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Hugo Boss AG has come a long way from a small workshop to an international fashion group. The lifestyle company is based in Metzingen, Germany. It currently employs over 13,700 workers.

Meaning and history

Hugo Boss Logo history

The history of Hugo Boss AG started in 1924. Initially it manufactured uniforms for Nazi Party before and during World War II. After the founder of the company, Hugo Boss, passed away in 1948, it switched to manufacturing men’s suits. In 1985 Hugo Boss launched a fragrance line, which proved to be rather successful. The same year the German fashion house went public.

Before 2021

Hugo Boss Logo before 2021
The classic logo consisted of two parts. The first is the big word ‘Boss’ written in all capital letters using an elegant serif font. The second one was ‘Hugo Boss’ written below in thinner sans-serif letters. They were much smaller, and the words were stretched the width of the main wordmark, which left big gaps between the letters. Everything in the logo was dark grey.

2021 – Today

Hugo Boss Logo
In 2021, they only left the second wordmark. The gaps were, consequentially, reduced. It had a similar font to its predecessor, but in many places it was more abrupt and angular. These letters were also much bolder and were completely pitch black.

What products bear symbol?

Basically, the company has 2 core brands, BOSS and HUGO. The BOSS range has three subdivisions, so eventually, there are 4 separate and distinctively positioned product lines with different target audiences:

  • Hugo Boss Black LogoBOSS is comprised of clothes for men (launched in 1970) and women (launched in 2000). It includes the BOSS Black line dedicated to businesswear.
  • Hugo BOSS Orange LogoBOSS Orange consists of hip, creative casualwear for both men and women. In 2010 the BOSS Orange line was rebranded as denim based casual clothes.
  • Hugo BOSS Green logoBOSS Green (originally called Boss Sport) was created for men and women leading an active lifestyle. The line focuses on performance sportswear.
  • HUGO was created for those who prefer unconventional accents and original styles. The line includes clothes for men (since 1993) and women (since the end of the 1990s).


Hugo Boss emblem

Unlike many other fashion logos, the Hugo Boss emblem consists of nothing but the name of the company. An absolutely minimalistic typographical treatment looks elegant and refined.


Colors Hugo Boss Logo

The company’s designers opted for the black-and-white color scheme. Laconic and pure, it symbolizes elegance and excellence.


Font Hugo Boss Logo

The Hugo Boss insignia features a slightly altered Univers font.

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