Emoji Meanings: make sure you use them right

Emoji Meanings

We all use emojis. Bright icons are used today by people of different ages and social groups, they are more and more common in advertising, journalism, and other spheres of activity. Someone uses them in every message, someone even adds bright icons to business correspondence to dilute the official tone. And yet the real meaning of most emoji are not known to everyone. In this article we will tell you about the names and meanings of the most commonly used emoji symbols and the history of their origin.

History of the origins of emoji

Let’s start with what emoji are and how they came to be. Emoji is a set of symbols or pictures that can be used to express emotion when writing. The very first set of emoji was invented in the mid-1990s by the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita. He designed it for the Japanese telephone operator NTT DoCoMo on the first mobile Internet platform i-mode. The set consisted of 176 emoji, each representing a 12×12 pixel image and denoting people, places and objects. according to the author’s idea, this set of symbols was supposed to allow users to convey the full range of emotions.

What does the Blue Heart emoji mean?
Secret desires with a erotic subtext, the Blue Heart is usually used in flirt talk, to represent the horny playful mood.

The real boom in emoji culture happened in the early 2010s, or more precisely in 2011, when Apple added an emoji keyboard to its gadgets. Initially it was intended only for the Japanese market, but when users in other countries started trying to add such a keyboard, Apple decided to make it available for everyone.

Today, Emoji became so popular that some characters, which previously had their own meaning for Japanese, are now understood by everyone in the world. Sometimes, however, the meaning behind this or that picture initially changes, or is perceived completely differently by some users.


Emoji meanings

Emoji are cute and funny bright symbols that many people think only teenagers use. But in fact, there’s deep functionality, history, and a future behind them. Before you add a funny face or a colorful symbol to your correspondence, think about whether your interlocutor will understand you correctly. And the thing is not that you can have different gadgets, but in the different understanding of the same emoji. Below we have collected for you the names and meanings of the most popular emoji.

What do Snapchat emojis mean?
In general, the meaning of emoji in Snapchat is exactly the same as the meaning of similar icons in other messengers. However, in this app, emoticons are also placed next to your friends’ names to indicate how often you communicate with them or what kind of relationship you have with them.

Emoticon Faces

There are hundreds of different emoji available to us to suit any context, but the most popular emoticons are still yellow faces with different facial expressions. For example, in 2015, a laughing emoji with tears in its eyes 😂 became the “word of the year” according to Oxford Dictionaries.

Today, users can pick a huge number of emoji to suit any situation. Whether the text message is cheerful, sad, sarcastic — the faces will easily convey the emotion. Sadness, fatigue, irritation, pleasure, happiness, laughter, and many more, — all this can be read on our face, and therefore easily transferred to emoji and hyperbolized to make the meaning of the message obvious.

We do not always manage to correctly guess the emotions on the faces of living people, what to say about the physiognomy of emoticons. There are emoticons, the meaning of which is obvious, but there are also those whose meaning can be interpreted ambiguously. Below we will describe all emoji from this category.

