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Diamond is one of the most luxurious emoji from the whole set of Unicode emoticons. And, in principle, its meaning is as transparent and clear as possible. But in the modern world, even the most obvious emoji can be used in different contexts and mean different things. So today we’re going to talk about the Diamond Emoji and find out if it’s just “a girl’s best friend” as Marilyn Monroe sang, or something else.

πŸ’Ž The Diamond Emoji was assigned the code U+1F48E, with which it was added to the Objects section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Diamond Emoji

The diamond has long been a favorite of all women and tops the top five most expensive gems. Since ancient times, the diamond has been considered a symbol of power, success, luxury and victory.

The homeland of this gem is India. Europe became acquainted with the mineral only in the 5th-6th century BC. In those times, the diamond was valued for its healing properties, durability and, of course, for its aesthetic properties. Jewelry with this stone was only allowed to be worn by people belonging to the upper classes. Processing the stone with the necessary cut was learned much later. The first diamond was created by Louis de Bernel in the 15th century, and the first owner was the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold.

Diamond Emojis

Rarely a woman doesn’t dream of having diamond jewelry in her jewelry box – and preferably not just one, but several. Diamonds are not just a whim, they are more than that. It is an indicator of your good taste, as well as the ability to wear expensive things.

Like a centuries ago, diamonds are at the top of jewelry fashion, at the epicenter of intrigue, crime, women’s checks and tricks. Epochs change, but the attitude to the diamond remains special. Everyone wants it and everyone who has it adores it. Just like the real gem, Diamond Emoji symbolized luxury, power, success and, of course beauty. It is also a sign of wealth and chic lifestyle.

The Use of the Diamond Emoji

In addition to using the Diamond Emoji in the context of popular songs such as Diamond’s a girl’s best friend and Diamonds are forever, this emoticon has a wide spectrum of uses. The emoji of this faceted gemstone symbolizes eternity, luxury, wealth. It can mean that someone is as important to the interlocutor as a diamond. So you can bravely use it in the context of β€œYou are precious to me”.

Another way to use the Diamond Emoji is when you are talking about choosing a present to your loved one. Or when you are going to propose, in this case use the Diamond Emoji πŸ’Ž in combination with the Ring Emoji πŸ’. It’s also logical to use the Diamond emoticon when talking about weddings or sending an invitation to one.

Emoji Diamond

Using Diamond emoji is also logical when talking about wealth or someone rich, and here it can be combined with the following emoticons: πŸ€‘ πŸ’° πŸ’΄ πŸ’΅ πŸ‘‘. By the way, it can also be used in a sarcastic way, when speaking of poverty or one’s desire for the money.

But on the popular Twitch platform, the Diamond icon not only emphasizes the status and popularity of the streamer, but also has a significant impact on his future success and profits.


Diamonds are not just beautiful stones. They are a symbol of wealth, power and luxury. And if you can’t afford to give your loved one a real diamond yet, give them one in your messages, in the form of an emoji. This is also a great way to show that you care a lot about someone and you appreciate having that person by your side. It is also perfectly reasonable to use Diamond Emoji in any text related to wealth and success.