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Of course, it’s not surprising that in all the wide variety of emoji available to us today, there are icons more and less popular. Today we want to talk about the raised eyebrow emoji, which, despite its obviousness and ease of interpretation, somehow remains not the most commonly used emoticon. Let’s take a closer look at it and understand in what situations it is appropriate to use it and to express what emotions. And, perhaps, after reading this material, you will use this emoji more often.

🤨 The Raised Eyebrow or Suspecting emoticon was assigned the code U+1F928, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 10.0 standard in 2017.

Meaning of the Raised Eyebrow Emoji

Emoji Raised Eyebrow

The meaning of the raised eyebrow emoji is quite obvious – most often it can be found in the context of distrust, doubt or suspicion. One of the official names of this emoji is “I don’t believe”, which in principle fully reflects its meaning.

It can also mean surprise with a touch of irony. Something like “I wonder how you could think or draw such conclusions”.

The straight mouth of this emoji indicates skepticism, while the raised eyebrow reflects surprise. And together these two emotions can be interpreted as distrust of the received information, or dissatisfaction with what is happening, but not too emotional. A dry look from the outside.

The Use of the Raised Eyebrow Emoji

Raised Eyebrow Emojis

The emoji with one raised eyebrow and a straight, indifferent, mouth line is most often used in the context of suspicion and distrust. However, sometimes this emoji looks quite comical and sarcastic. It all depends on the relationship between the interlocutors and the mood of the correspondence as a whole. In principle, most often the Raised Eyebrow Emoji denotes surprise or distrust of the received information, some skepticism.

You can safely use this emoji when you want to show that you don’t trust the information received, or when you are unpleasantly surprised by something. It is also quite appropriate to use it as a personification of “suspicion” or ambiguity of attitude to the situation.


So, today we have drawn your attention to a not the most frequently used emoticon, the Raised Eyebrow Emoji. In fact, we do not really share its “unpopularity”, because this emoji reflects very interesting emotions, which are difficult to convey with any other images.

The Raised Eyebrow Emoji can be used both in its direct, serious meaning and in a humorous form, with a touch of sarcasm and humor.