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Today we will talk to you about one of the emoji, for which it is almost impossible to come up with negative values, and which any girl would dream of getting. Let even in a message, as a picture. I think you have already realized that we will talk about Ring Emoji. The standard Unicode set uses the image of a white gold ring with a large diamond. And more often than not, this type of ring is associated with engagement and seriousness and intentions of the sender. So let’s take a closer look.

💍 The “Ring” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F48D, with which it was added to the Objects section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Ring Emoji

The ring is a symbol of immortality and infinity, as well as power and love. The ring has no beginning and no end. Rings in the ancient Egyptians were considered something magical, able to protect from evil, as well as to get rid of all sorts of bodily and mental ailments.

Ring Emoji

A ring symbolizes a bond, a union or a vow. This is why the wedding ring is used to signify the eternal union of two hearts and as a sign of marital fidelity. Infinity wrapped around the finger has long been a symbol of power. It is a sign of belonging to a certain circle.

The round shape of the ring, solid and unbreakable, hints at the closed circle of the marriage bond. A circle is always something whole. A circle by definition can have neither beginning nor end. And so it is in the family – since all marriages have long since been consummated in heaven, they have no beginning and, more importantly, no end.

For this reason, our ancestors decided that the circle was the perfect symbolic designation. In addition, the circle has always been endowed with considerable mystical properties. With the help of a closed circular line shamans protected themselves from evil spirits during meditation. Another theory of the magic circle of the engagement ring is that two souls, as two halves of the wedding ring, fuse into a single unbreakable circle.

The Use of the Ring Emoji

The engagement ring is a symbol of love, fidelity and willingness to live a lifetime together. In the West, it is believed that the jewelry should cost no less than the groom receives for two months. This shows the level of his wealth and the seriousness of his intentions. In our country, brides approach the gift less mercantile. For a girl, the main thing is the beauty of the jewelry and the feeling that it was chosen just for her.

Emoji Ring

Traditionally, this jewelry symbolizes wealth, status and power. So send this emoji to those who are really dear to you and to whom you have the warmest feelings.

Also, it is quite common to see the Ring emoji in wedding-related messages and posts. You can add this symbol to your wedding invitation by combining it with other romantic Unicode symbols. Or just use this emoji to indicate strong feelings between people.


As life, morals, and the wealth of nations have changed over the years, so have attitudes towards wedding rings. Today we perceive wedding rings not as something magical or ritualistic, but as quite a dignified piece of jewelry, stylized in the fictional traditions of different countries. But despite the evolution, a ring still means extremely positive things – from protection to love and fidelity.

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