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Today we want to talk about one of the youngest emoji in the Unicode set, the Troll Emoji. This emoticon is interesting because it can be used in two completely different meanings – both related to mythology and the world of fantasy, and in a modern interpretation, in the context of the Internet. And now let’s talk about everything in detail.

🧌 The “Troll” emoji was assigned the code U+1F9CC, with which it was added to the People and Body section of the Unicode 14.0 standard in 2021.

Traditional Meaning and Use of the Troll Emoji

Let’s start, perhaps, with the traditional meaning of the Troll emoji. Trolls in the folklore of the Scandinavian countries are ugly giants of great strength, usually living in the mountains or not far from them, they were hostile to people, moreover, soup with human meat is common for them. During the day, these giants did not leave their caves, but as soon as the last rays of the sun, hated by trolls, slid down the mountain slopes, they came out. As soon as a single ray of sunlight touched them, they stoned.

There are also trolls in the Harry Potter universe. Here they have big bodies, small heads, short legs as thick as wood, and flat calloused feet. Their arms are much longer than their legs, and their odor is better than any club. Trolls are completely stupid, but dangerously violent and aggressive creatures. Some of the most capable individuals, if properly trained, make good guards. J.K. Rowling’s trolls cannot speak human languages, and even more, they can only understand a small set of words, most often commands.

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Also, trolls occupy a huge part of Tolkien’s universe. The trolls that live in Middle-earth are evil creatures, bred by Morgoth in the First Age to oppose the Ents. They have a huge stature and ugly appearance, they are strong, but the power is not necessary mind is just about them, in general they think quite tight. The blood under their thick and coarse skin is black in color. They eat raw meat, but often kill for fun. In their caves, trolls collect their loot.

So, with mythology and fantasy literature, it seems, everything is clear – the emoji Troll can be used in any context related to the legends of Scandinavia, cartoons, movies and literature in the fantasy genre. But what is the modern meaning of the Troll emoji?

Modern Meaning and Use of the Troll Emoji

Troll is a person on the Internet who provokes disputes and conflicts on forums and in comments. The term has nothing to do with the fairy-tale Scandinavian creature, as it comes not from the Swedish Troll (a fairy-tale supernatural creature), but from the English Trawling.

Non-English-speaking users often have no idea about the etymology of the term. They even prefer the parallel with a fairy-tale character. Because of this confusion of concepts, there are even various funny caricatures of trolls on the Internet. Furthermore, in a certain tradition, fairy trolls are indeed known for their bad behavior and actions.

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However, it is the English term that truly reflects the essence of trolling. The essence of trolling is similar to the process of trolling. A trolling rod is a lure for a fish that mistakes it for another fish, insect or amphibian. Trolling is playful and provocative at the same time. The same thing happens in trolling.

Trolling is a real provocation, a game that is directed either against a specific person or a whole group of users. Trolls can post messages (graphics, videos) on forums or in comments that provoke conflict or inflame the situation. In doing so, the troll deliberately violates the rules of behavior that are established in the community.


In Scandinavian mythology and Scandinavian folklore, a troll is an ugly creature that hides under bridges or in rocks. They have claws and harm people whenever possible. An Internet troll is a person who posts malicious, destructive comments online that are intended to harm other users. So it’s up to you, in which context to use the Troll Emoji, just make sure your interlocutor understands you right.