😀Grinning faceFaces with open mouths, more often used to express close to laughter. It all depends on which one you like best, such emoticons are rarely used for a snide smile.
😃Grinning face with big eyesA smiley face emoticon represents a happy smiling face; it is one of the most commonly used emoticons to show joy and excitement. In some cases, you can use smiley-face emoticons as a greeting symbol or even use it to brighten your text if you’re speaking in a serious tone.
😄Grinning face with big smiling eyesSmiling eyes here mean real happiness. It is a smiling face that is excited or genuinely happy about something. So you can use this smiley face to show your sincere excitement or happiness or to express your laughter.
😁Grinning face with smiling eyesA happy face is a face with a wide smile, full cheeks, and round eyes. You can send this to anyone when you want to show your happiness.
😆Grinning squinting faceA cheerful laughing face with open mouth and closed eyes. Use this smiley face to show your cheerful state. In some cases you can use it as a subtle way to show sarcasm.
😅Grinning sweating faceThis sweating emoji with its mouth wide open and a drop of sweat on its forehead means embarrassment or awkwardness or, a smile to avoid embarrassment. Some people also use it when they are unsure about something.
🤣ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)Tilted laughing smiley face with tears in his eyes is used in the funniest situations, where you just roll on the floor, laughing out loud.
😂LOL (Laughing Out Loud)This face with tears of joy is often used to express extreme amusement or laughter. Almost the same as the above emoji.
🙂Slightly Smiling FaceIt’s a very delicately smiling emoji, with a slight smile that indicates either politeness or that you’re not too interested.
🙃Upside-down faceThis emoticon is usually used as a symbol of stupidity and goofiness. When someone says silly things in a chat, you can use this emoticon.
😉Winking faceBy adding this smiley face to your message, you show your interlocutor that the text is not serious and should not be taken seriously. This smiley face is often used when flirting.
😊Smiling face with smiling eyesIt’s a real happy smile on your face that can be used as a simple sincere expression of emotion.
😇Smiling face with haloThis smiley face is best used to express cute and innocent behavior. You can use it with humor to portray bad intentions or sarcastic behavior.
🥰Smiling face with heartsThis cute emoji means affection, adoration, and sometimes gratitude. Usually when something is sent to you or a question is answered, you can safely throw this emoji saying thank you very much.
😍Heart-eyes smiling faceThis smiling face with heart eyes is used to show your love and gratitude. It can also be used as a romantic smiley face when someone makes you feel loved and special.
🤩Star-struck faceThe wide smile and stars in your eyes indicate admiration. You can use this emoji when you feel in awe when you see something or someone really beautiful or amazing.
😘Blowing a kiss faceTo express your love, gratitude, admiration, attraction, and support, you can send this emoticon.
😗Kissing faceThese emoticons can be used both as a thank you and as a more formal, understated kiss.
😊Shy smiling faceA cute smile is probably the most popular emoticon that just means positive, but can also be used in critical sentences as a snide smile or when you sarcasm.
😚Kissing face with closed eyesDespite the name, which clearly encodes a kiss, this emoji many people associate with a whistling person, especially if there is a note symbol next to it.
😙Kissing face with smiling eyesRomance is a must. These emoticons can also be used for the same thank you
😋Delicious!Means yummy or expecting something tasty. Some also use it to hint at food.
😛Smile with a tongueIf from the plain text you can’t understand that you’re joking. So it’s a good idea to add this smiley face at the end of the text so that you can avoid fights later.
😜Winking face with tongueIt can be used to express some craziness or playfulness.
🤪Zany faceHeard something stupid? React with this silly funny emoji.
😝Squinting face with tongueStands for humor that can be used in a response or when you write to someone. Playfulness, and in some cases can be perceived as flirting.
🤑Money-mouth faceThis is not a very common emoticon. It shows money in the language, and you can use it in any conversation related to money, such as when someone tells you that they have invested in the stock market.
🤗Hugging emojiA symbol that shows the benevolence of the interlocutor and his desire or willingness to enclose the person in an embrace.
🤭Hand over mouth emojiShows shock, surprise, or sudden realization of something. A typical gesture of admitting that the other person is not telling the truth. Just feels that there is something wrong here.
🤫Shushing facePssst! – Is to silence others. Or someone trusts you with a secret that you can’t tell. Also, this emoji is a good way to show the person you’re talking to that you should shut up.
🤔Thinking faceThinker’s pose: Pensive face with characteristic hand on chin. Calculating or thinking of a brilliant idea.
🤐Zipper-mouth faceThis emoji is used in two different scenarios: one when you want to say, “I’m buttoned up and won’t share your secret,” and another when you don’t want to say anything else.
🤨Raised eyebrow faceUse it when you don’t trust the interlocutor, to express caution or mistrust. This emoji can convey a lot to the interlocutor.
😐️Neutral facePokerface: an expressionless face with a neutral look. Unimpressed, uncomfortable or indifferent.
😑No expression faceIt is an inexpressive face that is often used to express irritation and anger. You can use it when you don’t want to say anything due to irritation or when you just want to end a conversation.
😶Face without a mouthThis emoji is supposed to represent silence. A mouthless emoji advocates silence. Someone can’t or won’t say anything about a particular topic. Used in difficult, awkward or bad conversations.
😏Smirking faceA smugly smiling face. A sign of irony, cold-bloodedness, or playfulness. Sometimes found in connection with flirting.
😒Unamused faceIt’s just an unfun and disappointed face used to express disappointment.
🙄Rolled-eyes faceA face with rolled eyes is often used to show irritation or distrust.
😬Grimacing faceAn expression of nervousness, helplessness, or shyness. Shy and guilty smile: Someone has done something stupid and is trying to defuse the situation with this smile.
🤥Lying faceA liar. His nose grows like Pinocchio’s every time he lies.
😌Relieved faceCalmness, calmness. When there is a serious discussion, feel free to throw a smiley face that shows your serenity.
😔Pensive faceThis is a pensive face with closed eyes and a bit of a frown. You can use this emoticon to show and express your sorrow, apology, or sadness.
😪Sleepy faceA drop in the nose may indicate crying or a runny nose, but in Japanese manga this is actually a way of referring to sleepy people.
🤤Drooling faceA drooling face with drool from the corner of your mouth. A sign of desire for a certain person, a delicious meal, a new car, or anticipation of an event. An expression of extreme interest and desire.
😴Sleeping faceGood night and sweet dreams! This emoji has a comic book or cartoon above his head for sleeping characters. Emoji is tired, wants to go to bed, or just falls asleep from boredom.
😷Medical mask faceThe mask is for protection. Either to protect yourself or others from infection. Someone is in the hospital, has to go to the doctor, or is sick. Wearing masks is common in Asia. One of the most popular emoji of recent years, thanks to COVID-19.
🤒Face with thermometerA sad face with a thermometer in the mouth indicates illness. Maybe your companion has caught the flu or some other ailment that comes along with a fever. There may also be a fear of getting sick soon.
🤕Face with a head bandageA sad looking face with a bandage on the head: someone is sick, has had an accident, or is in the hospital. The bandage symbolizes health problems.
🤢Nauseated faceFace feeling disgusted. Emoji is already green, he is sick, and it looks like it could be vomiting. May express disgust, dislike and squeamishness or show personal pain.
🤮Vomiting faceIt makes me sick. Or if you want to show that you had a little too much to drink last night. With a vomiting smiley face you can express your negative assessment of what’s going on.
🤧Sneezing faceSneezing face with eyes closed, using a handkerchief. I have a cold! Indicates that someone is sick or not feeling well.
🥵Hot faceI’m so hot, I’m going to get heat stroke! My head is bright red, my tongue is hanging out of my mouth, and drops of sweat are standing on my forehead.
