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The Phone emoji is one of the most interesting of the entire Unicode set. And not because of its meaning – it’s very prosaic. The point is that this is one of those cases when the graphic image of an emoji directly depends on the platform on which it is installed and differs dramatically on different gadgets. Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and LG have mapped their own smartphones. Other platforms such as WhatsApp and Viber display common phone features.

Mobile Phone Emoji

📱 The “Mobile Phone” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F4F1, with which it was added to the Objects section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Phone Emoji

☎️ The “Phone” emoticon was assigned the code U+260E U+FE0F, with which it was added to Unicode 1.1 standard objects in 1993.

Phone Receiver Emoji

📞 The “Telephone Handset” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F4DE, with which it was added to the Unicode 6.0 Objects section in 2010.

Meaning of the Phone Emoji

The symbol of the telephone has become so common that we don’t even think about its history and significance. It has become a kind of badge that reflects the ability to contact other people. So, the symbol of the phone is a readiness to communicate, to communicate creatively and to realize your projects.

The meaning of this emoticon can be different depending on the context in which it is used, but it is always related to communication. It can mean that the interlocutor is currently communicating or is busy talking on the phone. Also, this emoticon can be used to express dependence on technology and social media to show that the person is constantly on the phone or busy with the virtual world.

The main meaning of this emoticon is connection and communication via telephone. It can indicate active communication over the phone, either in the form of audio and video calls or text messages. This emoticon can also be used to express a desire to contact, call, or text someone. It can be used in the context of scheduling a meeting, agreeing on a time to talk, or wanting to get information or help via the phone.

Emoji Phone

The Use of the Phone Emoji

All variants of using one of these emoticons are explained by their meanings. Thus, you can use the Phone emoji when you are planning to contact someone by phone, or you are scheduling a conference call, or you are forwarding someone’s contact.

Another option of using this emoji is to show your contacts that you are always on the phone and open to communication.

Also, this emoji will look appropriate when you want to say that you are busy on a phone call and will call back later.


So, today we’ve been going through the meanings and uses of one of the most obvious emoji from the entire Unicode set – the Phone Emoji. And, despite the fact that there are three types and visually they are very different, they all mean the same thing, and what icon to use – it’s up to you to decide, based on your aesthetic preferences.

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