through several amendments to its shape and proportions, yet, on the whole, it has always been what it is now – a simple typographic wordmark without any images.

Meaning and History logo

Sony Logo history

The earliest Sony logo dates back to 1955. It was the first time when the corporation (which was called Totsuko back then) decided to use the Sony brand. The new brand name turned out to be so successful that the company started to call itself Sony Corporation in 1858. The logo featured the name of the company in a transparent, clear italic typeface. The most distinctive characters were “S” and “Y”. Their ends formed two parallel lines.


Symbol Sony
Although the first insignia looked unique, the manufacturer decided to get rid of it, and as soon as in 1957 another logo was introduced. It was very close to the one the company has today: just a simple, traditional wordmark. The author of the logo was the Japanese designer Yasuo Kuroki.
sony pictures logo
Four year later the company updated its insignia, making it more solid. However, the following year the typeface was changed to a clearer, more transparent one.
sony wonder logo
The following updates took place in 1969 and 1973. The alterations were so subtle that they were hardly visible for someone who was not a professional, so the majority of consumers probably did not even notice any changes.

Current emblem

emblem Sony
The latest version of the Sony logo was unveiled in 1973. Although afterwards the company considered changing its logo more than once, it has never actually dared do it. In 1982 an alternative emblem was created, which was supposed to benefit the corporate identity.


Font Sony Logo
The closest typeface is called Clarendon. However the Sony insignia does not just copy it, the characters have been slightly modified.


Color Sony Logo
The simple combination of black and white featured in the Sony logo looks clean, elegant and never goes out of fashion.