🥶Cold faceI’m freezing! It’s insanely cold here, that you could die of frostbite. The smile is already frozen. Already completely blue in the face from the cold: an agonizing expression on my face.
🥴Tipsy faceEyes half open, half closed, mouth skewed, cheeks flushed. This emoji shows a confused expression: it could be tiredness or a confused emotional world. Also known as a drunken face.
😵Shocked faceMy head is spinning! This cross-eyed, open-mouth emoji is completely stunned. He doesn’t understand if the world has turned upside down. But it also symbolizes strong emotions or feelings of being strongly drunk.
🤯Exploding headI can’t believe it! Something very exciting or amazing is happening. The explosive head can also be used to express shock (not always a bad one) or fear.
🤠Cowboy hat faceTypical American smiley face with a cowboy hat from the wild west. Represents freedom, nature and hard work.
🥳Celebrating faceThere is much to celebrate! No matter what joyous event lies ahead, it is celebrated accordingly. It can also symbolize a carnival or a costume party. Or just congratulations.
😎Sunglasses smiling faceSometimes this emoji is used when someone is very happy with the work done or wants to show off.
🤓Nerd faceTo denote a clever person in both a positive and negative sense: someone who is too clever; or to praise someone for his cleverness.
🧐Face with a monocleThis smiley face is usually added to posts when the topic is serious and requires deep and careful study.
😕Confused faceYou can use this smiley face to show that you are confused, unhappy, and puzzled about something and can’t come to any conclusion.
😧Worried faceA worried face because of a difficult situation or an important event. Feels anxious, insecure, and uncomfortable.
🙁Slightly frowning faceI’m a little annoyed by what you’re saying…. A frown on the forehead may signal denial or anger. But maybe the person is surprised or excited.
☹️Frowning faceThis is the perfect emoticon to describe mixed feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, and disappointment. You can send this to someone you disagree with for showing your disagreement.
😮Face with an open mouthWow, I’m impressed! The stunned emoji is surprised and shocked. Is a positive or negative surprise: from mild amazement to total suppression.
😯Hushed faceMy goodness! There are not enough words on my unpleasantly surprised face because of the shocking things that are happening. In response to bad behavior or a rude message. Nothing can be added to what has been said.
😲Surprised faceIt’s so incredible – I didn’t even know! Surprised face with wide open mouth and eyes: Stunned by the surprise, in deep shock, when you can’t believe your eyes. I can’t believe what happened here!
😳Flushing faceHe is in shock, in an unpleasant situation or has made a decisive mistake. It also shows shame – something he doesn’t like. It can also be a reaction to a compliment or a message that you don’t want to receive from that particular person.
🥺Pleading faceThere are big shiny puppy dog eyes on his muzzle, begging, pleading with his owner. You use this smiley face when you need to ask for or borrow something. It could be money, a book, a favor, or just attention and approval.
😦Frowning face with open mouthI can’t believe you did that! Shows shock, indignation, fear, and disbelief. As a reaction to a negative surprise. Someone caught you and now feels very uncomfortable.
😧Suffering faceThe face is in a state of endurance to endure suffering. Use this smiley face to show a state of endurance in unpleasant situations or in difficult circumstances.
😨Fearful faceThe frightened face full of fear is completely stunned. The smiley face seems deeply shocked and surprised by a questionable event or intense experience.
😰Anxious sweating faceNo way! I’m shocked, can’t believe it! Anxious face with a cold sweat on his forehead. Worried. Mouth open, but speechless. Sweating due to stress or mental stress.
😥Sad relieved faceRelieved emoji shows that something bad or complicated is over, but he is also disappointed or upset. Experienced a stressful situation with an unfortunate outcome, such as. an exam. One got out of a difficult or delicate situation, but not without bumps and bruises.
😢Crying faceThe face has lowered eyebrows, with a drop of tears dripping from the right eye. This smiley face represents a sad state due to pain or past events that bring back painful memories.
😭Crying loudly faceThis emoji represents a person sobbing in two streams, but in the version for Apple devices because of the raised eyebrows and the mouth not skewed from sobbing, it is often perceived as laughing until tears. Be careful with it: if you want to use it to indicate grief, you will be misunderstood.
😱Screaming faceA fearful screaming face with two hands. Frozen in fear or receiving shocking news. Creepy emoji can also be used ironically or as a symbol of Halloween. Or a creepy shock.
😖Confounded faceHow could this happen? He’s not happy, shaking with anger and helplessness. Or he’s very excited: The last straw is coming soon!
😩Weary faceThe helpless emoji agonizes and suffers. After a hard day, he’s ready to throw in the towel. But he has to overcome this situation and just get through this period of his life.
😫Tired faceThe emoji with his narrowed eyes and open mouth is tired. Because of too little sleep, because of what is going on around him from a person or situation. Very exhausted and broken. All he needs now is peace.
😤Steam from nose faceThis face lets out a smoky cloud from his nose in triumph. When you have triumphed over a problem or person or feel superiority and pride, this smiley face best reflects your feelings. However, it is used by many as a symbol of dissatisfaction or even anger.
😡Pouting faceA pouting face expresses dissatisfaction with a person or situation. Beware, danger of explosion! Irritated, already angry and already has a bright red head. When you use the red-faced version, it shows that you are uncontrollably angry and about to explode with anger.
😠Angry faceThe face has pouted lips and frowning eyebrows, indicating that it is upset or angry. This smiley face is used to express anger or reaction to unpleasant news or events.
🤬Swearing faceSymbols that cover your mouth show that the person is using foul words, the F-word, and other unfair words. This smiley face shows that you are upset and you can’t help but use foul words.
😈Smiling demonA devilishly smiling emoji with small devil horns. Maybe there is a desire to cause trouble, unexpected evil, or he is just planning some nasty thing.
👿Angry demonThe goblin frowns, looks gloomy, and doesn’t like to joke. He should be treated with caution! He does mischievous things or makes impertinent remarks, and he is also characterized by treachery.
👼 AngelBaby angle is usually used in the messages about newborn babies. Use them to congratulate parents, or to wish someone a blessing.
😳 BlushingThis blushing emoji will perfectly suit an expression of sock or strong surprise. Or probably you saw or heard something you were not supposed to? Then this will be a proper choice too.
🤠 CowboyThis widely-smiling cowboy emoji usually stands for the real “Wild West” style. However, it also represents a confident guy, the one who loves to be in the center of attention.
🫠Melting FaceOne of the most popular recent emojis, the melting face, is mostly used during the hot summer days. But it also reflects the state of “wanting to avoid”.
🥱YawningDo you feel sleepy or just extremely bored? Then this yawning emoji will perfectly depict your mood. Just be careful not to offend your interlocutor.
😵VertigoThis funny emoticon is called Vertigo, even though it is mainly used to express shock or a huge surprise. You choose.

Flora and Fauna Emojis

Today, smartphone users have access to a total of about three and a half thousand emoji, and their selection is constantly expanding. However, some researchers believe that the current emoji catalog does not sufficiently reflect the full scale of our planet’s biodiversity: animals, in particular vertebrates, are well represented, while plants, fungi and microorganisms are extremely poorly represented.

Italian researchers noted that the diversity of emoji with animals is gradually increasing. In 2015, 45 images were available to users, in 2019 – 78, and in 2022 – already 92.

Today in this category we will find a variety of animals, plants and natural phenomena that can decorate any message. Is your friend late for a meeting? Send him a picture of a turtle or a snail! No time to write a grocery store shopping list? Replace fruits and vegetables with emoticons.

