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Martin Garrix Logo

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Martin Garrix is a scene name of a famous Dutch DJ, Martjin Gerard Garritsen, who became popular in 2014 and today is one of the leading DJs in the world.Martin Garrix Logo

Meaning and history

Martin Garrix Logo history

Being the youngest top DJ in the world, Martin Garrix has one of the strongest visual identities in the music industry.

This monochrome logo is a perfect example of strict and powerful design, which is timeless and stylish.

2014 — 2017

Martin Garrix Logo 2012

The logo was composed of a white wordmark on a black background. The custom typeface of the nameplate features handwritten style of the lettering with sharp distinct lines. The elongated tails of “X” and “A” make the visual identity energetic and dynamic, while the diagonal placement adds style and elegance.

2017 — Today

Martin Garrix logo

In 2017 the logo was redesigned. The monochrome color palette remains, but the style of the lettering is completely different now.

The nameplate is executed in all capital letters with straight and bold Alright Sans Black font. It is built in two floors with a horizontal bar separating “Martin” on the top from “Garrix” on the bottom.

Letter “T” is replaced by the symmetric cross, while the letter “X” repeats the diagonally placed cross shape.

The Martin Garrix logo is instantly recognizable and became synonymous to the electronic music and club lifestyle.

The Emblem

Martin Garrix emblem

The Martin Garrix emblem is widely used on the mobile applications, web-sites and fashion items. It is a bold and stylish brand’s icon, which is composed of two crosses — one for “T”, and one for “X”, which are placed on a black rectangular.

The monochrome laconic emblem is a perfect representation of Martin Garrix character and music style. It is a powerful and modern image, which represents an influential artist.

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