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The sleeping face with the letters “z-z-z” is used on different platforms, and in order to insert it into a message, you need to know the semantic meaning of the emoticon. Since the eyes are closed, you can guess that the emoticon is either sleeping or dozing. And the three letters ‘z’, coming from the ajar mouth, indicate that the face is sleeping or snoring. There is also a more concise version of this emoji – just three blue letters Z on a white background, arranged diagonally, and increasing to the upper right corner.

😴 Sleeping Face is a fully qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.1 , which was introduced in 2012, and was added to Emoji 1.

💤 Sleep is a fully qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 , which was introduced in 2010.

Meaning of the Sleep Emoji

Sleep Emojis

The first thing that comes to mind is that this one tells the interlocutor that I’m falling asleep, practically asleep already, as if “End of communication, see you again on the air, dear friends”.

This designation comes from the English language, in which these letters convey sniffing, snoring in sleep. Fans of comic books meet the “Zzz” sign quite often. Usually these letters can be seen in cartoons or in comic books next to the character who sleeps. These letters symbolize sleep.

In correspondence, this emoticon can mean:

  • First of all, it’s late, it’s time to sleep, I want to sleep, let’s wrap it up.
  • Secondly, this conversation is so boring, I can’t keep up.

Reflects one side of communication, emphasizing the inability to listen and see, much less respond, as opposed to an active state.

And sometimes alludes to established habits (perhaps traditions), such as the “afternoon nap”. And thus for this period of time “do not disturb”, which this emoji can emphasize. This emoji is also sent when saying “Good night” or even replacing these words with an emoticon. Or when asking if a person is asleep.

With this emoji you will let your interlocutor know that you fall asleep on the go, are tired and want to get to bed. It is also appropriate to use this face if the topic of conversation is not interesting to you and you feel bored.

Also, this emoticon can hint that it is time to go to sleep if you have been sitting for a long time for a long conversation, because it is already late enough and the night has entered its legal rights, and, therefore, should by idea put the human body in “sleep”. However, more often Sleep Emoji is sent as a hint that from what you have heard or read you started to fall asleep.

The Use of the Sleep Emoji

Sleep Emoji

This emoticon with letters means “sleep”, “deep sleep”, “sleeping”, “sleeping”, “sleeping”, “sleeping face”. It is appropriate to send this emoticon when you tell your conversation partner that you want to sleep or that you are going to sleep. You can also send it if you wish them a good night.

If the interlocutor is talking about something boring and tedious, sending this emoticon, you can hint that you are so bored that you can no longer listen and just fall asleep from boredom. True, in this case, the interlocutor may take offense.

This emoticon depending on the situation can mean different things, because it can be used to express different emotions. It is often used to show that the user is “tired”, “going to sleep” or “just sleepy”.

Sleepy face can be used without restrictions, if you communicate with loved ones in an informal setting – here you can express any emotion. But if you have a business correspondence, and you are communicating with a partner or with the head, then this emoticon will be superfluous. Emotions are not appropriate in work correspondence, so it is better to refuse to use such an image.


Emoji with closed eyes and open mouth, making sounds zzz conveys the state of sleep and accompanying snoring. This emoticon is used in the direct meaning – “want to sleep”, “fell asleep”, “snoring”. That is, it conveys the state of the person who fell asleep. Sometimes it can convey a hint to the interlocutor that he is not averse to going to bed, almost asleep. It can mean that the interlocutor falls asleep from your anecdotes, conversations, he is bored, uninterested. So don’t go overboard with using this emoji in it’s not most pleasant meaning, as a person can be offended.

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