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Emoji have become a part of everyday correspondence, but some of them are still not fully understood by many users of messengers and social networks. One of such emoji, in our opinion, is the cowboy emoji, which is an image of a man in a wide-brimmed cowboy hat of brown color. The emoji has a very friendly look and an open wide smile. In what situations is it appropriate to use Cowboy Emoji? Let’s find out together.

🤠 The Cowboy Hat Emoji was assigned the code U+1F920, with which it was added to the 😀 Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 9.0 standard in 2016. This emoticon has no gender differences or alternate skin color options.

Meaning of the Cowboy Emoji

Emoji Cowboy

Smiley in cowboy hat conveys the emotion of joy, good mood, sunny message. It can be used without reference to the cowboy theme, and simply in the meaning of “cheerful man”. Also this emoji is often used in combination with other emoticons.

The most commonly invested meanings in the Cowboy emoji are:

  • to share positivity;
  • express gratitude;
  • praise;
  • to show that some situation causes a smile, raises the mood;

Sometimes a smiley face in a cowboy hat is used to indicate a trip to a ranch, a meeting with cowboys, a trip to the countryside, a trip to the USA, or simply as a hint of having “cowboy qualities”, “cowboy character”.

A smiley face in a cowboy hat can reflect a wave of “cowboy mood”, and a smile on a smiley face to emphasize a positive emotional mood, which can demonstrate a reaction to something that is closely related to the cowboy theme, and from which usually get a certain pleasure and charged with positive “cowboy” emotions.

For example, after watching interesting movies, partially or fully connected with cowboy themes.

The Use of the Cowboy Emoji

Cowboy Emoji

Smiley face in a cowboy hat conveys very positive emotions. Often the cowboy is his own guy, the soul of the company, fun. A simple guy, shirt-guy, easy to communicate, positive, cheerful. Therefore, the smiley symbolizes simple joy, freedom, fun in the company. Good mood, positivity.

You can send it, for example, if there is a proposal to spend time in nature, to have fun in the company, to relax together. You can express your readiness and positive attitude to something. Openness, willingness to communicate, gratitude. And also the willingness to do something, to work, because cowboys – guys working and cheerful.

Smiley this is usually associated with guys who are lucky and lucky. This is a kind of super hero mascot, which literally can mean “never get discouraged, and do not give up”.


The Cowboy Emoji with a wide open smile and a wide-brimmed hat means different things to different generations. For example, for many members of Generation Z, this emoji means that the sender is playing nice with a bad game, smiling on the outside but dying on the inside. Some people use it to convey a sense of romantic nostalgia or empathy for the past. Others see it as a symbol of hidden strength and confidence.

The cowboy smiley face can also be associated with Western culture and American movies about the Wild West. It can symbolize freedom, adventure, and romance. Some people also use the cowboy emoticon to express their love of horses or their fascination with the cowboy lifestyle.