Biting Lip Emoji

Biting Lip Emoji
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The Biting Lip Emoji is one of the “youngest” emoticons. The Biting Lip Emoji has been added to the “People and Body” section of the Unicode 14.0 standard in 2021 and assigned the code U+1FAE6.

This emoji looks like a red or pink (depending on the operating system) ajar female mouth with white teeth lightly biting the lower lip. It is a very playful and sexy icon, which is mainly used in flirting messages, although also has alternative meanings.

Meaning of the Biting Lip Emoji

Biting Lip Emoji Meaning

The main meaning of the Biting Lip Emoji is flirt and passion. This emoji is a way for people to express sexual arousal. It is used in intimate conversations. As a rule, it is sent by girls to their boyfriends to hint unambiguously at the desire to make love.

But there is also another meaning for the Biting Lip emoji, which is quite far from the romantic and sexy mood of the first one. Some people also bite their lips when they are nervous or anxious. Hence, this emoji may also express fear, anxiety, pain, or feelings of worry or uncertainty.

Use of the Biting Lip Emoji

Emoji Biting Lip

Depending on the meaning you choose to use the Biting Lip Emoji in, you can use it in various messages. Most often it is used by girls and women, as the lips in the emoji are bright red or pink, and obviously belong to a female. This emoji is mainly used as an indicator of arousal, flirtation and sexual desire.

The second meaning of this emoticon is the girl’s expression of slight concern for a mistake made, nervousness. As people can bite lips when they are nervous or stressing about something. Also, you can use this emoji as a “thinking” sign, or to color up the “give me a second” expression.


The Biting Lip emoticon is a classic expression used to attract others or to express flirtation. But this is only one side of the coin.

Besides seduction, flirting and charm, this emoji can also symbolize anxiety or tension. The meaning of the lip biting emoji symbol can also be associated with anxiety, feeling out of place, worry or nervousness.