😺Grinning catA set of cat emoticons for those who think the usual koloboks are not expressive enough and want to add hilarity to their emotions. A smiling cat face is an expression of joy and happiness, which is often used by cat lovers. A cat as an animal can also express femininity.
😸Grinning cat with smiling eyesThe cat’s face is in a wonderful mood. Her eyes are smiling, and she has a wide grin on her face. You can communicate with her very well.
😹Laughing cat with tears of joyEmoji cat with narrowed eyes and open mouth. Can barely stand and hold back laughter. Something unusually funny or silly has happened that makes her smile with relief and tears of joy can be seen in her eyes.
😻Smiling cat with heart-eyesJoyfully laughing cat face with hearts instead of eyes. In love or very grateful for friendship. Loves something very much and so expresses her admiration.
😼Cat with wry smileThe cat is showing sarcasm, or just having fun at your expense. Maybe she’s in a flirtatious mood. But it’s worth exercising caution here.
😽Kissing catA cat with flushed cheeks and closed eyes. Leaned her lips in and wanted to kiss you. Cats have a reputation for being very picky and tend to be very reticent to show affection to selective people.
🙀Tired catThe emoji with the cat with its paws pressed against its muzzle with its mouth open is considered a manifestation of fear, but in fact, this is how the authors of this image see fatigue.
😿Crying catThe cat’s face with drooping eyebrows and lowered corners of her mouth. She is sad, a tear running down her cheek. Got some bad news. But also an expression of empathy and sympathy.
😾Pouting catThe pouty face of an angry cat. The corner of her mouth and whiskers point downward. She is in a bad mood, upset or turned away with anger. Also known as the Grumpy cat, the angry cat who has become an Internet phenomenon.
🙈See-no-evil monkeyEven though the three wise monkeys saw, heard, and spoke nothing precisely because of their wisdom, these muzzles cover their eyes, mouth, and ears with shame, confusion, and shock.
🙉Hear-no-evil monkeyA monkey who has not heard anything. Symbolizes the embarrassment of hearing.
🙊Speak-no-evil monkeyThe monkey, who had nothing to say, was speechless at what was happening.
🦏 RhinoThis animal emoji can be used in its direct meaning, or as a symbol of stubbornness and perseverance. However, it can also mean romantic excitement.
🐍SnakeA beautiful but dangerous snake usually signifies a sneaky person, but can also be used in its direct animalistic meaning.
🐰BunnyOne of the cutest emojis ever, the Bunny face, stands for something or someone very cute and sweet. You can’t spoil a message with it, as it has no negative connotations.
🦋 ButterflyA symbol of beauty and elegance, this blue butterfly is able to decorate any message, connected to femininity and tenderness. Also, a butterfly symbolized evolution.
🥦BroccoliObviously, broccoli is broccoli, but not only that! By many people today this emoji is used as a replacement for the non-existent Weed Emoji. So be careful when asking your significant one to go to the grocery.
🌿TwigAnd again, people struggle with not having an official Weed emoji and find replacements in the Unicode set. The Twig emoticon is one of them. Or just a symbol of spring and bloom.
ShamrockThe most famous Irish symbol is often used in the messages and texts connected to St. Patrick’s Day. But can also stand for smoking…guess what?
🍀Four-leaf CloverThe Four-Leaf Clocer is a commonly known symbol of Good Luck, so you can freely add it to any friendly messages or congratulations. Though, it should be noted, that this pretty emoji is also often used to represent weed.
🍃 Leaves in the WindWindy weather, green leaves — the first associations with autumn, aren’t they? You can use this emoji to describe weather. However, it can also replace the weed emoticon.
🍒 CherriesIf you think it’s just a cute emoji depicting berries, you are very very wrong! Lately, this emoji is most often used in the messages where it can stand for lips, boobs or buttocks.
🌰 ChestnutChestnut is known to symbolize autumn or spring mood and vibes, so you can use it in messages about these seasons. But be careful, as in some communities chestnut emoji may stand for buttocks or even testicles.
🍆 EggplantOf course, the number one meaning of this emoji is a vegetable. Eggplants are widely used in Greek and Arabic cuisines. But here we again face the double meanings, as on the modern emoji slang this image stands for penis.
🌵 CactusAnd again, not everything is too obvious! Yes, cactus can be used in direct meaning, or when you want to say someone is being too “spiky”. But also, this emoji signifies…middle finger.
🍈 MelonThis melon emoji can most often be seen in the messages about foods and summer. Although, there is also an option for another way of using it: when you mean something tough on the outside and tender inside.
🍎 AppleAn apple a day keeps the doctor away. This red apple alibi can easily be added to messages, connected with well-being, healthy way of style, or a vegetarian meal.
🌷 TulipThis flower is a symbol of spring, so add it to decorate your messages about the warm months. Or maybe you want to give someone you like a flower? Then put a tulip emoji at the end of the text.
🍐 PearNot only a sweet fruit, but also a delicate sign you can let others know you are single! Add this image to your social media profile and get date invites in you DM.
🌽 Corn CobOne of the most famous ingredient of Mexican cuisine, this Corn Cob and its emoji was also adapted for erotica, so be careful.
🍑 PeachThis juicy peach fruit emoji is the second-famous (after the eggplant) image to be used in flirting messages. This emoticon stands for buttocks.
🌶 PepperThis red hot chilly pepper will add a touch of spice to your message. You can use it both for flirting or for inviting someone to dinner.
🥕 CarrotA source of carotene, this super beneficial vegetable, can be seen in messages connected to health or dieting. Also can add it to your Easter-themed posts, as we all know what bunnies love most.
🍌 BananaCraving for banana smoothie? Don’t get trapped with this emoji, as lately is has become a popular replacement for the Eggplant.
🥑AvocadoAvocado is one of the main and most “trendy” fruits of this decade. But besides its health benefits, this emoji has another meaning. Today, the avocado emoticon is also a synonym for something basic, or even banal.
🍊TangerineThe beautiful citrus fruit is always associated with freshness, sweetness and summer. Send this emoticon in messages about vacation plans, or to cheer up a friend by adding a fruity sweetness.
🍋LemonLemons are not only a perfect source of Vitamin C and a very beneficial citrus fruit. In modern communication it also replaces the word “sour”, which can characterize whether a person, a mood or a situation.
🍉WatermelonOne of the main symbols of summer season, a Watermelon fruit, lately has also became an icon, used by the people from all over the globe in support for Palestine. Anyway, no negative connotations here.
🍇GrapesSweet and juicy grapes can be used in food and cooking contexts, to replace the “wine” in a message, or just to add brightness to your text. However, some people use it in sexting for “testicles”, so be aware.
🍓StrawberryStrawberry is not just one of the most popular and sweet berries, but is also a very romantic image, which is often used in flirting and even sexting. Who hasn’t seen movies with strawberry and whipped cream scenes?
🫐BlueberryNowadays, you can often see a blueberry emoji kept someone’s nickname, or in a user’s profile. And usually it means, that this someone is single, and looking for new relationships, or ready to flirt.
🥭MangoMango is a sweet tropical fruit, which is on the first place associated with exotic cocktails on a beach. You can use this emoticon in messages about holidays, summer and island vibes.
🍍PineappleIf you find yourself in Complicated relationships and want to let the world know about it, just place this Pineapple emoji in your social media profile. Although, this emoji also suits for holiday contexts, just like the Mango one.
🥥CoconutCoconut, it’s oil, milk and water are essential ingredients of a healthy lifestyle, so freely use it in this context. However, in some circles, this emoji might also mean flirting and playfulness.
🥝KiwiThis super beneficial and rich in iron fruit can be used in food-related contexts, as well as represent the New Zealand population, or even a kiwi-bird. You choose!
🍅TomatoTomato sauce, Italian cuisine, Greek salad. We all love dishes with tomatoes added. But you can also use this bright red emoji in romantic messages, as the frenchies (who know everything about flirt and romance) call it “an apple of love”.
🫛Green PeasThis freshly green emoticon hasn’t gotten any alternative meanings yet, so you can freely use it in its direct purpose — a food ingredient, which brilliantly works for any family or friendly dinner table.
🥬Leafy GreenLettuce, Ruccola, Romano, Bok Choy…You can use this Leafy green emojis to depict any of the leafy green plants, which are super healthy and beneficial. No underwater rocks. Yet.
🥒CucumberSurprisingly, this green veggie has no sexual connotations. Probably, because in the Unicode image it is cut into slices. However, in the Internet slang it means something or someone very stupid. So be careful with the salad “to buy” list.
🌶️Chili PepperChili pepper is not only one of the main ingredients in Mexican cuisine, but also a depiction of spicy hot content, or a risky situation. Anyway, this emoji is quite obvious in all of its meanings.
🫑Bell PepperThis emoji is not one of the most popular to meet online, as it means nothing but this vegetable. Due to its rounded shape and deep green color, not many other objects it resembles of.
🫒OliveAnother emoji, which is quite rare to see today. Usually the Olive emoji can be met in recipient of healthy dishes and cocktails. Also, as this Berry (and it is a Berry!) has a very specific color, so this emoji can be used in texts connected to color palette.
🧄GarlicFor all the fans of movies about vampires this emoticon has its own meaning. Although, it can also be a symbol of a bad smell. And of course, freely use the garlic emoticon when speaking of cooking. King of herbs!
🧅OnionThe Onion Emoji is most often used to represent the vegetable itself, which is an essential ingredient for most dishes. However, it also has an allegorical meaning — something or someone who has many layers.
🥔PotatoApart from its direct meaning as a vegetable, this emoticon can also be used in a not very cute context, as for many Internet users the Potato emoji means someone or something silly or primitive.
🍠Sweet PotatoFor all adapts of healthy living, this sweet vegetable is one of the main ingredients for winter dishes. Whether it’s a puree, a soup, or healthy chips. As far as we know, the Sweet Potato emoji doesn’t have any alternative meanings.
🫚GingerGinger is a root used in many cuisines, which adds spice to anything. Also, it is often used for teas we drink when catch cold, so in this context it also work. And let’s not forget about the ginger hair color!
🥜PeanutPeanut butter and jam sandwiches — one of the most favorite American snack recipes. But this realistic emoticon nowadays is more often used in sexting, and usually means ejaculation. Sorry, foodies.
🫘BeansNumber one: food. An essential ingredient for many cuisines. Number two: small amount of money, or coins. Number three: secrets. Three completely different meanings, which makes this emoji truly interesting.
FlowerA flower can never mean anything bad. Use this emoticon to brighten up your messages and to please someone you care about.
🌹RoseThe most elegant flower is of course a rose. This is a symbol of beauty, grace, and love. Send it to your loved ones or to someone you care about.
🌺HibiscusIn the world of flowers, hibiscus is known as a symbol of feminine beauty, strength and passion. So use it to express your romantic feelings.
🌸Cherry BlossomThese beautiful and delicate flowers are considered the embodiment of human life, the embodiment of the beauty of Japanese women and the national symbol of Japan.
🕊️DoveDove is a symbol of peace and love. This emoji is often used in a combination with romantic images and hearts.
🦢SwanAnother beautiful specie, a swan, can be used in the messages about love and sympathy, or as a depiction of loyalty and friendship.
🦄UnicornThe most popular magical creature, the Unicorn, can signify wonders, but is also often used as a symbol of LGBT pride.
🐸FrogThis smiling green frog emoji is often used to replace a simple yellow smiley. It’s a super friendly image, which is also associated with a famous Internet meme. Although, some can take it as an offense, so make sure your interlocutor understands you right.
🦇BatCan’t say it one of the cutest and most huggable animals in the Unicode collection. The most attention the Bat emoji gets in autumn, when people are getting ready to celebrate Halloween.
🌴Palm TreeThe Palm Tree emoji is a perfect image to add to your message or post telling of your beach holiday, or just about traveling or relaxing summer vibes. Nothing bad can come to mind when seeing this emoticon.
🏝️Palm Tree on IslandThis Palm Tree on an Island emoji bears exactly the same meaning and the one above, just looks more picturesque and has more details in it, which bring you closer to exotic vacations and blue waters.
🐐GoatOf course, you are not prohibited to use this emoji in its direct meaning, an animal, and the milk and cheese it gives is. However, today it is more about the GOAT abbreviation, which means The Greatest Of All Time. Use it to praise or support someone.
🐻BearThis cute bear face you can use instead of a teddy bear toy, along with its little brother, the 🧸 . In some cultures bear is also a symbol of strength, power and determination.
🦃TurkeyJust like the bat emoji is a symbol of Halloween, the Turkey emoji is a symbol of Thanksgiving. The bird has been an inevitable part of this holiday’s celebrations for centuries, so no surprises here.
🐦BirdThis is the most universal bird emoji from the Unicode set, which can symbolized any bird specie, as well as can be a representation of freedom, lightness and freshness. This particular emoji can also be used as the Twitter symbol.
🦅EagleThe Eagle emoji means nothing but the bird itself, and the associations it evokes. We mean courage, determination, and a very good vision, of course. The king of all the birds, the flying lion.
🪿GooseDespite the fact, that on this emoji the Goose looks very cute and friendly, nowadays this emoticon is most often used in social media and messages as a synonym to someone of something funny and silly.
🦆DuckIt’s not this beautiful bird’s fault, that its name rhymes to the F-word. This is why we usually meet the Duck emoji when it replaces the insult in texts. And historically, a Duck has always been a symbol of fertility.
🦩FlamingoIn the beginning of the 2020s the internet has been flooded with pictures of flamingo-shaped inflatable laps. So now this emoticon is primarily associated with summer vacations and lounging by the pool.
🦜ParrotThe parrot emoji today is used in social media comments and messages when speaking of a person, who repeats after someone else. So it’s quite far from a compliment. However, this colorful bird is also a symbol of friendship and fun time together.
🦚PeacockOne of the most beautiful creatures in the world, a peacock, is a true symbol of elegance, finesse and gracefulness. This emoji is usually used in its positive meaning, but sometimes it can stand for a person, who loves himself too much.
🦤DodoAnother injustice in our bird list. The Dodo emoji in the modern Internet culture means someone stupid, while this amazing bird in real life is a symbol of environment protection and caring of our planet.

