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Drooling Emojis
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It’s no secret that among the huge variety of available emoji there are some icons that require additional explanation, because not everyone immediately understands the meaning of the sent emoticon, and sometimes from such a seemingly innocent gesture, can grow misunderstanding, confusion and other not the most pleasant situations. Today we want to talk about one such “controversial” emoji, the Drooling Emoji.

🤤 The Drooling Emoji was assigned the code U+1F924, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 9.0 standard in 2016.

Meaning of the Drooling Emoji

The Drooling Emoji may emphasize the inability to control oneself, one’s emotions, habits, one’s behavior, one’s reflexes, perhaps even characterize to a sufficient degree and inadequate state, including psychological and emotional, etc. At the same time, saliva secretion (increased salivation) can also be a part of any disease, or illness.

It should be noted that perhaps the semantic meaning of the emoticon may carry a deeper inner disturbance – an emotional state of indifference to everything.

If we consider the expression from the positive side, “drooling” (in comparison with similar “appetizingly”), which may appear when viewing this emoticon, then with the same success, and it seems to me more likely, there is an expression more rough – “drooling”, and of course with a more pronounced emotional charge in a rough form, and most often not from the positive, but, on the contrary, from the negative side, with a certain reproach and a certain remark to the interest shown.

Drooling Emoji

The Use of the Drooling Emoji

A smiley face with saliva flowing from its mouth has several different moods. But the flowing saliva means the same thing – a strong desire. Smiley conveys the emotion of “drool flowing”. A person really wants something and to such an extent interested in the object of desire that he drools.

  • The desire can be positive, passing into admiration and joy. Then the smiley face smiles.
  • It can be surprised. He was surprised by what he was shown and really wanted to get it.
  • Or it could be sad. Then this emotion is akin to envy. You see something, you are very sad that you don’t have it or can’t have it.

Depending on your mood, you can send this emoticon if you really want something, be it some thing, delicious food or something else.


Various emoticons with saliva from the mouth denote the desire to get something that is very much wanted.

What you want so “drooling”, i.e. in the superlative degree strongly. Want so that dizzy, and in the imagination there are images of the desired, for example, a huge deliciously cooked crab, lobster.

It can be a desire for intellectual property – a book, a painting. And other other material value.

Also do not forget about another meaning of this emoji – more romantic and even sexual. Emoji with drooling face can often be found in correspondence with a flirting or sexual context, where the interlocutor wants to express his physical desire.

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