Purple Heart Emoji Meaning

Purple Heart Emoji Meaning
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There are nine classic hearts of different colors in the standard emoji set. And the second most popular after red is the purple heart emoji. What is the reason for such popularity, and what is the hidden meaning of the heart of this color?

In our article today we will tell you about all the meanings of the purple heart, and the context in which it is usually used.

What does the purple heart emoji mean?
The purple heart Emoji can literally express love for things of corresponding colors and shades. Also, this emoji serves as a symbol of luxury and glamour.

The purple heart emoticon was added to the Unicode 6.0 character set in 2010 and then in 2015 was included in the Emoji 1.0 set. So it is pretty young, but already has several important ways to use it. First of all, let’s deal with the narrow explanations of the purple heart. Of the two, namely:

  1. For many, this emoji is associated with the military decoration in the United States, the Purple Heart. This is the name of the medal awarded to American soldiers wounded or killed in combat. So the Purple Heart is the ultimate honor, a symbol that commands respect and shows the dignity and heroism of its wearer.
  2. The second narrowly focused meaning of the purple heart is love for the South Korean K-pop boyband BTS. The fact is that purple is considered the official color of this popular music group, and considering the millions of BTS fans around the world, and from online activity, we can safely assume that in half of all cases of purple heart emoji use it refers to BTS.

What do purple heart emojis mean?
The purple heart is often associated with the US military medal, which is awarded to soldiers who are wounded in combat while on active duty. This emoji is also very popular with fans of the k-pop boys band BTS.

Now let’s look at the deeper meanings of the purple heart emoji. The fact is that the shape of the heart alone already speaks of a romantic direction, and the color reinforces it by accentuating a certain side of love and sympathy.

purple heart emoji mean

In the language of flowers, purple means compassion and understanding. Hearts of this shade are sent on Mother’s Day or in messages to parents. So the purple heart is considered the most appropriate expression of love in family chats.

This emoji also speaks of compassion, love, and understanding. When you sympathize with someone and want to show it – there is nothing better than the combination of the Purple Heart with the hugging emoji.

What does the purple heart emoji mean?
The purple heart emoji has quite a few meanings. For example, the purple heart emoji means sympathy and tender feelings in the context of romantic correspondence.

You can use the Purple Heart to express your warm feelings, to wish the person all the best, and express your gratitude and appreciation. Such a symbol can be used with friends as well as in romantic relationships.

The smiley face of a purple heart is often used as a symbol of sexuality. But its use in this meaning depends largely on the context and the relationship with the interlocutor.

Another meaning of the emoji of the purple heart is glamour, glitter, and the bright rhythm of life. Rich and famous people use this emoticon as a symbol of wealth or glamour, as purple is often associated with royal luxury and elegance.

What does a purple heart emoji mean?
A purple heart is a sign of care and understanding. When combined with an emoji such as the hugging emoji, a purple heart conveys sympathy and understanding.

In any case, if you received a heart in the message, it means someone likes you. The sender has at least warm romantic feelings for you, and maybe even love.