Prepared Food Emojis

The use of emoji has given us the ability to convey our emotions and impressions to our interlocutor through electronic correspondence. And we can also replace words and even whole sentences with emoji. One of such emoji category is Prepared Food Emojis. This is undoubtedly the most delicious and enjoyable section, hiding just food and full-fledged appetizing dishes like tacos or spaghetti.

Today, some restaurants around the world even offer special menus made up solely of emoji. Japanese food emoji make up the bulk of this category, and for many they remain the most mysterious, and require additional explanation. Since emoji originated in Japan, you will find many emoji related to Japanese culture. And since food is an integral part of the culture, you can find many emoji related to the national Japanese cuisine. Below we have prepared a detailed transcription of each emoji from Prepared Food Emojis for you.

🍭 LollipopThis colorful candy would seem very childish, if not the “secret” meaning, in which it is lately being used.
🌭 Hot DogHungry for a snack? Well, be careful in sending this emoji to a friend, as it also has its “erotic” meaning.
🍕PizzaMore than just a savory treat, this emoji embodies shared joy and the simple pleasure of indulgence. Whether it’s a casual hangout or a celebration, it symbolizes bonding over good food and creating cherished memories together.
🍪CookieA sweet cookie can mean nothing bad. It’s whether a depiction of desert, or a compliment to someone you really like and find attractive.
🥯BagelOne of the European and American favorites for a hearty breakfast. Use this emoji to invite someone for a morning cup of tea, or just to color any message, telling about food and snacks.
🥖BaguetteApart being one of the symbols of everything French, and one of the tastiest breads in the world, the Baguette emoji is also a very common emoticon for sexting, and we believe you understand why.
🍞White breadHistorically, not a single meal could be imagined without a bread. This emoji stands for bread in general, but also symbolized stability and wealth. Anyways, nothing negative can be imagined when seeing the White Bread emoticon.
🥐CroissantThe Croissant Emoji has no alternative meanings. This pastry is a delicious treat and one of the symbols of France, just like a baguette, but due to its moon shape, the Croissant emoji means just what it depicts.
🥨PretzelPretzel is a famous German pastry, so in the first place, this emoji is associated with the country of its origin. However, unlike the Croissant Emoji, the Pretzel one can also stand for a tricky or twisted situation.
🧀CheeseCheese and wine — a perfect pairing. So this emoji will look good in a message with a romantic dinner invitation. However, you can also often meet in in cheesy messages, or replacing the “Cheese” in all the possible slang variations.
🍳Fried EggWe call it the Fried Egg, but the Unicode calls it Cooking, so you can use it one way or another, as this emoticon doesn’t have any negative connotations of alternative meanings. Looks very realistic, by the way.
🧈ButterApart from its culinary meaning, the Butter Emoji can also stand for someone too soft, a person, who will never argue and will accept any compromise. It’s up to you, whether you think it is a praise or an offense.
🥞PancakesAnother tasty emoji, which just can’t have any negative meaning! Sweet pancakes are the world’s favorite breakfast and the kids’ favorite treat. Use it to sweeten up any message or post. Or in its direct meaning.
🧇WafflesAnd again, no surprises. The Waffles emoji means nothing else but the sweet and crispy waffles, which are loved by kids and adults from all over the globe. Bon appetit!
🥓BaconAnother yummy food, which is a part of many international cuisines. If you put it next to the Cooking Emoji, that will make the perfect breakfast depiction. Or maybe you want to cook a Carbonara pasta for dinner? Also suits!
🥩Raw SteakThis emoji is commonly used to represent any type of meat, when you make up the to-buy-list, or a juicy steak, when you speak of cooking or inviting a friend to a steakhouse. No alternative meanings for this emoticon found.
🍗Chicken LegAnd again, food is food. However, this chicken leg emoji can stand for different types of poultry: turkey, quail or a duck confit. It’s up to you what to cook for your dinner tonight.
🍖Meat on a BoneRemember the Flintstones? We do, and this is our first association when we look at this emoji. However, it can actually stand for any type of meat in a context of cooking or dining. No hidden stones here.
🍿PopcornThis sweet or salty treat is most commonly associated with the cinema, so you can easily add it to a message, inviting your friend to a movie theater, or when you want to spend a night at home watching tv-shows.
🍔HamburgerA symbol of the American fast-food culture, the Hamburguer and its emoji mean nothing but what you see on the image. Use it when you plan to go out to a fast-food restaurant, or order a home delivery.
🍟French FriesSame as the emoji above, the French fries emoticon stands for what it is and has no alternative meanings. Crispy and salty, the fries, make a perfect pairing to a hamburger or a steak.
🫓Flat BreadFlat Bread is a baked or fried flour product that is usually round and flat in shape. Flatbreads are found in many cuisines around the world, and it’s emoji means nothing but this type of bread.
🥪SandwichWant to invite a colleague to a fast lunch break or messaging your kid to ask if he has eaten his meal at school? There is nothing better than the Sandwich emoji to add to your text.
🥙PitaPita is a crispy flatbread that is one of the main representatives of Levantine cuisine. It is cut in half to create two pockets in which the filling is placed. In this form, the pita allows you to prepare a hearty, tasty and healthy meal in a matter of minutes.
🧆FalafelFalafel is a simple and quick dish made of ground chickpeas mixed with spices, herbs and herbs and then fried in oil. The result is tender and crispy balls that are relatively low in calories and fat. The origin of falafel is considered to be the Middle East.
🌮TacoTaco is a symbol of Mexican cuisine. Its crispy shell and juicy filling has millions of fans all over the globe. However, be careful using this emoji with someone you don’t know good enough, as in sexting this emoticon stands for vagina.
🌯BurritoA burrito is a Mexican classic food that is a soft wheat tortilla wrapped with all sorts of toppings. The second most popular Mexican dish in the world. And its emoji has no alternative meanings.
🫔TamaleTamale is a specially prepared masa corn dough filled with meat in a spicy sauce. And it’s all rolled up in corn cob leaves. Tamales are adored not only in Mexico, but all over the world.
🥗SaladWe live in a time when more and more people are starting to pay attention to their diet and try to eat right. And salad is just one of the healthiest dishes we can fill our bodies with. Use this emoji in its direct meaning.
🥘PaellaThis dish is a hallmark of Spanish cuisine. There are many recipes for paella, and every Spanish family cooks it in its own way. But it is always a big pan, and accordingly it symbolizes a warm family dinner.
🫕FondueFondue is a melted cheese in which bread or other food is dipped. On the one hand, it is a very simple dish – it is believed that it originated among Swiss shepherds. On the other hand, fondue requires a special set of utensils, which makes this emoji recognizable.
🥫Canned TomatoesThis emoji is officially called Canned Tomatoes, but you can use it to depict any canned food from corn to tuna, when making up a list of products to buy for you dinner table.
🍝SpaghettiThe only dish that can compete with Pizza to be the most popular Italian dish is, of course, Pasta. Use this Pasta Emoji as a symbol of Italian cuisine in general, or when describing what you are going to cook for a dinner.
🍜RamenRamen noodles are one of the staples of Japanese cuisine These noodles can be found on every corner across the country, and the number of regional varieties is seemingly endless. There are no pitfalls to this emoji.
🍲NabeNabe is a type of dish that belongs to Japanese cuisine. They are cooked in special pots. As for serving, it is quite simple, but the result is a hearty and tasty dish that can warm up a guest in the cold season.
🍛Kare RiceIn a Japanese family, curry is almost always available – it is cooked from scratch or simply bought almost ready-made at the store (add a little meat and vegetables and you’re done). Curry in Japan is loved by absolutely everyone, and it is called Kare Raisu.
🍱BentoBento is a generic term for any portioned packaged food, and these can range from rather cute lunchboxes to perfectly ordinary boxes with sushi and miso soup inside. Japan has a whole culture of bento, or more specifically o-bento.
🍣SushiThe food symbol of France is a croissant, Pasta and Pizza are instantly associated with Italy, and for these meanings Japan has Sushi. Use this emoji to depict Japanese cuisine in general or when going to a sushi bar.
🥟Gyoza EmojiEvery world cuisine has its own kind of dumplings. Meat stuffing wrapped in dough is a very hearty dish. Gyoza is a Japanese dumpling made of thin dough in the shape of a crescent moon with long ears filled with meat stuffing.
🍤TempuraTempura is a traditional Japanese dish, which is small slices of seafood, meat and vegetables cooked in a special batter. Tempura perfectly epitomizes Japanese cuisine: simple, refined and filigree. In this emoji, we see Shrimp Tempura.
🍙OnigiriOnigiri is super popular in Japan. They take them to work, to school, to picnics. They are cooked at home and sold in supermarkets. There are even specialized stores that sell onigiri exclusively. There are no obligatory ingredients besides rice.
🍚Rice BowlNot a single meal in Japan can be imagined without a bowl of steam rice. But it’s not only for the Japanese cuisine, as rice is one of the most popular and healthy garnishes for your table.
🍘SambeiRice crackers, known as Sambei, are a traditional Japanese dish. Depending on its intended use, it can be sweet, salty, savory, spicy, or even fresh, and the shape and size of the crackers also varies. In Japan, this dish is part of an ancient ritual of hospitality.
🍥KambokoKamboko (Kamaboko) is one of the national Japanese dishes served as a topping for soba noodles, and is included in udon and ramen. The rolls are made from minced shiromi meat – that is, any white fish – with the addition of starch, egg and ginger juice.
🍢OdenOden is poorly represented in foreign restaurants of Japanese cuisine and in general is little known outside Japan, although by the degree of its distribution in Japan, it could enter the “top ten” dishes of Japanese cuisine, not inferior to many other, more famous dishes abroad.
🍡DangoDango is a traditional Japanese sweet in the form of round rice dumplings strung on wooden skewers. There are more than ten different types of dango in Japan, of which hanami dango is one of the most popular.
🍧KakigoriKakigori is a Japanese frozen dessert served in special dishes with syrup or condensed milk. Kakigori is made with all kinds of ice, from the naturally soft ice to the crunchy cups that are sold in stores.
🍮PurinPurin is a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top. Many countries have their own types of this dessert: custard pudding , crème caramel , caramel custard or flan. The name Purin comes from “pudding” but it is not the same as sticky pudding in the US, it has a firmer texture.
🥮Moon CakeIn ancient times in China, this traditional treat was prepared as an offering to the Moon for a bountiful harvest at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Nowadays Chinese gingerbread is given to relatives and friends as a sign of honor and deep respect, wishing them health, long life and prosperity.
🥠Fortune CookieThere is a theory that the fortune cookies were actually invented by Americans, and Chinese restaurants and cafes just grabbed this national idea. Some believe that the birthplace of fortune cookies is Japan. Add them to the greeting messages.
🍨Ice CreamIce cream is not only a symbol of summer, but also of pleasure. It is an incredibly delicious dessert that you want to taste again and again. The Ice Cream emoji can sweeten up any message and has no negative connotations.
🍦Soft Ice CreamThis is just the variety of the emoji above, it has the same meanings and associations, so which emoticon to use depends only on your gastronomic preferences.
🥧PieAnother sweet emoji from the Unicode set is the Pie emoji. This dessert is very popular in America is is often cooked for the Thanksgiving holiday, so you can meet this emoticon in a company with turkey.
🧁CupcakeOne of the most popular desserts of the last decade is definitely a cupcake. Loved by kids and adult from all over the globe, cupcakes are great with coffee for breakfast, or as a sweet finish to any dinner.
🍰Slice of CakeShortcakes are usually more ceremonial than cupcakes, and you can often meet them on various parties and celebrations. However, Unicode has a slice of cake emoji to use in everyday messages.
🎂Birthday CakeThis beautiful emoji you can find in messages connected to all kind of celebration parties. It is one of the symbols of Birthdays, and is often used in a company with other bright and lively emoticons.
🍬CandyA bright emoji of a candy is a symbol of sweet life and joy. Due to its color palette, this emoji can brighten up any positive and cheerful message, so don’t be afraid to use it as much as you wish. This is when the more the better.
🍫ChocolateWho doesn’t love chocolate? This sweet is proved to raise our mood and make life more beautiful and delightful. There is nothing bad, hidden behind the Chocolate emoji, so gift it to your friends and loved ones in the end of your messages.
🍩DoughnutApart from standing for a popular sweet treat, the donut emoji has two more meanings, and they are not as nice as you might think. First of all, this emoticon can be synonymous to an idiot or a stupid person. Secondly, it is widely used in sexting to depict an oral sex.

Body-Related Emojis

When emoji first appeared, it was popularly believed that they would break down language barriers. But in a way, emoji have made things more complicated, and this is especially true of emoticons depicting gestures and body parts.

We get so used to the common meaning of gestures that when we travel abroad, we can find ourselves in a very awkward situation. The fact is that different gestures for different cultures and religions can have completely opposite meanings. For example, a popular gesture “Thumbs Up” 👍 for many people means appreciation and support, while in some countries it offends a person.

Unicode specialists are trying to optimize and improve images to make them understandable and denote standard meanings for representatives of all cultures. Until this issue is completely solved, it is worth being careful in showing some emotions to avoid misunderstandings with interlocutors. So, we hope that the guide below will help you avoid unpleasant situations.

