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The original Roblox logo was designed by the company’s co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. The insignia combining almost 10 colors suggested something fun and creative. That was just the beginning of a series of highly memorable logos!

Why is the Roblox logo grey?
The silver-gray and black icon of Roblox represents the brand as a stable and confident one. The choice of calm and strict colors can be explained by the fact that Roblox is more focused on the quality and variety of its content, rather than on awareness and recognizability.

Meaning and history

Roblox Logo history

The visual identity history of the today-famous online games brand consists of four main chapters, as the company changed its name four times during its existence, and each time a completely different logo was introduced. Though with the name change to ROBLOX in 2004 the redesigns haven’t finished, and there were more than ten different emblems created since then.

What is ROBLOX?
ROBLOX (derivative from “robot” and “blocks”) is an online gaming platform that gives users the ability to design virtual worlds using built-in tools, earn money in them, and play games created by others.

1989 – 2007

Roblox Logo 1989

The iconic online game’s history has started in 1989, with the Interactive Physics project, hence the first logo in ROBLOX history was the badge of the original project, and it stayed active until 2007. That was two-leveled lettering with the bold cursive “Physics” in dark red overlapping the bottom part of the uppercase black characters of the “Interactive”, executed in a fancy and sleek and-serif typeface.

The initial logo was created while the company’s name was Interactive Physics, and featured a light blue rectangle with two wordmarks in different styles and colors. For Windows, the brand used white “Interactive” and yellow “Physics” in a traditional and elegant serif font. The wordmarks were placed in one line without any space between them. For Mac the logo was a bit different: two wordmarks were placed one above another on a blue background, with the “Interactive” lettering in all capitals of a modern sans-serif typeface and “Physics” in red bold cursive.


Roblox Logo 2003

The GoBlocks appeared in 2003 and its logo was composed of a simple and calm inscription with “Go” in green and “Blocks” in dark blue placed close to each other and accompanied by “Alpha” in the lowercase on its right.

In 2003 another logo for the online game was created. This time it was for the project under the name GoBlocks. The badge of its alpha version was set in dark blue and green, with the clean smooth sans-serif type written in a simple and modest sans-serif typeface against a white background. The bold enlarged “GoBlocks” was accompanied by the small lowercase “Alpha”, executed in the same typeface, but using a lighter shade of blue for its lines.

2003 – 2004

Roblox Logo 2003-2004

Later in the same year, the platform was renamed DynaBlocks and its new emblem featured a bold sans-serif inscription where each letter featured one of the following shades: red, green, blue, orange, lime, light blue, and purple. The wordmark was complemented by a solid dot and “Beta” in lightweight sans-serif.


Roblox Logo 2004

The name ROBLOX was introduced in 2004 along with the new logo, which was composed of a strict shadowed sans-serif inscription in the title case with each letter colored in its shade. The logo was light and friendly but only stayed with the company for a few months.

2004 – 2005

Roblox Logo 2004-2005

The new badge was created in 2004 and it was a futuristic and strong design, where the logotype in a custom sans-serif typeface was executed in gradient blue and white and outlines in red. The letter “X” was composed of two arrowheads pointing one against another.

2005 – 2006

Roblox Logo 2005

The letters were switched to the uppercase in 2005, and their contours were refined and softened. The new typeface looked progressive and playful and the color palette, which remained unchanged, evokes a sense of creativity and professionalism.

2006 – 2009

Roblox Logo 2006

The new era of visual identity began for ROBLOX in 2006. The new logo was executed in white and red and looks fresh and edgy, evoking a sense of playfulness and passion. Extra-bold letters of the wordmark were executed in a cartoonish handwritten typeface, outlines in red, and overlapping each other.

2007 – 2010

Roblox Logo 2007

The lines of the logotype were slightly refined and softened in 2007, as well a the color palette — the red of the outline became one shade lighter. This version was used as a secondary one for the next two years.

