Roblox Logo

Roblox Logo
The original Roblox logo was designed by the company’s co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. The insignia combining almost 10 colors suggested something fun and creative. That was just the beginning of a series of highly memorable logos!

Meaning and History logo

Roblox Logo history

Several months later David Baszucki’s father-in-law suggested a new logo. It definitely possessed a stronger character and created an image of a powerful engine. This was the first time when the letters had the bold red outline and there was the accent mark above the “O”. The mark was used as a way to show how the name of the company should be pronounced.

2006-2017 symbol

Roblox symbol
By the release of the platform in 2006, another logo was designed. It featured unique “dancing” letters supposed to help the brand with positioning as the Imagination Platform. The company used the same insignia for eight years.
In 2015 the wordmark was slightly modified. The bright shade of red was replaced by a darker one. Although the letters preserved their “dancing” quality, their shape was slightly altered, making the insignia cleaner.

Current emblem

emblem Roblox
The logotype unveiled in January, 2017, is a completely new one. The characteristic tilted “O” creates an optical illusion supposed to symbolize the spirit of playfulness and boundless creativity. The same letter is now used as the Roblox icon. Both the letters “O” reflect the “BLOX” concept.
Also, the wordmark conveys the idea of motion, the idea of moving up. That is because the first letter is positioned a bit lower than the last one, so the line seems to go up.


Font Roblox Logo
The typeface for the Roblox logo has been created from scratch. The most unusual letter is arguably the first “O”, which looks like a tilted box. The second “O” also has a unique shape resembling a box. All the other letters belong to a solid sans-serif type with a slight retro feel.


Color Roblox Logo
The simplistic color scheme, including only red and white, looks bright and vivid.