👋Waving handThis is a very classic gesture when meeting an old friend. usually used to indicate Hi!
🤚Backside raised handRaised hand on the back of the hand. Someone wants to attract attention – for example, to put a question or signal their participation in an event.
🖐Open fingers raised handIt can be seen as an alternative to the waving emoji. Good to use to greet! someone or you can send this to indicate the number 5.
Raised handThis is a simple picture of a palm with all the fingers connected. This smiley face is used to ask to stop or high-five.
🖖Vulcan saluteYou can see this type of blessing in the Jewish gesture, which is a symbolic sign of victory. It can also be used when talking about interstellar travel and alien life.
👌OkayThe letter “O” is formed from the thumb and index finger. It stands for “okay. A sign for agreement or a demonstrative gesture that all is well.
✌️Victory handA symbol of peace. The sign “victorious” also means victory. Also a way to say Hello or Bye.
🤞Crossed fingersIf you want to sound hopeful and optimistic, use this emoticon to expect good luck and good news.
🤟Love YouA fist with thumb, index finger, and thumb extended means “I love you” in American sign language.
🤘HornsLet´s rock! The thumb and forefinger show the horns. This “fork” is the famous gesture of all heavy rock fans.
🤙Give me a callThe closed fist with the thumb and little finger is reminiscent of an old mobile phone. Also reminiscent of the surfers’ greeting “Hang loose”.
👈Index finger pointing leftThis way! The index finger points to the left. Can indicate a particular path of movement, point to something, or mark an important part of a message.
👉Index finger pointing rightThe index finger points to the right. The gesture wants to draw attention to something or remind you of something important. But it is also possible to wag the index finger reproachfully.
👆Index finger pointing upRaise the index finger as a plea for caution or to emphasize what is being said. But it can also signify “I have time” or “I’m with you. Someone wants to get attention.
🖕Middle finger upThis is for showing a rude and scolding gesture when you are angry about something. To show anger and to warn someone, this is the right emoticon you can use.
👇Index finger pointing downIn addition to the obvious meaning of direction or pointing to something, the downward pointing finger in some users in various countries may indicate a disgusted mood on the part of the interlocutor.
☝️AttentionThe raised index finger can emphasize the importance of a message or express a request to interrupt the interlocutor with a question, or it can simply point to the previous message in the chat.
👍Thumbs upThumbs up as a rule is used, to say “good” or to give confirmation, approval.
👎Thumbs downThumb down – to express dislike or disapproval.
Raised fistA raised fist implies strength and power. It is exactly what you believe in. Similarly, this emoji can be a political gesture and a symbol of defiance, solidarity and resistance.
👊Oncoming fistThis is very similar to the high-five emoticon, and it can also be used to show that you agree. Friends often use this smiley face when they make a plan together.
🤛Fist turned to the leftIn combination with other emoji is a sign of hitting it right on the spot. An informal form of greeting. The gesture of both hands clenched into a fist is called a fist salute.
🤜Fist turned to the rightA symbol that, in addition to the actual fist pointing to the right, can denote a sign of respect or congratulations expressed to the interlocutor.
👏Clapping handsThis is the standard gesture for expressing appreciation, motivation, and applause. However, you can also use this emoticon to show sarcasm.
🙌Raising handsHallelujah! Hands raised in the air as a sign of readiness for the feast. May also signify “banzai,” a Japanese cry that brings many years of happiness and joy.
👐Open handsIt is mostly used as a welcoming gesture. It is also a symbol of courage and honesty. You can also use it as a symbol of an invitation to hug.
🤲Palms upIt is the most common gesture for praying to God, especially for those who follow Islam. In addition to this, it also represents the reading of something like a book.
🤝Shaking handsIt is a common gesture, turned into a smiley face to show agreement and friendship. A handshake indicates allies between two parties or friends.
🙏Folded hands/prayer handsThis smiley face is often used as a praying hand to show respect, greet someone, or say thank you
✍️Writing handThis is to show that you are paying attention and marking important points. In addition, this smiley face can also be used to give a commitment to write or sign something.
💅ManicureIt can mean literally freshly painted nails, with which it is uncomfortable to type, or the intention to freshen up.
💀SkullThis is very dangerous! The skull emoji symbolizes death and danger. It can denote a real threat, but can also be used sarcastically or humorously.
💪BicepsIt is for showing strength, dominance and power. It can be used in a situation where you need to express your power and strength. You can do it!
🦵Leg“You have gorgeous legs” or “tomorrow there will be a leg workout. In fact, this emoji does not carry any specific meaning, but depends on the context.
🦶FootThis is a smiley face you can throw at someone you no longer want to talk to, or a punch sign to show disagreement. It is a common emoticon for both men and women.
👂EarThe emoji showing the ear means “I hear something”, “I hear you”, or “I’m all ears”.
👃NoseThe nose symbolizes in its global concept the sense of smell. This emoji shows that something has a strong smell. Depending on the context it can be a more or less cute gesture.
🧠BrainTurn on your brain! Either a symbol of the dividing thought process. Or a way of telling someone how smart they are.
🦷ToothYou suffer from a toothache or give a toothache for it. I just need a quick brush or my child is teething.
🦴BoneYou work hard or you’re just left with skin and bones. The dog loves this treat, but the emoji can also denote a body part.
👀EyesWatch out – someone is watching you! Two eyes are looking to the left. Something is being observed or checked. If someone sends you a smiley face like this in a photo comment, you can be sure the photo is good.
👁EyeOne of the ways to say, “I’m watching you!” Or to celebrate Something that is very interesting to watch or just to admire.
👅TongueShowing tongue is a defiant gesture and a childish sign of self-will. It can be used as reinforcement of a joke just made or simply to provoke. I’m in a great mood and don’t mind indulging!
👄LipsSlightly parted lips and red, juicy lips have a great force. “I send you a kiss.”
🤷 ShrugDon’t know what to do? Can’t choose? Got lost and confused? Use this Shrug Emoji, which will also work good in the context “Wasn’t me” or “No clue”.
🫃 Pregnant ManThe whole internet community was discussing this emoji after its introduction. But these days it’s mainly used to depict a man with a big belly, or overeating.
🫦 Biting LipOne of the most flirty and romantic emojis in the list. When you send or receive this emoticon, it means, there is a sparkle between you and your interlocutor. Can’t deny.

Hearts Emojis

The heart emoticon was added to the Unicode 1.1 character set in 1993, and then in 2015 was included in the first Emoji 1.0 emoji set. But before that, the history of the heart symbol was centuries in the making. In mass culture this heart icon came in the XIX century, when Valentine’s Day became insanely popular. And since the middle of the XX century it began to be used to denote love. Nowadays, the heart symbol has received several additional meanings, for example, “life” in a computer or video game, “sympathy”, “approval”, “positive evaluation” in social networks.

Today, there are different kinds of hearts in the Unicode set to express your feelings and thoughts, to decorate your text and give it meaning. For example, the classic red heart is interpreted as a symbol of great love and romantic feelings. The hearts of different colors can be used to decorate a romantic or friendly message, a nickname in a social network, or to decorate a greeting.

The meaning of heart emoticons depends on the interpretation. After all, they can be sent to people we love, or emphasize pleasant moments in boring texts. However, messages with such emoticons are always associated with warmth and care. Let’s take a look at the diversity of the Heart Emojis.

💘Heart with an arrowLove you forever. No more words needed.
💝Hearts with a ribbonYou are my gift. A sweet and playful declaration of love.
💖Sparkling heartYou are my universe. The most romantic declaration of love.
💗Growing heartsI’m crazy about you. Usually this symbol is used to show awe in the soul toward a person.
💓Beating heartNascent sympathy. This symbol indicates the first sympathy for the messenger’s interlocutor.
💞Revolving heartsYou are my dream. My soulmate. Usually this symbol is used to tell the person you’re talking to about warm thoughts about him or her.
💕Two heartsTwo hearts side by side means the most important thing: We love each other.
💟Heart ornamentDecorative version of the heart symbol. Denotes love, attention and adoration of your partner.
❣️Heart exclamation markThis bright and lovely symbol means one thing: I agree wholeheartedly.
💔Broken heartA broken heart is expected to speak of love longing, sadness, unhappiness, and pain.
❤️Red heartThe red heart is a symbol of love and romance, everything is classic, no hidden meanings.
🧡Orange heartThe orange heart is the official symbol of the Friendzone. Means indecisive love, better to just stay friends.
💛Yellow or golden heartA golden heart signifies purity of intentions, happiness, friendship and cheerfulness.
💚Green heartA green heart means jealousy, indicates problems in a relationship or is a symbol of reconciliation.
💙Blue heartThe horniest of all heart emojis. The blue heart indicates a desire. this symbol is used to indicate a secret desire without commitment.
💜Purple HeartThe purple heart was invented to express love for parents. And in the U.S. it is also for soldiers, as it symbolizes their military reward for bravery.
🖤Black heartA black heart signals sadness, longing, and the breakup of a relationship. Also signals that the sender liked the black humor joke.
🤍White heartThe white heart represents purity of thought, also denotes innocence and is used to express love for children.
💌Love LetterHere everything is quite obvious — add this emoji to the love letters you send. One of the most popular emoticons on St. Valentine’s Day.

Arrows Emojis

Arrow emoji are concise images that succinctly convey an idea, image or action. Most often these images indicate direction and are associated with movement. They can also serve as a sign of dynamism, variability, and speed.

According to one version, arrows to indicate direction began to be used in ancient Greece. Initially, they were footprints, which were eroded by rain and wind and began to resemble the shape that we know now. But the first graphic images of arrows are found in artifacts of the XVIII century: they marked the sides of the world on a compass and the course of rivers on maps.

Today emoji with arrows can be seen both in friendly posts and in work correspondence, because in addition to the direction they are very useful for displaying various actions and their sequence. More details about each emoticon from this category – in the table below.

Down ArrowEverything is quite obvious here. Use this emoji with an arrow pointing down to emphasize on a message at the bottom of the page.
Up Arrow“Read Up”, “have you missed what I’ve just wrote?”. These are the most common contexts for the use of this Up Arrow emoji.
Left Down ArrowThis is one of the arrows which barely has any other meanings than pointing the left-down direction. So don’t overthink.
Right ArrowThis arrow does not only points to the right, but also stands for something to wait for or to follow. “Coming Soon!”
Right Down ArrowAnother example of literate meaning— this arrow says nothing but the right-down direction. No hidden sides.
Left ArrowNot only the left direction, but also something in the past. Use this emoji if you want someone to “Look Back” or recall a fact or a dialogue which happened some time ago.
Up Right ArrowThis arrow can signify not only the up-right direction, but also growth and progress. You can use it in the context of “great results” or “keep going!”.
Up Left ArrowUnlike the previous arrow, this one is more about directions that anything else. The inclination to the left makes this emoji not very suitable for depicting any kind of progress.
🔃 Vertical ArrowsCirculation, or even recycling. These two arrows mean almost the same at the following emoji.
🔄 Counterclockwise ArrowsEverything is cyclical! As well as our lives and situations we face, so this simple emoji with two arrows can be used in a metaphorical way too.
Up-down ArrowThis vertical two-sided arrow is not very common to lean in correspondence or social media, and usually it just means “Scrolling through the page”.
🔙Back ArrowFor those who still doubt in the meaning of the arrow emojis, Unicode has ones with comments! This is the arrow pointing to the left, into the past.
🔜 “Soon” ArrowThis one is all about “Comming Soon” or “Stay Tuned”. Use it in the social media posts to make people move to the following post, or to wait for an event.
🔝 “Top” ArrowWhen something impresses you or you strongly agree with a person, you can easily use this strict and laconic emoji to supporting.
🔚 End ArrowThat’s the end, but you can always start from the beginning. Almost the same as “Back”, but a bit more dramatic.
🔛 “On!” ArrowUse this emoji when some sing is in progress. These two arrows stand for flowing process, which is not about to finish soon.

