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Star Eyes Emoji
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There are a huge number of emoticons on the internet nowadays. Each of them means something. You can use them in correspondence, replacing words. Some are fun and kind, others are just plain harmless, and others can offend a person. One of the many emoticons is the one with stars in its eyes. This emoticon immediately causes a smile and positive emotions. And if the interlocutor sends such an emoji, it means that he can admire something.

Emoji with stars instead of eyes is intuitively understandable to each of us. Since this face is always smiling, the stars only add joy, delight, genuine joyful amazement. However, let’s still understand in more detail its meanings and situations when it is appropriate to use it.

🤩 The Stars in the Eyes smiley was assigned the code U+1F929, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 10.0 standard in 2017.

Meaning of the Star Eyes Emoji

Star Eyes Emojis

The emoji with stars in its eyes means a very vivid emotion. Something so startled and stunned the person who sends this emoticon that he or she is simply shocked. Shocked in a very good way.

It can also mean anticipation of something good, joyful, fun. Full of excitement. Smiley with stars instead of eyes conveys the strongest delight, up to admiration!

This emoji was originally conceived to express delight at the sight of a celebrity. It is officially called Star-Struck. But in real life famous people we meet very rarely, and emoticon is so beautiful and bright, so it got very popular and now is used in different situations.

The emoji with stars in eyes is often chosen when they want to convey the pleasant excitement of the upcoming event or delight from the past event, from a joyful meeting. In general, positive feelings about something or someone.

By the way, in different operating systems and social networks, stars may differ in color. It depends on the platform. For example, in WhatsApp the stars are blue, in Google – red, on iPhone – yellow, in Facebook – purple.

The Use of the Star Eyes Emoji

Emoji Star Eyes

This emoticon transmits a very bright and extremely strong emotion. First of all, the smile of the emoticon is wide and extremely joyful. And the eyes are burning with fire. Stars are enthusiastic sparks in the eyes.

This emoji is appropriate to use to express astonished joy, or delight at what you have seen or heard. A person can be excited about a great outfit, or beauty, or a long-awaited meeting with the person to whom this emoji is sent. This is a strong rapturous emotion, a starry gleam in the eyes and a happy smile.

The name of this emoji in messengers is: “Star Stuck face”. It is usually sent when experiencing very strong emotions, when, suddenly, accidentally, somewhere met a famous person, or, perhaps, the first school love, which is now a beauty.

Also this emoji in the message means that the one who sent it is very amazed, amazed even to the point of speechlessness. Sometimes this emoji is sent when they are shocked in a good sense of the word by some good news.

It means that the person is happy for you and is very pleased to see you. This emoticon means that you appreciate the joke, and that it is very funny, so that your eyes even sparkle with fun. Often this emoji is put on a photo, for example, to show that the photo is great, sometimes added to a message when a person likes what he learned or watched.

Emoji with stars in the eyes and a joyful smile means a feeling of unrestrained, explosive delight. Stars in the eyes are sparks of current that pierce the heart and shoot lights in the form of stars out of the eyes.

This emoticon expresses such an emotion, such an impression, from which you lose the power of speech, lose orientation in space, fall into euphoria, the highest degree of delight


Online communication also requires the expression of emotions, and it is often easier to express them with a symbol of the state at a particular moment than to write a long explanatory text.

This cute emoticon with stars in his eyes conveys a whole palette of joyful and enthusiastic feelings. He is very happy about someone he hasn’t seen for a long time. This is a person’s anticipation of a good event, an expression of great joy. When someone experiences a certain state of special joy, euphoria, when “eyes are burning”, people put this emoji.

It should be said that this emoji is approved by the whole community and is used, in different variations, by all social networks and exclusively in a positive sense.

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