White Heart Emoji

White Heart Emoji
White Heart Emoji PNG

It’s hard to imagine social media without emoji. Emoji allow you to express your feelings using certain graphic images. This graphic language originated in Japan and quickly gained worldwide popularity. Sometimes with the help of a few symbols it is possible to express feelings and convey thoughts more effectively than with several sentences. Such emoji are used in private correspondence and in publications in communities.

New emoji are constantly appearing. They have become so numerous that additional explanations are often needed to decipher the message received.  One such symbol that requires additional explanation is the heart. There are about a dozen such emoji of different colors. The question arises in which case what heart is more appropriate to use.

Among the colored emoji hearts a special place takes a white heart emoji. The color of this emoticon symbolizes purity of intentions and conveys to the addressee a selfless attitude, emphasizing high moral feelings.

🤍 White Heart emoticon was assigned the code U+1F90D, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 12.0 standard in 2019.

Meaning of the White Heart Emoji

Many people have gotten into the habit of adding different emoji to their correspondence. There are many different ones in social networks. One of the most popular symbols are multicolored hearts. Sometimes they mindlessly send them and do not know that each color, and therefore the heart, has its own clear meaning.

Red is known and understandable to everyone – it is love and romance, but white also means love, although not to a potential partner, but to children and parents. Also this heart can mean that the message was sent to you with purity of thought, that is, nothing hidden and evil was implied. Very reverent and tender attitude to the interlocutor. White heart – tenderness, airiness, fragility, goodness and kindness of the soul.

This emoji clearly stands out among similar colored hearts, its some recipients assess it as something so aloof, like – no heartfelt feelings for you, cold attitude. But, this is not so, because the emoji White Heart meaning has a completely different.

Let’s remember what symbolizes, what emotions cause white color? It is purity, both thoughts and intentions, lack of self-interest and morality. This is what is conveyed to you when you put a White Heart emoji.

By the way, this symbol in 1999 became the official symbol for nurses, symbolizing care, participation and humanity.

Emoji White Heart

The Use of the White Heart Emoji

If the red heart always denotes love, passion, the white heart emoticon always symbolizes tenderness, purity of thoughts.

If you sent you this emoticon – a person treats you well, with tenderness, care, trepidation. Do not be afraid to use this emoticon, it is a symbol of purity and good intentions.

Reaction to the white heart in correspondence should be appropriate. Reply with the same heart if you share the sincere feelings of the addressee. A white heart in return will show that you are grateful for the support.

You can also choose to respond with a heart-shaped emoticon of a different color. Each of them has its own meaning, but the shape of a heart confirms sincere feelings and kind attitude towards your partner.


The white heart emoji means purity, nobility, good intentions. White heart is a crystal heart, it is shining, it is fragile, tender. White is the color of clouds, angels, heavenly spheres, the color of innocence, the color of fidelity.

If you have been sent a white heart, it is a good sign. It could be sent by an honest and decent person, with noble and pure intentions.

Also, it is possible to find reliable information on the Internet that the white heart is an international sign and symbol for nurses, a symbol of humanity, kindness and care.

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