Assorted Emoticons

The number of emoji is growing, people use them more and more often not only when communicating with friends, but also in business correspondence or in advertising posts. Today, virtually no personal correspondence is without emoticons, so we can safely say that emoji have become an independent section of the language. Sometimes they even claim to replace the language: you can write a whole message using only emoji. And, of course, you can’t just use pictures from the Emoticon Faces category.

Today, there are hundreds of emoji that are used to represent the things we interact with in our world on a daily basis. Below we have collected a variety of objects that everyone uses often, but it is not convenient to group them into a separate category. Plus it is convenient to designate some abstract concepts with these emoji. For example, repair work on the site is a wrench and a hammer, and such a concept as internet trolling can be replaced by just one picture, the Troll Emoji.

☠️Skull and crossbonesWatch out! Danger! The skull with crossbones beneath it symbolizes death. It can be found on poisonous substances and dangerous chemicals.
💩Smiling pooOh Poop! With this not the most pleasant emoji you can describe a situation, replace a swear word, or criticize a chat partner’s statement.
🤡Clown faceThis emoji is for fun and entertainment, but can also cause fear in some people.
👹OgreIt is a character of Japanese mythology who is an ogre. At the same time, it is a mask of the mythical creature Namahage, who protects against evil spirits.
👺TenguAnother character of Japanese mythology that symbolizes evil, anger, cruel or mischievous behavior, arrogance.
👻GhostA laughingly smiling ghost is too cute to scare others and cause harm. A symbol for Halloween or a joke about spooky things, like movies.
👽AlienThe alien is a symbol of unearthly life. He smiles sweetly and brings with him only peace and love. It can also mean something or someone strange, unearthly.
🧌TrollApart from standing for a mythological creature, this emoticon is widely used today as a symbol of Internet trolling. Well, the appearance of a being on this emoji doesn’t seem to look cute and nice at all.
🤖RobotThe mouth in the robot’s face resembles a grimace. Maybe your interlocutor feels that he is being controlled by others and that he works like a machine without stopping. Can be used for insensitive people or in connection with movies or artificial intelligence.
💋KissA red, sensual lip print. Someone wants to kiss you and leaves a lipstick imprint in the process.
💯Hundred pointsThe number 100 in red with a double line at the bottom. Could stand for: I’m very proud, everything is just perfect. I agree with you 100%.
💢Symbol of angerThe red symbol, borrowed from anime and manga, symbolizes the swollen veins on the face of an angry person, and it can also be a symbol of a blow, a graphic analog of the sound “Bam!”
💬Speech bubbleStands for: We have to talk about it! It can also mean: Just a second – I’m having a conversation now.
👁️‍🗨️Eye in a speech bubbleThe eye in the speech balloon represents the American anti-bullying action “I Witness”. It acts against the abuse of anonymity and bullying in the online space.
🗯️Angry speech bubbleThe serrated edge of the speech bubble in the comics indicates loud, furious speech. Someone is yelling, getting upset, or arguing.
💭Thought bubbleIn comics, the mental ball indicates that the figure is thinking. It may indicate an internal dialogue, that someone needs to think about further actions or make the right decision. It can also signify daydreaming.
💤Zzzz sleep“Zzz” indicates in comics that someone is asleep. Maybe the interlocutor indicates sleepiness, but it can also hint at disinterest and boredom.
🐲 Dragon HeadNot the most popular emoji to meet in messages or social media posts. The Dragon Head is all about magic, fantasy and mystery.
🚬 CigaretteYes, we know, that smoking harms, but some of us still do smoke, and this emoji can be used in a context “let’s go have a break”, or “I’m dying to smoke”.
🌊 WaveThe Ocean Wave is the emoji which is especially loved by surfers and people who enjoy water sports. Although, you can easily use this emoji to add to your messages about holidays on a beach.
🚰 Potable WaterYou are thirsty? Then this Potable Water emoji might come in handy. Since Unicode doesn’t have a water bottle emoji anymore, this is our only option.
🚱 Non-Potable WaterWant to warn someone? Can use this Non-Potable Water emoticon, which not only depicts the water that is better not to drink, but something dangerous in general.
🚿 ShowerTired after working out or it’s just too hot outside, that the only thing you wish for is a shower? You have this realistic emoji to use!
💧 DropThis water drop emoji is also often use as a sweat drop, to point on your tiredness or exhaustion. Although, it will also work in a context of a shower, or drinking water.
SunThe Sun emoji is a representation of the solar symbol, symbolizing brightness, warmth, and the start of a new day. It is often used to express happiness, hope, and the beauty of sunny weather.
SparkleA very bright and light Sparkle Emoji means nothing by the good moments and feelings. Decorate any message with this glittering emoticon to add charm and elegance!
🎉 Party popperJoy! Ecstatic emotions, celebration and happiness! This emoji can’t mean anything bad at all. But note, that it can also mean orgasm in some chats.
Zodiac Sign CancerAstrology? For sure. But not only that. This emoji also stands for the “69” pose. So if you want to congratulate someone on their July birthday, be careful, unless you mean it.
🎃 PumpkinOne of the most Halloweenish emojis in Unicode. Use it to decorate your creepy messages, sent out in the end of each October!
🌕 MoonMoon is all about spiritual experience, mystical nights and magic. Full Moon is a time for extraordinary things, so use this emoji for special messages.
🔫 GunThis toy gun has replaced a real weapon emoji not so long ago. This is how all major companies started to fight with violence in social media and private messages.
🔥 Fire“I’m on fire”, “You look just wow”, “Hot as hell”. All these messages can easily be accompanied by the Fire emoji. You can also use it as a symbol of warmth.
🎅 Santa ClausLooking for a proper emoji to add to a Christmas message? Here it is! What is a better symbol of the all-loved holiday, that Santa Claus!
🎄 New Year’s TreeAnother perfect emoji for the Christmas season. What is good with this Christmas Tree is that it is suitable for both friendly and more official correspondence.
SnowmanThe Unicode Snowman is a perfect emoji to accompany messages about having fun outdoors during Christmas holidays. Games with kids, family time, pure joy!
SnowflakeThe Snowflake emoji is not as simple as can seem. Of course, most often it is use in its direct meaning, but on the modern song it also means a very “fragile” touchy person.
CheckWhen something in your list is done — here is the right emoji for it. It is also a good image to use in work or school chats. Clear and understandable.
🇺🇸 American FlagWhat can the American Flag stand for? Obviously, for something made in the USA. Whether it a car, fashion brand, or a song, feel free to add it to your message.
🚩Red FlagThis is a very interesting and, unfortunately, relevant emoji today. The red color warns of danger, and the flag is a kind of alarm bell that it is better not to do business with this person.
🧢CapBlue cap emoji in comments and messages means criticism. This meme came from the expression “no cap,” which in youth slang means “no lie.”
🥂CheersA perfect emoji to use to congratulations messages. Elegant and  fancy, the two champagne glasses represent a glamorous party, that is why this emoticon is so loved by ladies.
🍻MugsThis is actually a masculine analog for the emoji above. A brutal greeting or an invitation to spend an evening in a pub or a sports bar with your men friends.
🔪KnifeThis emoji can be used in its direct meaning, or in case when someone feels really angry and furious, on the edge.
💍RingThe diamond ring is most often used in the messages connected to weddings, and serious relationships. No explanation needed.
💎DiamondProbably, the most chic and fancy emoji of all the Unicode icons. This diamond is something any girls would love to receive at least in a text message or a social media comment. If you want to let someone know how special they are to you, this is the way to go.
🎈BaloonAn emoji, which signifies nothing but good emotions, joy and happiness. Use it in connection to parties and celebrations, or simply to make someone smile.
🏆TrophyIf you want to praise or support a friend, you can send them this Trophy emoji, which is a symbol of triumph and winning.
🚗CarGoing on a road trip or just standing in a city traffic — then this red car emoji will be handy. It can also mean any automobile, depending on a context.
🚘Car Front-viewSame meaning as the previous emoji, but more often used when talking about cars in general, not traveling.
🚙JeepIf you are traveling of a blue car or on a large car, then this emoji will be a good accompaniment to your message.
🛻Pick-upIt’s all the same meaning, just with the other type of car, so use it in your messages if you are a pick-up owner or passenger.
🏎️Racing CarThis car emoji usually means speed. So you can use it when you are in a rush or trying to make it on time.
🌈RainbowApart from its direct meaning, the rainbow is often used as a symbol of LGBT, along with the rainbow flag or a unicorn.
CrossA sign to forbid or end a conversation. This emoji can also be used in to-do lists next to completed tasks. It can also simply mean “Cancel”.
Cross ButtonDespite the same shape as the previous emoji, this cross is more commonly used in lists and work chats, as its color scheme does not carry any negative connotations.
✝️Latin CrossThis across emoji is usually used in religious context, and everything connected to Christianity and faith in general.
☦️Orthodox CrossAll the same as the previous cross, but with an emphasis on Orthodox Christianity. One of the most religious emoticons in the list.
🏈Football BallUse this Football emoji when talking about sports, or inviting a friend to ply or watch a game.
Soccer BallThis emoji is a symbol of the world’s most popular sport discipline — soccer. So use it for everything connected to it, or any related activity.
👑CrownCrown is a symbol of royalty and majesty, which today is more often used to compliment someone’s beauty and elegance.
🏳️‍⚧️Transgender FlagThe transgender community flag is used for anything related to this part of the LGBT community.
📱Mobile PhoneUse this emoji with everything connected to mobile phones, or if you want to tell someone that you are on the call right now.
☎️PhoneThis red phone emoji can be used when you are sending someone a contact, or when you are planning a phone call or conference.
📞Telephone HandsetThis handset emoji doesn’t differ from the previous much in its meaning. So use it in the same cases. It’s just the matter of design.
📣MegaphoneDo you have something really important to say, or you want people to pay attention to your words? Then this Megaphone emoticon is the one to put before and after your message.
📢LoudspeakerThis Loudspeaker emoji has exactly the same meaning as the previous emoticon, just looks a bit different, and maybe more official and modest. So it’s just up to you which one to use.
📖Open BookThis emoji stands for reading and books in general. But can also signify someone’s openness and sincerity.
📕Closed BookUnlike the previous emoji, this book can mean that a person is quite closed or reserved. It can also stand for some kind of secret or mystery.
📗Green BookIf you a reading a book with a green cover — this emoji will be of a great help to color up your message.
📘Blue BookThis emoticon can whether mean reading, or a particular book, or, just like the Closed Book emoji — a reserved person.
📙Orange BookAlso a book or a reading process. Just pick the color of the cover you like most, and add to you posts and messages.
📚BooksSeveral books in different colors are usually used to depict reading, a book store or a library.
High VoltageThis bright lightning emoji usually means risk and danger, and is used as a cautionary warning. But it can also be put in the messages about weather.
🌩️LightningUnlike the previous emoji, this one is used to describe bad weather, but not only outside. It can also stand for a bad mood.
⛈️ThunderstormThe Thunderstorm emoji is an accelerated version of the previous emoticon. For a worse weather and for a worse mood.
🚀RocketThe rocket emoji can be used in texts, connected to achievements and ambitions. It can also mean high speed or progress.
✈️PlaneGoing to a trip or planning your holiday? The Plane emoji is here to decorate your message or social media post. By the way, it can also mean progress and growth, as it’s flying upright.
🛩️Little AirplaneGoing on a private jet trip to a magical island? This little plane emoji is what you need to tell the world about it. Actually, the emoji can be used in any travel and holiday contexts.
🛫TakeoffOff to a new start? Or really just got on a plane and waiting for it to takeoff? Then this emoji is right what you need. Only positive vibes and emotions.
🛬LandingThis emoji means exactly what is drawn on it — a landing plane, which you can send to let your friends know that you have reached your destination.
📍Round Stationery PinThis Round Stationery Pin emoji is commonly known to show the location. Whether you are sending a place where you are at right now, or sending your friends an address of a place you want to meet them at.
📌Stationery PinEven though this emoji also depicts a red stationery pin, it is used for different things. Usually you can see it before an announcement message in group chat or social media groups. Just like you nail notes to a board at home.
🧷English PinUnlike two other pins in the Unicode set, this English Pin emoji is usually used in messages about clothes repaired or sewing. In a more romantic context it can mean people who found each other and not letting go.
🥡Take-Away BoxAsking your partner to grab a cooked meal on his way home? This Take-Away Box emoji will come in handy. Or you can invite friends to your place, letting them know you will take care of the meal and order it from a restaurant.
🚨AlertNot that this is one of the most positive emojis ever. The red alert usually warn of something dangerous, risky or extremely important. Something to definitely pay attention to.
⚠️Warning!Caution! Danger! Warning! You are worried about your friends or loved one, you want them to avoid a risky situation or a dangerous person — then you can freely put this emoji in your message or post.
Red Exclamation MarkThis emoticon is a perfect one to put before or after an important messages the one you really want to be seen and read. Of course, the color of this emoji is already an eye-catcher.
‼️Two Exclamation MarksThis is an exaggerated Red Exclamation Mark emoji, which means you Must read what is written, as its might really change something, make you rethink, or just give you a completely new direction.
🔔BellThis emoji is usually associated with reminders and notifications. You can also use is as an alarm image, when telling someone what time you are going to wake up tomorrow.

