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In the set of emoji from Unicode, which is available on all modern devices and different operating systems – a huge number of emoticons in completely different categories. One of such categories is Food. There are pictures with dishes from different cuisines of the world, and one of the most popular emoji here is a triangular slice of pizza. Of course, there can’t be any difficulties in using it here, but let’s take a closer look at Pizza Emoji.

🍕 The Pizza Emoji was assigned the code U+1F355, with which it was added to the Food and Drink section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Pizza Emoji

Pizza is definitely one of the most famous symbols of Italy and gastronomy in general. In addition, Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, which is recognizable in almost every corner of the world by its appearance alone.

Pizza as we know it today originated in Naples at the end of the 18th century. It was an everyday dish for poor peasants, which consisted of a thin layer of dough, a small amount of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. But even then pizza won the hearts not only of ordinary citizens, but also of rich aristocrats who ordered it from local bakers.

Emoji Pizza

In 1889, pizza got its name. Then King Umberto I of Italy and his wife Margherita visited Naples and ordered pizza from a local pizzeria. Baker Raffaele Esposito prepared three types of pizza for them, including one that was decorated with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, symbolizing the Italian flag. The royal couple was delighted with this pizza and even named it after the Queen – “Margarita”.

To begin with, let’s understand why the pizza itself is necessarily round. There are two hypotheses: mystical and pragmatic. The first is associated with the sacred meaning of the circle as a symbol, because it represents the world, light and the sun. Some believe that this is the reason why many national dishes of different countries have retained this form.

But there is a more prosaic explanation. Traditionally, Italian cooks do not use a rolling pin to roll out the dough. It is repeatedly thrown into the air – and that is how it stretches and takes its shape. And in this case it is always a shape close to a circle – the banal laws of physics.

So why are the pieces triangular, like on our emoji? With triangular pieces it’s even easier – because agree, it’s much more convenient and honest. Everyone gets the same pieces of toppings, the pizza doesn’t fall apart in the process and it’s easy to eat or roll up.

The Use of the Pizza Emoji

Of course, there are no surprises here either. The pizza emoji doesn’t mean anything other than pizza itself, or food in general. You can send this emoji when you invite someone to an Italian restaurant, or you want to order a pizza and spend the evening at home watching movies.

Pizza Emoji

Also this pizza emoji will be appropriate in messages when you want to say that you are hungry or are going to go out to eat.

In addition, emoji with the image of a triangular piece of pizza will look quite appropriate in posts and messages related to Italy. With its help you can tell that you are going on a trip to this European country, or share your emotions from the vacation you just spent there.


Today, the word “pizza” ranks first among the words of the Italian language, having the greatest spread and popularity all over the world. And pizza itself is one of the most famous and favorite dishes. So the emoji Pizza will be understandable to a person from any country in the world, as well as its meaning, which most often means a delicious lunch or a desire to have a snack.

By the way, January 17 is celebrated as World Pizza Day. And in 2017, pizza was recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage. On this day, we pay tribute to Italian pizza, which is celebrated all over the world.