Black Heart Emoji Meaning

Black Heart Emoji Meaning
Black Heart Emoji PNG

The black heart image is an emoji in the shape of a symbolic heart in black. Like other color hearts, this symbol can have different interpretations, which will depend on the context in which it will be used.

The black heart emoticon was added to the Unicode 9.0 character set in 2016, and then in 2016 was included in the Emoji 3.0 emoji set.

What do the black heart emoji mean?
The black heart emoji can be chosen without any subtext, but simply as one of the styles of this symbol. In this case, the black heart emoji will be consonant with all the other heart emojis.

Of the nine heart emoji options, the black heart is considered the most negative. And this is understandable because black has always been associated with something sad and heavy. Nowadays this emoticon means pain, grief, or loss. Before the advent of colored smiley faces, the black heart was used to express love or friendship.

However, even today we increasingly see the black heart used as a completely normal symbol of love, it just looks more stylish, bold, or even “loud” to many.

Black Heart Emoji Mean

What does the black heart emoji mean?
First, a black heart emoji can be the opposite of a red heart. In this sense, a black heart means sadness, grief, and pain of loss, and can also be used to express condolences.

Nevertheless, let us explore a more classic interpretation of the meaning of the emoji Black Heart. The black heart is a traditional symbol of sadness, longing, and the end of a close relationship.

The main thing that the black heart means is a negative emotion. A person can send the symbol if they want to share their resentment, sadness, longing, or maybe even a bad feeling. A black heart is inextricably linked to the desire to end a romantic relationship, a depressed mood, and sometimes jealousy.

What does the black heart emoji mean?
One of the non-obvious meanings of the black heart emoji is a symbol of strength and resilience, which manifests itself under the pressure of adverse external circumstances.

The black heart emoji is a symbol of emptiness, and lack of emotion, which looks like a lifeless devastated heart. With such emoticons, you can denote a cruel and heartless person, or vice versa, someone who has experienced a traumatic event and is now weakly receptive to any emotion.

That is to say, in short, Black Heart is the exact opposite of the Red Heart emoticon.

Black Heart-stars Emoji

What does a black heart emoji mean?
One of the most common uses of the Black Heart is considered black humor. This emoji can either be part of a performance or simply an approving reaction to a bad joke.

However, this emoji is sometimes used in a context associated with black humor. For example, in jokes when expressing one’s attitude to the onset of something terrible but inevitable, or in combination with “RIP”. Or simply as a sign that you like your interlocutor’s harsh and scathing humor.

The developers of the black heart emoji themselves associate it with such words as “evil”, “vice”, and “immorality”.

What do black heart emojis mean?
In addition to melancholy, sadness, and depression, the smiley black heart is used to express mourning, grief, and sorrow, such as the death of a loved one.


In the vast palette of digital expressions, the Blue Heart emoji stands out as a symbol rich in sentiment and versatility. Through the lens of emotional expression, it navigates the complex emotions that text alone fails to convey, offering a bridge to understanding and empathy in the virtual realm. Unlike its counterparts—the warm affection of the Red Heart emoji, the dark humor intertwined with the usage of the Black Heart, or the supportive embrace of the Green Heart—Blue Hearts carry a unique blend of serenity and depth, often associated with platonic love, loyalty, and emotional support.

The exploration of heart emojis extends beyond the simplicity of romance and affection, delving into the nuanced realms of emotional expression where each color tells its own story. The Purple Heart brings a touch of nobility and bravery, the White Heart evokes purity and new beginnings, while the Yellow Heart radiates happiness and friendship. The introduction of these new emojis has expanded our digital vocabulary, allowing for a more nuanced expression of sentiments that resonate with the dark aesthetics of emo culture or the light-heartedness of a social media post.

In this digital age, where communication transcends the barriers of distance and language, emojis like the Blue Heart offer a universal language of empathy and understanding. They serve as a reminder that behind every screen lies a human heart, complex and full of emotions, seeking connection and emotional support. The evolution of emojis reflects the ever-changing landscape of online communication, where the simplicity of a single symbol can encapsulate a multitude of feelings and meanings, from the solidarity signified by a Black Heart’s meaning to the affectionate embrace of a Red Heart emoji.

What does ❤️ 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 mean?
The colorful heart emojis each represent different aspects of human emotion and social movements, enriching our digital communication. The red heart reflects deep love and passion, the orange heart symbolizes friendship and a sense of humor, the yellow heart stands for happiness and appreciation, the green heart signifies harmony and support for environmental causes, the blue heart conveys stability and trust, the purple heart is often associated with pride and support for the LGBTQ+ community, and the black heart is used to express sorrow or support for movements such as the Black Lives Matter (BLM), highlighting a bond and societal norms. Together, these icons embody a new look at how we express emotions across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Apple devices, offering insight into our favorite features and facilitating easier access to expressing complex emotions in the digital age.

As we continue to navigate the digital waves of communication, the Blue Heart emoji emerges as a beacon of empathy, reminding us that even in a world of bytes and pixels, the essence of human connection remains rooted in the heartfelt expressions of our emotions. Whether it’s a dark humor-infused text, a declaration of love, or a gesture of support, the Blue Heart, alongside its colorful counterparts, enriches our digital conversations, transforming every message into a canvas of emotional expression.

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