Of course, these are not even 10% of all the emoji in existence today, but they are definitely the most commonly used. Below we want to separate the emoji with Japanese characters into a separate group, because they are still included in every basic emoji set.

What do emojis mean?
Emojis are small graphical symbols, which help to depict your emotions and elevate the meaning of the written message or an email.

So, what do the Japanese characters in the emoji mean?

🉑AcceptableThis character is pronounced like “ka” in Japanese and “ke” in Chinese. It means that something is possible, appropriate, or even permissible.
🈶PaidEmoji shows a Japanese and Chinese phrase that means “toll” or “fee” or “possession”.
🈚️FreeThe character shows an offer with no fee or other payment. It can also mean “I have nothing”.
🈸ApplicationIn Japan, this sign is found on applications and letterheads. In addition, it is the symbol of the monkey according to the Chinese horoscope.
🈺OpenThis symbol indicates that a business is ready, open or beginning to offer its services.
🈷️Monthly/Lunar signThis sign is known in both Japan (tsuki) and China (yue). It warns of the imminent payment of certain monthly services.
💮Very well doneA white flower with the Japanese font “Very well done” is used in schools in Japan instead of the “five” mark.
🉐Price ReductionA popular sign during a sale, or a global price cut during a certain promotion.
SecretThis symbol is used in China and Japan to indicate confidential information or just a secret.
CongratulationsIt is a sign of best wishes and blessings. It is close in meaning to the expression “I wish you good luck.”
🈴Exam passedThis symbol is found in the successful passing of exams or tests. But it can also denote an association, as in a partnership, or a hint of an upcoming meeting.
🈵Sign full/occupiedThis symbol denotes receptivity and free capacities, such as “Fill up the car” or “This hotel room is still available.”
🈹Discount signThis is a Japanese symbol for a sale. It is posted on the doors of stores during big discount promotions to attract more customers.
🈲Forbidden signThis Japanese sign indicates a prohibition or restriction. Certain actions or behaviors are not allowed here.
🈳Free signThis emoji serves to indicate an empty aisle or unoccupied. You can find it to signify vacant parking lots or hotel rooms.
🈂FreeThe sign shows that something is free, most often in connection with some kind of service. In Japan it means free food or drinks.️
Japanese punctuation markThis character stands for the beginning of a verse in a song. In our country, it’s more commonly used as a McDonald, ‘s logo.️

What does the White Heart emoji mean?
The white heart represents purity of thought, also denotes innocence and is used to express love for children. The purest love possible.

symbol emoji meanings

What Does This Emoji Mean 🥺
Often used to signify innocence or a plea for understanding, this emoji can encapsulate a multitude of feelings, such as vulnerability, yearning, or genuine sadness. The emoji has large, tearful eyes and a slight frown, encapsulating an almost childlike desire for sympathy or approval.

Meaning of Emoji 😘
The 😘 emoji, also known as the “blowing a kiss” emoji, is frequently employed to indicate romantic feelings or a form of endearment. However, it’s versatile enough to be used in a more casual context among friends and family, often serving as a tender expression of love.

Meaning of Emoji 🥰
On the other hand, the 🥰 emoji features hearts around a smiling face, serving as an amplification of warmth and affection. This emoji signifies a more encompassing, almost euphoric form of love or appreciation, often employed to emphasize deep emotional connection or high regard.

Meaning of This Emoji 🥵
At the other end of the emotional spectrum, the 🥵 emoji can be seen as an expression of discomfort or stress. Its flushed face and droplets of sweat encapsulate feelings of being overwhelmed, whether due to physical heat or an emotionally intense situation.

🤪 Meaning of This Emoji
The 🤪 emoji, with its zany eyes and exuberant smile, represents the concept of silliness or goofiness. This emoji can be used to lighten the mood or to indicate that something shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

🥴 Meaning
Similarly, the 🥴 emoji, also known as the “woozy face,” usually conveys confusion, intoxication, or general bewilderment. It can be employed to show that you’re feeling out of sorts or disoriented.

🤭 Meaning of This Emoji
The 🤭 emoji, portraying a face with a hand covering its mouth, often suggests that the user is amused but perhaps in a more reserved, almost shy manner. It can also imply that someone has said something surprising or even scandalous.

🤟 Meaning of This Emoji
Shifting away from faces, the 🤟 emoji represents the “I love you” hand gesture in American Sign Language. This symbol conveys feelings of love, unity, or approval. It also crosses into the realm of subcultures, often being associated with the rock and metal scenes.

🤣 Meaning of This Emoji
Then there’s the 🤣 emoji, which depicts a face laughing so hard that it’s crying. This symbolizes extreme amusement, usually at a joke or situation.

🧐 Meaning of This Emoji
The 🧐 emoji, featuring a face with a monocle, signifies scrutiny, skepticism, or deep thought. This emoji is often used to show that you’re examining something closely or pondering over a subject.


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