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Among the huge variety of emoji available today on various platforms and devices, there are completely different pictures – from meaningful and emotional, to extremely obvious and unambiguous. There are faces, there are animals, there are plants and symbols. And there are objects. And today we are going to talk about one of such emoji. Namely about the Crown Emoji, which unlike its “colleagues” in the category, is used quite often, but mostly by girls. And why and what this emoji means, we will tell you below.

👑 The Crown Emoji was assigned the code U+1F451, with which it was added to the Unicode 6.0 Objects section in 2010.

Meaning of the Crown Emoji

Interpretation of this symbol usually does not cause any difficulties. In different traditions and cultures, it almost always means the same thing. Symbol of supreme power, whether it be monarchical power or the highest step in some other hierarchy.

The origin of this symbol and, of course, the headdress itself comes from the ancient wreath, a sign of glory and honor and from diadems – temporal head ornaments of the priests of the Middle Ages, Egypt and the Middle East.

Emoji Crown

The crown is a symbol of superiority, supreme dignity, power. It is also associated with the symbolism of light as a personification of spiritual power, charisma, and that is why it is usually made of gold and precious stones. In iconography and painting, a metal crown or diadem, like a halo, are symbols of spiritual enlightenment.

The crown itself is not just a symbol of power and authority, the crown represents spiritual enlightenment and strength. In painting, the crown symbolizes victory, dignity and immortality.

The meaning of the image of the crown differed in different cultures: In the British culture it is a symbol of recognition of the power of the king. In Latin America, the name of a loved one was written under the crown to express devotion and high feelings.

Interestingly, there are quite a few types of crowns, and for the Unicode emoji, a golden crown was chosen, with five peaks and multicolored gems. In the classical classification, such a crown is called a Count’s crown.

The Use of the Crown Emoji

Of course, first of all, the Crown is a majestic symbol of supreme secular (earthly) and spiritual (divine) power, a sign of power, dignity, chosenness, glory and victory. In all world religions, the crown symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and immortality. In red (Scottish) Freemasonry emblem of the crown serves as a symbol of supreme wisdom and divine enlightenment.

In modern heraldry, a variety of forms of crowns adorn the coats of arms of both monarchical states (Andorra, Belgium, Brunei, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Lesotho, Morocco, Monaco, Nepal, Netherlands, Thailand, Tongo, Sweden) and republican countries that pay tribute to their historical past (Austria, San Marino, Somalia).

Crown Emojis

But, you’ll agree that it’s pretty rare that we write posts touching on one of the above topics. And yet the Crown emoji is very common today. So in what cases today it is appropriate to use this symbol?

In fact, the symbol of the crown today in correspondence and social networks replaces the symbol of beauty. This icon can be seen in messages with compliments about the appearance, in confessions of sympathy and simply as a sign of attention to the person you like.


As you can see, the Crown emoji has turned out to be one of those symbols that in today’s digital world is more often used in ways other than its direct and historical meaning. That’s what makes it interesting. Send the Crown as a symbol of beauty, superiority, sympathy or even romantic feelings. And other Unicode emoji symbols such as Heart, Heart-eyes, or a lady in a red dress will help to reinforce its meaning.