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Eyes Emoji
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The basic set of emoji today includes several emoji with eyes. The best-known and most commonly used is the cartoon pair of eyes looking to the left, but recently, the one-eye emoji has been gaining popularity as well. Is there a difference in the meaning of these emoji, and in what contexts is it better to use them? Let’s find out together!

Meaning of the Eyes Emoji

So, πŸ‘€ the Eyes Emoji. The Eyes emoji looks like a pair of wide-open eyes looking either straight ahead or to the left, depending on the platform. The Eyes emoji was assigned the code U+1F440, with which it was added to the People and Body section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

What does the πŸ‘€ emoji mean?
The πŸ‘€ emoji, part of Unicode’s vast array of symbols, is often used to convey a sense of curiosity or interest, akin to using a magnifying glass to closely inspect something against a white background. Its design, featuring wide eyes, suggests attentiveness or eagerness to discover juicy gossip or key aspects of the meaning hidden within a conversation or text examples. Each platform, from Android to the systems trademarked by Google Inc. and Apple Inc., offers its own unique emoji images, enriching the emoji designs across different devices.

It is used mostly in a literal sense: to look at something, to want to see something or to confirm something (for example, that a certain photo is beautiful).

Also dwelling emoji means that if some girl likes your boyfriend, you are following her. It is also sometimes used to mean lying or dodging a question (especially those versions of the emoji that look to the left) and as a sign of surprise.

Use of the Eyes Emoji

Emoji Eyes

The Eyes Emoji is the wide-eyed stare of amazement, the running eyes of a creeper, or even a lustful look. If someone sends you such an emoji in the comment to a photo, you can be sure that the photo is successful. This emoji is also used to emphasize on such meanings as following, censoring, paying attention, peeking, or waiting. Or in the β€œI’m watching you” context.

Also, this emoji is often used in group chats to show that the person has joined the conversation and is attentively “listening” to the interlocutors.

What does the 😳 emoji mean?
The 😳 emoji signifies embarrassment or shifty eyes, revealing interpersonal tension or a moment of discomfort, as if one were caught in a damp January situation without an umbrella. This facial expression, which includes wide-open eyes and flushed cheeks, is a part of the emoji repertoire that captures a range of emotions from surprise to deceit, based on additional emoji descriptions provided in the Unicode CLDR emoji annotations. The emoji’s portrayal can vary, presenting either a yellow face or featuring lips slightly parted in a gesture of dismay, across platforms like those maintained by the respective creators of our phone personalization apps.

Meaning of the Eye Emoji

Eye Emoji

As for the πŸ‘οΈ Eye Emoji, it looks more vivid and realistic than its cartoonish brother. This is a single human eye looking forward. This eye is different in shape and style from the Eyes emoji, which is more rounded and looks to one side. The Eye emoji was assigned the code U+1F441 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the People and Body section of the Unicode 7.0 standard in 2014.

Most of the meanings of the Eye Emoji are related to vision and the process of watching or tracking. This emoji is less used in the metaphorical meanings, as looks more realistic.

Is πŸ‘€ flirty?
Yes, the πŸ‘€ emoji can be interpreted as flirty, hinting at an underlying layer of attraction or showing interest in someone’s personal details or the latest gossip, much like peering through a beautiful vector design illustration of cartoon eyes. This informal word summary taps into the playful aspect of digital communication, where emojis enrich the text with nuances of meaning, turning simple messages into intricate dances of digital flirtation. The usage of this emoji, especially in the context of notifications on apps like Snapchat, adds a layer of intrigue and interpersonal tension, suggesting that there’s more beneath the surface of the conversation.

Use of the Eye Emoji

Emoji Eye

This is just the eye, and it is watching you. It is usually used in a pit or longer composition with other emojis, such as a dancing girl (which means admiration), or a TV, like an invitation to watch a movie together, or just telling your friends you are busy watching something interesting at the moment. It can also be used as a symbol of flirting, although, this meaning is quite rare for the Eye Emoji.

There is also another way to use the Eye Emoji. Because of its similarity to the logo of the Chinese social networking site Weibo, it is sometimes used to refer to Weibo.


As you can see, the different styles of the two-eye emoji also affect where and how these icons are used. The Eyes are usually more playful, while The Eye is something serious and more connected to anatomy.

What does the πŸ‘€ mean on Snapchat?
On Snapchat, the πŸ‘€ emoji takes on a specific role, serving as a notification to indicate that someone is paying close attention to your activities, such as when they’ve viewed your Story. This symbol of attention and curiosity reflects the interpersonal dynamics unique to the platform, akin to keeping an eye out for new icons or juicy gossip. It’s a visual representation, almost like a magnifying glass held up against the vibrant backdrop of social media interactions, indicating interest or the eagerness to absorb every detail, as defined by the open standards of emoji usage and the detailed emoji descriptions available.