2010 – 2015

Roblox Logo 2010

The redesign of 2010 emboldened the outline of the emblem and added some dark red gradients to it to make the badge more voluminous and dynamic. The angles of the letters got softened, though it didn’t affect the strength and solidness of the wordmark.

2014 (unused)

In 2014 another version of the logo for ROBLOX was created, though it has never been used. It was also a white and red inscription but with a new typeface, and letters were placed in one straight line, without any jumps and gaps.

2015 – 2017

Roblox Logo 2015

The platform slightly modified its logo version of 2010 in 2015, lightening up the outline and making it thinner again. There was also an additional version of the badge with a “Powering Imagination” tagline in gray sans-serif typeface placed under the main inscription.

2017 – 2018

Roblox Logo 2017

Another version was designed for ROBLOX in 2017. It was a solid red inscription, where both letter “O” was drawn as squares and the first one was placed diagonally, inclined to the right. The “Powering Imagination” tagline was sometimes used under the logo, written in black.

2018 – 2022

Roblox Logo 2018

The previous version of the emblem was simplified and strengthened in 2018, by switching the color palette to monochrome and removing the tagline. The black lettering now looks more confident and serious than ever and the diagonally placed square replacing the first letter “O” in the nameplate makes the strict logotype playful and welcoming.

2022 – Today

Roblox Logo

The redesign of 2022 has changed the main typeface of the massive and brutal ROBLOX lettering, keeping the iconic square “O” untouched. The new font features straighter and cleaner shapes and contours of the characters with distinctive cuts and sharp angles of the bars. The shape of the letters in this typeface is more minimalistic and simple, which elevates the whole look of the logo, making it look more professional and progressive.

The redesign of 2022 has introduced a refreshed and strengthened version of the ROBLOX logo, which is fully based on the previous badge. The bold black uppercase lettering with the “O” stylized as a solid black square set diagonally, was rewritten in a cleaner and more geometric typeface, so now the straight lines of the bars balance the look of the “O” block and make the whole badge look harmonious and powerful. 

When was ROBLOX made?
ROBLOX as a company was established in 2004, but as a gaming platform, it was launched only two years after, in 2006. In the same year ROBLOX Studio was created (this is where the games are being constructed).


Roblox Font


The typeface for the Roblox logo has been created from scratch. The most unusual letter is arguably the first “O”, which looks like a tilted box. The second “O” also has a unique shape resembling a box. All the other letters belong to a solid sans-serif type with a slight retro feel.

Who created ROBLOX?
ROBLOX was created by David Baszuki and Eric Cassel. David Baszuki is also known as Builderman.


Color Roblox Logo
The simplistic color scheme, including only red and white, looks bright and vivid.


The ROBLOX Icon is a perfect graphical representation of a strong and confident label name. There is something powerful and geometric in the sound of the online gaming platform, and its simple bold icon is a brilliant reflection of it.

The ROBLOX icon is a slanted square, standing for the first letter “O” in the logo of the label. Executed whether in red or black, it was a smaller white square in the middle. The inclination to the right and diagonal disposition of the strict square shape icon evokes a sense of playfulness along with progressiveness and motion. The clean straight lines and sharp angles of the icon represent stability and professionalism, while the color palette adds such qualities as power and determination.

The ROBLOX Icon is a vivid example of how minimalism and simplicity can work better than any ornaments and complicated compositions.

Roblox icon 1Roblox icon 2Roblox icon 3Roblox icon 4Roblox icon 5

Why the Roblox logo is GRAY?
Initially, the ROBLOX logo and icon were set in a red and white color palette, and the icon of the platform was hard to distinguish from the YouTube icon. Another reason for changing the color of the visual identity is that the platform’s founders wanted to be less in the face.

Why did Roblox change its logo?
Throughout the years ROBLOX changed its logo more than a dozen times, trying to find that perfect image, which would perfectly represent the purpose and the character of the platform. The final version of the ROBLOX badge looks very powerful and professional, with the clean geometric shapes of the letters making up squares, a shape of a pixel.


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