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Peach Emoji
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Certainly, nowadays messages without emoticons sometimes seem empty and incomplete, but not always interlocutors have the same meaning for this or that emoji. So, according to various studies, more than half of the respondents said that their interlocutor does not always correctly understand the meaning of the received symbols. One of such controversial emoji recently became a simple Peach. Today it denotes not just a fruit, but is increasingly used with sexual and physiological connotations.

🍑 The Peach emoji was assigned the code U+1F351, with which it was added to the Food and Drink section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Peach Emoji

Emoji Peach

The history of the peach symbolism began long before its appearance in mobile apps and social networks. This fruit has always had its symbolism in different cultures and eras. In Chinese philosophy, for example, the peach is considered a symbol of immortality. In the ancient Greeks and Romans, the peach was a sacred fruit associated with gods and goddesses. Today, however, this fruit has taken on a more modern meaning as well.

For example, in the last few years, the peach emoticon symbolizes buttocks in erotic messages, but most respondents do not give this emoticon such a frank meaning. For example, in the US, the image of a pinkish-orange fruit has political overtones, but it’s worth noting that the majority of respondents believe it’s just a picture of a fruit.

So why is the peach emoji commonly associated with sex appeal? Underneath the soft slightly fluffy skin is a sweet and juicy flavorful pulp. Peaches have a very distinctive shape and are among the most seductive fruits, associated with a woman’s butt.

Although the peach emoticon has acquired an ambiguous meaning and has become a symbol of sexuality, often used in flirting and joking contexts, the meaning of the emoticon can vary depending on the context and the user’s individual interpretation.

Today, the peach emoji is one of the most popular among social media users. It serves not only to express sexuality or flirtation, but also simply to add positive mood in messages and comments.

The Use of the Peach Emoji

Meaning Peach Emoji

The history of the ambiguous interpretation of the peach emoji begins with the social network Twitter, where Peach started to be used to denote buttocks back in 2017. Gradually, the peach emoji migrated to other platforms and began to be used in different contexts, not just to refer to buttocks. Sometimes it was used as a symbol to hint at sexuality, and sometimes as just a fun and friendly emoji.

The symbolism of the peach was so popular that it even became the main topic for memes and internet jokes. It has become a symbol of fun, spontaneity and playfulness. So it’s not all bad.


As you can see, even the most innocent at first glance pictures over time can take on new meanings that were hard to think of before. Peach Emoji belongs to this category. Tasty juicy fruit can denote both the fruit itself and the lower part of a woman’s back. This emoji has already become a meme on social media, and for the younger generation is used exclusively for flirting and in a sexual context. So be careful when asking your significant other to bring peaches for dinner.