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Poop Emoji
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Poop emoji is a symbol with a poop pile in the form of a curl with a pair of funny eyes and a wide cheerful smile. It is a popular ironic symbol that is used in various types of digital messages, but always with humorous overtones.

The Poop Emoji fits perfectly into the context of reference samples of assorted humor. These can be friendly jokes or sarcastic statements to the opponent.

The Poop Emoji can be met in the text of joking congratulations, pr in a negative review of a product or service. This symbol is a universal essence, which is not a pity to share with others. It is definitely, one of the classic components of black humor.

The poop emoji was added to the Unicode 6.0 character set in 2010, and then was included in the Emoji 1.0 emoji set in 2015.

Poop Emoji History

Poop Emoji History

Emojis first appeared on Japanese mobile devices in 1999. They were a set of symbols that users could use to express emotions in text messages. Among the many emoji was the “poop” emoji. But until the early 2010s, this emoji was not very popular.

The real popularity of emoji came only in 2007, when Google created a series of emoticons for Gmail called Mojo. In this version, the bunch had no face, but flies circled over it in the form of animated pictures. At that time there was a debate about which pictures should be included in the series, and Takeshi Kishimoto, who was responsible for promoting Google products in Japan, convinced the company’s management that “poop” among them – one of the most popular. Later, statistics confirmed these data.

But the real History of the poop emoji begins in 2010, when the Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for standardizing characters in computer systems, included it in the Unicode 6.0 set. Since then, it has been available on most devices and platforms.

Because of this, emoticons became available for use all over the world. They were soon supported by popular platforms such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and became an integral part of messages, social media comments, and other text-based manifestations of online communication.

The emoji as it is known today was created by Google artists Susie Sahim and Ryan Jermick. They were inspired by the manga (Japanese comic book) Dr. Slump, whose images were created by artist Akira Toriyama.

The poop emoji has become an iconoclastic symbol that some people find funny and others use as a symbol of disdain. Ultimately, the meaning of the emoticon varies depending on context and personal interpretation.

Poop Emoji Meaning

Poop Emoji Meaning

The Poop Emoji is one of the common emoticons among social media users. This symbol we can use in the most different meanings, but in fact its meaning is not bad at all. This is a kind of wish for good luck. The fact is that originally emoji appeared in Japan. In this country there is an omen that if you suddenly stepped on the poop, then in the near future you are waiting for profit in the form of a significant amount of money. That is why the emoji in the form of a poop means a wish for good luck.

The Poop Emoji is a smiling brown substance in the form of a curl. Usually these emojis are used when it is necessary to convey a friendly teasing, or to illustrate satirical statements. Poop is often found in joking congratulations. If a person uses the word “shit” and adds an emoji, it softens, acquires a humorous connotation.

However, this exact emoji can have a negative meaning – if it is put in reviews of goods, services, watched a movie, heard music. In this case, the emoji has no hidden connotations and speaks about the attitude of the user to what he describes.

The Poop Emoji has more than once been called one of the most popular emoticons that exist today and are actively used, because it is a universal symbol that easily overcomes any differences between peoples and language barriers.

Poop Emoji Use

Poop Emoji Use

Many messengers and social networks offer the possibility of using emoji in your messages, which makes it even more popular and widespread. The Poop Emoji has become one of the symbols of modern internet culture and it is already hard to imagine our online communication without it.

This ironic emoji is loved by many people, and it is used in many different meanings (always with a humorous twist). For example, it can be used in place of the swear word shit (which makes any swear word cuter), or in a joking greeting to a friend, or in friendly (or not) insults, and everything else.


The Poop emoticon, depicting a brown pile with patterns, is used in a variety of contexts. It can express a variety of feelings including frustration, disgust, a joke, or simply used as an amusing irony. Despite its simplicity, this emoji generates a lot of interest and is often the subject of discussion online.

The poop emoji has also received many interpretations and associations. Some consider it a symbol of negativity and lack of grooming, while others find elements of humor and self-irony in it. Regardless of the interpretation, this emoticon is one of the most recognized and used symbols in modern communications.

As you can see, the Poop Emoji has a diverse meaning for modern users. It can express negative emotions, sarcasm or fear, but it also serves as a source of humor and originality in our communication. It has become an integral part of modern Internet culture and continues to delight and surprise us with its popularity.