Batman Logo

batman logo

Batman is a renowned character of American comic books (DC Comics). It was first mentioned in Detective Comics published in 1939, and now it is one of the most iconic superheroes.

Batman logo history

batman logo history

For the most part, it was a black silhouette of a bat. It has come in a variety of forms with wings changing shape in the most curious ways imaginable. This logo boasts a bright and turbulent past, as it has undergone about 30 modifications since its inception in 1940. The current logo was designed by Cathryn Laver (Calm the Ham). She derived inspiration from various versions, which she came across as she studied the comics. Another source, she confessed, was a YouTube video that presented all stages of the image’s evolution.

Batman symbol

batman symbol

The batman logo stands for Bruce Wayne, the batman, who had a terrible childhood experience of witnessing the murder of his parents. The character swore to take revenge and dedicate his entire life to fighting against criminals. The story depicts Bruce as a person who is completely devastated and broken on the inside. However, every time he faces a disaster, he grows stronger.

The black bat came in to symbolize the eternal battle against Evil, striving for justice, and man’s ability to gain strength and hope in hard times. It depicts our thirst for purity. The batman never resorts to vicious or corrupt methods even in situations that seem to justify them in a way, not even when trapped and cornered. The symbol carries you through hell and high water to the land of hope and light.

Batman vs Superman logo

batman vs superman logo

The Batman logo is also part of the logo that brands “The dawn of Justice”: Batman vs Superman. It symbolizes the two powers joining in a merciless and violent fight against despair, injustice, guile, and depravity.

batman emblem

Old Batman emblem

Old Batman emblem

The Batman emblem introduced in 1940 was bulkier than the versions created after 1995. This interpretation fit its era perfectly, as at the time the superhero didn’t wear the hi-tech armor he can afford today and people recognized him by his cowl and cape.

Batman vs. Superman emblem

batman vs superman emblem

In the 2016 movie “Dawn of Justice,” Warner Brothers made the two superheroes (and their emblems, too) meet and interact with one another. The Superman emblem is smaller, yet appears in a more prominent position, while the Batman logo serves as a background.

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